The Power of Hemp Gummies: Discover the Benefits

The Power of Hemp Gummies: Discover the Benefits

Hemp gummies do exactly what any other CBD product would and have the same benefits, but they come in a far tastier and easy-to-use package.

It goes without saying that hemp gummies are by far the easiest and tastiest, way to incorporate CBD into your everyday wellness routine. But what are the benefits of hemp gummies and what exactly makes them so special?

While they’re not a new product or concept, CBD gummies have quickly been rising in popularity in recent years. Almost every company that boasts CBD products has at least one variety of CBD gummies, yet there are a few criteria that set them all apart.

First things first – before we get into the numerous hemp gummies benefits, let’s discuss what exactly hemp gummies are.

What Do CBD Gummies Do?

Our gummies are designed with the same formula as our CBD oil tinctures. That being said, hemp gummies benefits just might outnumber the other forms of CBD. Aside from the fact that they have a mix of tropical flavors in every bottle (available in both regular and sour) and can come with added vitamin C, they’re simply more fun than any other form of CBD!

CBD gummies are chewy, tangy, and loaded with the same great benefits as our CBD oil tinctures or CBD softgels. Now when it comes to our gummies, the terms “CBD gummies” and “hemp gummies” are used interchangeably because our gummies are made from US-grown hemp and are infused with CBD, rather than coated.

Speaking of infused vs. coated, let’s give that a quick rundown: CBD-coated gummies are sprayed with CBD oil near the end of their production process, while CBD-infused gummies are thoroughly saturated with cannabinoids during the manufacturing stage. CBD-infused gummies are more reliable and test more accurately than CBD-coated gummies.

So when it comes to the question, “What do CBD gummies do?” the answer is that they do exactly what any other internal CBD product does. CBD gummies will promote the same sense of calm and relaxation, improve your mood, and create the same general feeling as CBD oil tinctures with one main difference: hemp gummies benefits last longer.

So, what are the benefits of hemp gummies?

Top 8 Hemp Gummies Benefits

While CBD gummies share a lot of their benefits with CBD oil tinctures and other forms of CBD, they have a lot of stand-out benefits as well. From their sweet taste and ease of use to their ability to fit right in with the rest of your wellness and self-care routine, CBD gummies are one of the top choices of the CBD world.

If you don’t believe us, feel free to try them for yourself! Available in 300 mg, 750 mg, and 1500 mg, our tropical mix CBD gummies are also available with over half your daily serving of vitamin C or a jolt of sour flavor to help kickstart your day.

Every single gummy comes jam-packed with our Superior Broad Spectrum CBD formula in a yummy vegan and gluten-free bite. And they’re made using only naturally-derived ingredients without any artificial flavors or sweeteners. Our CBD gummies are a true favorite among experienced CBD users – but don’t just take our word for it. We’ve got the awards to prove it!

Take a look at eight of the amazing benefits of hemp gummies and give them a try!

1. CBD Gummies Are the Tastiest (and Easiest) Way to Take CBD

Our gummies are absolutely delicious while also providing you with all the amazing benefits of CBD. They’re probably also the easiest way ever to experience the benefits of CBD, especially if you don’t like the taste of tinctures or the feeling of swallowing softgels. All you have to do is pop them in your mouth and enjoy!

Not to mention they make the perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up when your morning coffee just isn’t doing it anymore. CBD gummies are also a perfect solution to the 2 PM workday slump and fit conveniently inside almost any bag or purse so you can take them with you wherever you go.

Available in a tropical mix of flavors including orange, strawberry, and raspberry, our CBD gummies also come in three different concentrations so you can get a premeasured serving of whatever you need.

 bottle of cbdMD 300mg CBD gummies

2. All the Same Great Benefits As Tinctures

Like we mentioned above, the benefits of hemp gummies are the same ones you’ll get with CBD oil tinctures, with just a few differences. CBD oil tinctures will usually begin to interact with your body quicker than CBD gummies, and tinctures do need to be measured. That being said, CBD gummies will promote the same sense of relaxation and calm produced by your endocannabinoid system (ECS) once digested.

Although it’s true that gummies’ sweet, chewy bites might improve your mood just a little more than CBD oil tinctures because what kid at heart doesn’t love gummies?

3. No Measuring Necessary

We might have said it before, but what’s better than being able to let CBD go to work within your system without having to take the time to measure anything out? Nothing, of course.

For anyone who identifies as type-A, you’ll know that being able to pop CBD gummies in your mouth as you go about your day shaves precious seconds off an otherwise mildly tedious task. Especially when you keep a jam-packed schedule. Or for those who are perpetually late and running behind schedule, swapping out your CBD oil tinctures with CBD gummies just might help you make up for a little bit of lost time.

4. Trusted CBD Gummies Won’t Get You High

One of the best benefits of hemp gummies is that just like our other CBD products, they won’t get you high no matter how many you eat. Although you might get a stomach ache if you try to eat a whole bottle in one sitting, so we don’t really recommend that.

At cbdMD, all of our gummies are tested by third-party, ISO-certified labs to ensure that they’re THC-free,* which also means that they won’t show up on a drug test. On its own, CBD will not cause you to fail a drug test – however, that depends on what your CBD is mixed with. Which is where the extraction process and third-party testing comes in.

While broad spectrum CBD and CBD isolate are specifically designed to be THC-free,* full spectrum CBD oil contains all compounds, cannabinoids, and terpenes present in the original plant (including THC).

All of our CBD gummies are made using our Superior Broad Spectrum formula, which ensures that they remain THC-free.* We also provide a Certificate of Analysis for each and every product we produce so that you can have peace of mind when you use them.

5. CBD Gummies Fit Seamlessly Into Your Routine

CBD Gummies make an excellent complement to any CBD routine, but they especially excel at fitting seamlessly into your supplement, wellness, and self-care routine. Already taking vitamins? You can easily store your CBD gummy container right next to whatever supplements you’re taking, making them one less thing you need to think about every day.

You can take them with your morning coffee as you sit on the back deck, pop one in your mouth as you run out the door, or grab the whole container so you can enjoy some tasty CBD pick-me-ups throughout the day!

Whatever time of day is best for you, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation all day long is just one of our hemp gummies benefits. As you can see, there are many!


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6. Hemp Gummies Are Perfect for the CBD Beginner

If you’re new to CBD, then gummies are definitely a great place to start. They’re easy to take, they’re yummy, and they don’t require any additional steps like CBD oil tinctures might. You can also be confident that you’re getting what you need in the right concentration without needing to measure out each individual serving.

Plus, hemp gummies are fun and easy to share with friends and family in a way that CBD oil tinctures may not be. Hemp gummies also require less fuss and instruction for those new to CBD than other forms.

7. Hemp Gummies Take Their Time

Unlike CBD oil tinctures, which partially absorb through the mucous membranes under your tongue, hemp gummies are ingested and absorbed through your digestive tract, roughly 30 minutes to an hour after eating them. But this also means that the numerous hemp gummies benefits last longer too. It all has to do with how CBD is absorbed by your body.

While it’s suggested that you hold CBD oil under your tongue for at least 30 seconds before swallowing, which allows it into your system quickly, there are no such special instructions when it comes to CBD gummies. When CBD is ingested, your stomach releases it into your system gradually over time, extending all the great benefits of hemp gummies over a period of multiple hours. The benefits of CBD oil tinctures, on the other hand, may not last as long.

Of course, how long CBD stays in your system depends on a few other factors, including the delivery method, how often you take CBD, how much you take, your weight, metabolism, and body chemistry, and whether or not you’ve eaten something around the same time.

8. CBD Gummies Are Readily Available Online

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, US-grown hemp is federally legal in all 50 states. And because of this, CBD products can be easily bought and sold across the US regardless of location. Not to mention, being able to order just about everything online nowadays can take a lot of stress off of an already busy schedule. That, and it gives you the freedom to reorder your favorite product the second you realize you might be running low.

For more information on CBD and any questions surrounding the many hemp gummies benefits, stop by our frequently updated blog. Interested in staying up to date on the latest news and special offers? Make sure to connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – and don’t forget to share all the amazing benefits of hemp gummies.