Tori Kovacevich

Content Writer

Author since June 8, 2022


Tori Kovacevich calls Wisconsin her home, where she cheers on the Green Bay Packers and embraces the seasons. She earned her A.S. in digital marketing from Western Technical College and her B.S. in marketing from Franklin University. During her college days, she struggled to find which niche she felt she belonged in within the marketing world, until she started writing for assignments and later on for the Credit Union she works for.

Not only does Tori work full-time as a Loan Officer for a Credit Union and write for cbdMD, but she also pursues a music career playing local shows around Appleton, WI. She has found that she really enjoys writing songs in a storytelling fashion and sharing with the world. You can find her on Spotify under Tori Kovak.

Throughout life she has realized that a creative role best fits her talents and took to writing marketing materials and blogs. When she found cbdMD she was introduced to the world of hemp and grew to be passionate about it, seeing the way it helped people live more comfortable lives. She is excited to continue spreading the word about the good CBD can do!


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