GMP Registration: Elevating Quality Standards

GMP Registration: Elevating Quality Standards

cbdMD recently received NSF International's Good Manufacturing Practice Registration. It may sound boring, but it’s big news for CBD users like you. In short, it means our manufacturing is held to the highest production standards – and we can prove it.

There’s a lot to consider when shopping for premium CBD products. But have you ever thought about where those products are made? What about the way the products are packaged, handled, and stored?


A lot of CBD companies talk about how they take great care to make only the highest-quality products.


The difference is that cbdMD can prove it.


NSF International, an independent and accredited organization providing consumer safety guidance and quality management systems for over 50 years, recently granted cbdMD Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Registration for dietary supplements. NSF International’s GMP requirements are the only American national standard in the dietary supplement industry developed in accordance with FDA regulations.


Yeah, that’s a mouthful. But it’s really important, so let’s break it down a bit.

GMP registration through NSF

There are many reasons we pursued GMP registration through NSF, but your safety and trust top the list.


When it comes to the production of food, vitamins, and similar items, safety is crucial. Otherwise, those products can become contaminated or spoil. To prevent tainted products from reaching consumers, governments regulate these industries by mandating GMP.


GMP is a set of strict, standardized rules for how specific types of consumer products are made, stored, labeled, tested, and the like. We’ve always maintained GMP compliant facilities. But at the present time, cbdMD is one of only two hemp-extract producers that can objectively prove that we meet those standards.


So when you see the NSF mark on the cbdMD website or similar, you’ll know what it stands for – the highest CBD oil production standards available!