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CBD Strength and Pricing: What You Need to Know

If you’re a fan of CBD, you likely know that there are a wide variety of CBD strengths available, including the new higher-potency CBD products. Read on.

If you’re a fan of CBD, you likely know that there are a wide variety of CBD strengths available, including the higher-potency CBD products now available. But what you may not know is that these higher-potency CBD products offer you plenty more bang for your buck.

Today we’re going to share with you why these products are more economical for you to use and far more efficient in terms of CBD benefits. Because CBD cost + CBD oil dosage, together, can define your CBD experience – and for high potency CBD, it’s often for the better.

Why Consider the Highest Daily Strength of CBD?

Research on CBD often focuses on much higher dosage than what many people are currently taking. In response, cbdMD offers higher-potency CBD products to meet the demand for high daily doses at a lower cost to consumers.

With lower-potency CBD products, you might take two or three regular doses to get more milligrams of CBD into your day. This can get quite costly as you’ll need to buy multiple bottles to get through your month.

Research suggests that a daily intake of CBD should be more like 200 mg per day, whereas before, many people who’ve started CBD end up taking half of that, or less. At these lower doses, many people also end up taking more of the daily serving, both morning and night, just trying to get the CBD benefits they need for their body and mind to experience the CBD calm and relaxation that’s so good for our health.

The good news is that – thanks to cbdMD! – now there are high strength CBD products on the market at an impressively lower price than what many of the competitors are offering.

What’s the Best Strength of CBD Oil for You?

The best CBD oil strength for you is simple: the one that works. Because we all share a physiology, but our bodies and metabolisms differ, the amount of or strength of CBD that works well for one person may not be enough for you.

A product that’s too weak to help you might be cheaper, but wouldn’t be a wise investment of your money. A stronger product might be more expensive up front, but if it works – it works!

The best CBD oil for you is the one that keeps CBD levels in your system high enough and regular enough for what your body needs. If you’ve been upping your doses and your daily intake of CBD, then likely the new high potency formulas will be a much better value in the long run in terms of CBD efficacy and CBD cost.


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High Potency CBD Benefits

You may be wondering if high potency CBD products are right for you. So let's take a look at why you may need to switch to a less complicated CBD regimen using these higher-strength formulas. It all comes down to this: more CBD = more benefits!

CBD potency levels determine just how much of those wonderful CBD benefits you can actually feel.

High Potency CBD for Calm

Higher potency gives you the best CBD for calm on the market. For the best feeling of calm, use a high-potency full spectrum CBD product, morning and night, as a part of your daily CBD regimen for improved health and wellness. The full spectrum versions contain small amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and creates within your body an effect called the entourage effect.

This combination of cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN, THC), hemp terpenes, and flavonoids all work together a little differently when the THC is included. Each cannabinoid individually has benefits but when used in combination like this they enhance each other while simultaneously reducing the “high” feeling from the THC. This means you get the benefits of all the cannabinoids amplified, while feeling calm, energized, and clear-minded for your day. Furthermore – you get the best sleep!

High Potency CBD Simplifies Your CBD Regimen

Many people have run into the same situation with their CBD products: This stuff helps, but I need a little more calm in the mornings or I need more help with sleep at night or wow, my afternoons are a mess so I need an extra dose in there.

What happens is your CBD regimen can quickly get complicated. You might take one product in the morning (taking two or three times the regular dose so you can get in more milligrams of CBD). Then another product in the evening (again taking two or three times the dose so you can get in more milligrams of helpful cannabinoids). Then, often, other products midday to squeeze in more milligrams of CBD to get you through that afternoon lull.

Why do this? Because you’ve learned that more CBD makes you feel better. Now, with higher-potency CBD products, you can simplify your routine considerably and buy fewer bottles of CBD.

High Potency Is Easier on Your Wallet

Let’s say you’ve been using a 3000 mg CBD product, and taking two capsules every morning and night. What you’ve been trying to do is get the highest daily strength of CBD that works for you. You’ve been supplementing or doubling your CBD doses trying to get more milligrams of CBD, because you’ve learned that these higher amounts work so much better for you.

So for what you’re taking now, let's say there’s 100 mg CBD per serving but you need two of them. At roughly 50 bucks per bottle, you’re going through two bottles a month – which can get costly!

But CBD cost doesn’t have to break your wallet to get the high potency products. The new higher potency CBD offers 200 mg of CBD per serving, which means you’d only need one bottle per month. That single bottle is less than five bucks more than the lower potency one – and since you’re buying just one bottle instead of two, the savings are substantial.

If you're wondering, How much does CBD oil cost, the better question is, How much CBD am I getting for my money? Lower potency CBD may be cheaper up front, per bottle, but going with the more effective one for you and using less product makes a lot more sense to you and your wallet.

Comparing CBD Price

When you are comparing CBD price or the CBD cost of a new product, there are a few numbers to consider. These numbers will help you make a choice for what is the strongest strength of CBD that you can take for the least cost to you. Then, you can figure out the highest daily strength of CBD your body needs and purchase the right product.

CBD Daily Intake

If your current CBD isn’t enough, you likely need something stronger.

Figure out how many milligrams of CBD you are taking – total – for your current daily CBD intake. Look on the bottle for how much CBD there is per serving. Then multiply that by how much of a serving you are taking. Then add up all your doses for one day to get the total amount of CBD (in measurement of milligrams) you are taking each day.

Then, you can easily compare what you’re spending now per month to take that amount of CBD each day and if the new high strength CBD formulas will give you that next-level CBD care for possibly less than you’re spending right now.

CBD Dosage Does Matter

CBD dosage per serving will go up with the potency of the product you are taking. Because higher potencies have more CBD milligrams per bottle, the higher potency means you’re getting more CBD (and THC if you’re taking full spectrum) each time you take your CBD. Again, figure your daily CBD intake you are currently on and compare that to what you get when you take the high potency versions. If you’re taking a higher strength you’ll find you don’t need to double or triple your servings to get the CBD benefits your body needs.

Recommended Daily CBD Intake

One thing about CBD that confuses people is that there’s not a real “set” recommendation for the daily CBD intake for an average-sized adult. Because there’s no clear baseline, it’s hard to know where to start. Research leans toward at least 200 mg daily milligrams of CBD, but most people are actually taking much less than this per day.

How Much CBD Should I Take?

Begin with a partial dose of the CBD product you choose and take that morning and night, preferably at the same times each day.

Work your way up to a regular dose (usually one softgel or a half dropper of tinctures, depending on the product you are using).

If you are on a regular dose for a month and still feel you need more, move up to the next CBD strength available or increase the serving size. Thankfully, with higher CBD potencies now available, you have more options to find the right amount of CBD for you. The right amount:


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  • Lasts between doses
  • Gets you all the way through your night
  • Doesn’t metabolize away as quickly as lower strengths sometimes can
  • Flushes your endocannabinoid system with plenty of cannabinoids
  • Gives you the CBD calm, CBD sleep, and CBD wellness you’re looking for!


How Much CBD to Relax?

We get asked this question regularly. It seems people enjoy CBD for wellness but want to also know if there’s a – higher level of relaxation. First, if you’re looking to CBD as a product to get you high, it’s likely going to miss this mark for you. Very relaxed, yes. High, not likely. The THC levels in any given CBD product are simply too low, as they are mandated by federal law to not exceed 0.3 percent THC by dry weight of the finished CBD product.

The highest level of CBD calm available would be to take:


  1. The highest potency full spectrum CBD product, as a part of a regular CBD regimen.
  2. If that’s not enough, try the full spectrum Calm CBD Gummies with ashwagandha and other ingredients that naturally promote relaxation.
  3. Supplement with full spectrum Delta 9 THC gummies with an additional 10 mg of THC per gummy. We recommend starting with a portion of one gummy, as they are quite potent.
  4. If you feel the additional 10 mg of THC is too much for you, we offer a 1 mg Delta 9 microdosing option that gives you more control of the additional THC you want to take.


How Much CBD Is Too Much?

Perhaps you started off taking too high a dose if you’re feeling out of sorts. There’s no real answer to How much CBD is too much? – except to say if it feels like too much for you then it may very well be. Sometimes you need to back off a few days and take less than a full dose, allow the CBD molecules to stabilize in your system at this new amount, and then analyze how you feel.

Tip: If you feel too relaxed or too sleepy throughout your day, this might be an indication your current dosage is a little high for you.

For More Information on High Potency CBD and Pricing

CBD cost comes down for you when you take the right amount of CBD at the highest CBD dosage that works for you. This simplifies your CBD routine and also keeps you on the right CBD dosage for you, and if you’re using cbdMD’s high potency CBD products you know you’re getting the lowest CBD price on the market.