How a CBD Face Mask Can Cleanse and Purify Your Skin

How a CBD Face Mask Can Cleanse and Purify Your Skin

We know that topical CBD has skincare benefits by working with your skin’s natural cyclical processes. While some CBD products work internally via your body’s endocannabinoid receptors, the same is true for your skin. Naturally, a CBD skincare line is the next step in our efforts to bring you the best line of full-body, internal and external, CBD wellness care, no matter your lifestyle.

By working with your skin’s normal function, cbdMD Botanicals can enhance your skin’s natural ability to rejuvenate itself for a refreshed glow, turn over cells for repair, and to protect itself (and you) from stressors such as the sun, pollution, and free radicals. Your skin works hard to protect you and to revitalize itself on a daily basis, especially while you sleep. Why not give it some help in doing so, and the specialized care your skin needs to keep you your glowing best?

We’ll cover the steps of a CBD skincare routine, the products you’ll need to get started, and how to choose the best CBD face mask to get the ultimate results from your daily routine. No matter your skin’s needs, CBD products nourish your skin and give it that daily boost toward optimal skin performance.

Yes, performance! Your skin works for you, just like your muscles or lungs. You give your muscles a stretch and work out routine to keep them working their best. For your lungs, cardio. Your skin benefits from a caring, daily routine, and when enhanced by the skincare benefits of CBD, you are giving your skin its best face forward.

An attractive woman of asian descent paints a facemask on her face

How Does a CBD Face Mask Fit into a Daily Skincare Routine?

Face masks do more than spoil your skin and give you a way to pamper yourself. They actually do a lot for your face and skin. Let’s take a look at our two CBD masks, what they do, and the benefits of each one in your skincare system.

You may be wondering about face masks, particularly CBD face masks: when to use them, what they do, and how to select one for your skin. The cbdMD Botanicals line has two phenomenal CBD face masks: the Rose Mask and the Charcoal Mask.

For the Best Results in Using a Face Mask:

  • Apply a thin layer to clean skin
  • Avoid the eye area
  • Leave for 15 minutes or until the mask is dry
  • Rinse thoroughly and pat your skin dry
  • For best use: once or twice a week
  • Store your face mask in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

An attractive woman of asian descent looks from behind a flower with streaks of facemask on her face

Choosing the Right CBD Face Mask

Which mask you choose depends on the particular needs of your skin. For skin types that need more nourishment and refreshing, choose the Rose Clay Mask. For skin types that tend to need more cleansing and balancing, choose the Exfoliating Face Mask .

Before using any face mask, you want to test it out on a small area of your face or on the inside of your elbow first. This is called a “patch test,” and it can alert you to any kind of allergic reactions to skincare ingredients. While our products are sourced for gentle ingredients and are free from common allergens and irritants, each person’s skin is unique. A patch test is a good habit to get into with any skin or hair care product.

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cbdMD Gorgeous Glo Rose Mask: a CBD Face Mask for All Skin Types

Unleash your skin’s radiant glow with this rose-infused, luxurious CBD face mask. Rose oil works to reduce signs of aging while pampering your skin with just the right amount of hydration for that supple and refreshed glow your skin is missing.

This CBD mask is made from bentonite clay, which gently removes your skin’s excess oil without that overdrying, uncomfortable feeling you can get from some face masks. It is great for any skin type, and when used once or twice a week, your skin will relish in results.

Benefits of CBD and Rose in Your Face Mask

  • The perfect balance of oil control and hydration
  • Radiant, glowing skin
  • Refreshed skin that appears more youthful
  • Avocado oil works with rose oil to soothe and seal in moisture
  • Stabilizes oil production

A dark skinned woman looks into the camera with charcoal me charcoal mask on her face

Charcoal Me CBD Charcoal Mask: a CBD Face Mask for All Skin Types

For that deep clean feeling you can only get with a charcoal mask, cbdMD combines several other ingredients to maximize your skin’s clean and polished function. Exfoliate, slough away impurities, and unveil your skin’s radiance with the gentle-yet-powerful combination of hemp extract, activated charcoal for removing the impurities from your skin and clearing away dead skin cells, and a slew of nourishing botanical extracts.

The Charcoal Me Mask is infused with:

  • Aloe vera, which nourishes with vitamins, enzymes, and skin-protecting antioxidants
  • Coconut oil for gentle hydration
  • Bentonite clay, same as the rose mask, to gently remove excess oil

Our CBD face masks bring together the best ingredients with the power of CBD to give your face the best. Smooth the face mask on and settle in for a 15-minute rest with a book or your favorite television show. Let the soothing mask work to relieve your face of the stress, and you can take a moment to let go of some of the stress you are carrying in your body. You already know what CBD can do for your body – just wait until you see what a CBD face mask does for your face!

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