7 Romantic CBD Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

7 Romantic CBD Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. We get the flowers and the chocolates, and we take the time to spoil the ones we love. And if we’re rockin’ single – we spoil ourselves with self-care! This year, why not give a gift that says so much more than I love you?

The hottest twist for Valentine’s this year is pampering gifts with the power of CBD oil. Valentine’s Day just got an upgrade with CBD gifts that wrap your Valentine in a great big health and wellness hug!

Move Over Martha Stewart – cbdMD’s Got This

Forget the paper flower crafts you saw on YouTube and all those pink and red ideas, and think for a sec here – how about a gift this year that shows you care about your Valentine’s health and happiness? Practical meets romantic this year with CBD gifts that put a bow on wellness. What more than caring for someone’s well-being, inside and out, could be more romantic? 

If your Valentine has been talking about trying CBD, let them know you’ve been listening. We’ve got seven sure-fire wins for a romantic and caring gesture for your favorite Valentine. And yes, get the flowers too.

  1. Daily CBD Wellness for Your Valentine

Cheer on your Valentine that’s been on a self-care kick or who’s working toward a fitness goal. CBD daily can help them meet health and wellness goals, and feel fantastic while doing it!

Choose a daily wellness boost with a CBD tincture, CBD capsules, or tasty CBD gummies. Add in other supportive wellness picks like a cream for those after-gym aches. 

Hint: There are lots of tincture strengths. Start small or get a bundle!

Bath and Body to Win Your Valentine

The rest of our top picks are all bath and body favorites for that romantic twist to your Valentine’s surprises. Seriously, who doesn’t love a gift that delivers indulgent care? And nothing levels up your bath and body gifts like a CBD infusion and the aromatic hints of essential oils. See what kinds of CBD Valentine’s Day picks we have for you!

Pssst…There’s even a massage oil. Toss in a couples’ yoga sesh and matching pairs of luxury slippers, and you’ve WON Valentine’s!

CBD Makes a Romantic Splash for Valentine’s

Bath and body will never be the same now that CBD comes in luxurious bath bombs, soothing bath salts, and unforgettable body creams. Here are the best bath and body products with CBD – Valentine’s gifts you can get shipped straight to your love!


Three cbdMD bath bombs sitting in the middle of a pool and a towel


  1. CBD Bath Bombs 

Oh, these bath bombs! If your Valentine needs to take some time to themselves, loves reading, or just could use a few moments of peace and quiet (or if you find them hiding out in the bathroom for no apparent reason) then maybe what they need is a long soak in the tub? 

CBD bath bombs are the epitome of bath care for your Valentine, and all that skin they’re in! For bathing that surpasses beauty care and delivers CBD benefits, relaxation, soothing aromatherapeutics…all in colorful bursts that make the bath feel like a spa.


  • Incredibly indulgent skin moisture, with coconut oil and CBD infusion.
  • Each CBD Bath Bomb has 100 mg of premium-quality CBD.
  • Muscle-relaxing Epsom salts.
  • Fun bubbling colors and mesmerizing scents.


Your Valentine will fall in love with their me-time wrapped in these romantic scents:

Romance – This is our TOP PICK for Valentine’s Day! No matter what you choose to give your Valentine, it’s a complete gift when you top off that box with the aroma of frankincense and the soft, romantic swirl of these individually wrapped bath bombs. Each bath bomb is for one bath – so get several of them!

Relax – If your Valentine really needs some chill-time, how about CBD bath bombs in Relax formula? The lovely lavender scent and color help wrap your loved one in calm.

Can’t Pick? Get a Bundle! – Oils of frankincense, lavender, eucalyptus, and our specially formulated blend. Available in six color/scent combinations.

  1. A Close Runner-Up to Bath Bombs: CBD Bath Salts! 

If fizzy bubbles aren’t enough to inspire your Valentine to enjoy a little luxuriant self-care, toss in the invigorating soak of CBD Soothing Eucalyptus Bath Salts. These bath salts bring the best from around the world together in one bath salt mixture that’s perfect for a Valentine’s Day indulgence. Your Valentine (or you!) can take a relaxing bath before getting ready for that romantic Valentine’s dinner.


  • Made with therapeutic salts from the Dead Sea.
  • The natural spa experience of Superior Broad Spectrum hemp extracts with essential oils to soothe and inspire.
  • Epsom Salts for soaking relief from common discomforts.
  • Get the hot-springs feel from Himalayan pink salts right in your own home.


Run the bath, sprinkle a half-cup of these salts under the running water, then relax. Don’t forget the candles and to lower the lights for the perfect CBD Valentine’s Day surprise for your special someone.

CBD Self-Care Faves

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with these self-care favorites. We’ve picked the ones we think will match up with your romantic vibe, look good in a gift bag or basket, and encourage anyone receiving them to take little time for self-care. 

You can’t go wrong with these three pampering CBD gifts. Toss these in a natural burlap bag with a drawstring. Include a matching candle with a soft facial cloth or head wrap, and you’ve got a great gift any adult would love. 

  1. Sugar Scrub

Pure Coconut CBD Sugar Scrub for the perfect skin-polishing and pre-shave scrub. Off with the oils and dead skin cells that make skin look dull and lifeless. This sweet-smelling sugar scrub smoothes away the rough parts and leaves your skin feeling refreshed, smooth, soft, supple, and oh-so-loved.

Made with three cannabinoids in perfect combination (CBD, CBN, CBG) and with coconut oils and gentle sugar exfoliators, your Valentine will enjoy this skin-smoothing treat. Plus, it smells divine! Two other scents are available: Deep Sea and Lavender Chamomile.

  1. Rose Face Mask

For the face, include CBD Rose Clay Mask. Formulated with Moroccan and kaolin clays, this mask is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and the perfect amount of hydration to bring out the natural glow. 

This Rose Clay mask is a lot different from other masks on the market which strip skin and leave it feeling dry and tight. Our CBD-infused clay mask cleans out the pores while delivering the perfect hydration balance of CBD, Moroccan rosehip oil, sunflower oil, argan oil, coconut oil, apricot oil, and olive oil. Soft, supple skin awaits!

  1. The Everyday Oil

Top off your gift with The Everyday Oil. This pampering must-have-now oil infuses a Superior Broad Spectrum CBD blend with rosehip seed oil, jojoba oil, and apricot kernel oil for perfectly polished skin. No worries about greasiness either – it leaves a smooth matte finish your Valentine will love.

All three of these work well on any skin type and are lightly scented with essential oils. They’re vegan, cruelty-free, and a total natural vibe for your earth-loving Valentine. Or, a simple thank you to those people in your life who need a little Valentine’s cheer.

Spoiler Alert! These CBD Infused Must-Haves Win Valentine’s!

OK, so, let’s say you need some real romance for your gift. You’ve got the flowers and some sweet treats, and now you need something that builds the perfect Valentine’s Day ambiance. What could be more memorable than an intimate, relaxing aromatherapeutic spa at home? With CBD massage oil and our indulgent Body Butter, you can do just that!


cbdMD botanicals body sugar pure coconut 250 mg body butter pure coconut 250 mg and dry body oil pure coconut 250 mg containers next to each other with water droplets all around


  1. Massage Oil and Body Butter

Break out the CBD ultimate pampering items for an intimate evening with your Valentine: CBD Massage Oil, followed by the creamy perfection of Body Butter. Create a soothing massage-for-two, set with candles, soft music, or a glowing fire in the fireplace. 

Nothing whispers romance like intimate, quiet moments with the one you love.

The massage oils can be put in a more romantic container such as a glass pouring bottle. Scatter some rose petals and create a space for relaxation and romance.

Because these CBD massage oils are unscented, you can add a few drops of your Valentine’s very favorite essential oil scent. We recommend ylang ylang for a sensual mood. Use only a few drops, as the scent goes a long way. 

Body Butter, in one of three available scents, is the perfect skin moisturizer that feels like bathing in comfort. Your Valentine will appreciate the quiet moments together to reconnect with you. We recommend the coconut-scented Body Butter because it feels the most like a mini-vacay!

From All of Us Here at cbdMD 

We hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re shopping for yourself (be your own Valentine!) or for another, any of these CBD Valentine’s Day gifts can help you add the loving self-care touch to your gifts. Check out our website for other CBD gift ideas, including CBD Gummies and Full Spectrum CBD. 

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