How Long Does it Take for Hemp Gummies to Work?

How Long Does it Take for Hemp Gummies to Work?

How long does it take for hemp gummies to work? Are you wondering what effects to expect with CBD gummies? Answering your questions to help you get started.

CBD gummies are a fantastic way to give yourself a boost of CBD anytime you need it. But you may have lots of questions about how they work, what their effects are, and how to use them:


  • What are CBD gummies? Or hemp gummies? Is that the same thing?
  • What are CBD gummies even for? Why do I need them?
  • Do they work? What are the effects of CBD gummies?
  • Can I take CBD gummies with my other CBD products?
  • Do hemp gummies taste good?
  • How long do CBD gummies stay in my system? When should I take them and how many?


There may not be a clear answer to some of these because your unique body chemistry plays a huge role in how fast your body processes CBD. But you can at least learn as much as you can about hemp (CBD) gummies and with a little self-assessment and trial, you can adjust your use of CBD gummies to suit your own personal health and wellness needs.

CBD gummies give us one more option for CBD to make it even easier to work into our busy lives. Today we’ll talk about how long it takes for CBD gummies to work and how long they last. Even though this may vary from person to person, we can still give you the information you need to make more informed assessments of your CBD regimen.

This will be a quick guide to the CBD gummies so you can sort out the trendy stuff from the real-life needs you have. No hype here – just some helpful info for you!

Key Topics About Hemp Gummies We’ll Address Today

  • Hemp gummies / CBD gummies – what they are and how they work
  • Effects of hemp / CBD gummies
  • Do CBD gummies work? What’s the best way to use them?
  • How long does it take for CBD gummies/hemp gummies to work?
  • How long do hemp gummies last?


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What Are CBD Gummies? Are Hemp Gummies the Same?

CBD gummies and hemp gummies are interchangeable names for the same thing. Both of these refer to a gummy product that is infused with cannabinoids. People take them for health and wellness reasons. They are ingestible, which means that the CBD gets into your system via your digestive system. While this means it might take a little longer for you to feel them than other forms of CBD, it also indicates that for some people the gummies may last longer than for others. This is because our digestive systems are so varied.

While the CBD tinctures are good for maintaining an even amount of CBD, the gummies provide an option to get a boost of CBD when it is needed. For example, some people may opt to take a CBD gummy (or two) when they know they may need it, such as before a stressful social event or in the evenings when they think they may have a harder time winding down for sleep. Some opt to take CBD gummies as part of their post-workout regimen. The gummies give us lots of ways to “tweak” our CBD regimen so that it best addresses our own individual needs.

While both terms (CBD gummies or hemp gummies) refer to the same product interchangeably, there are some things to know about the CBD gummies (whatever you choose to call them) before you buy:


  • Whether or not the CBD gummies contain broad spectrum or full spectrum CBD. This tells you if the product will have THC in it, which even at the low levels allowed in CBD products can show up on a drug test. Only full spectrum CBD contains THC. Your doctor can advise you on which would be better for you.

  • The concentration of CBD in the product. This determines the “strength” of the product, which may influence how much of it you need to take or how often.

  • The recommended serving size. This is a guideline, and you may adjust it based on your own body’s response and how long you feel the effects.


Here’s a helpful guide on CBD concentrations: The Difference in CBD Oil Strengths for CBD Oil Benefits.

Effects of CBD Gummies

People take CBD products for a wide variety of reasons. There’s no solid, comprehensive list of all of the benefits you will receive from taking them. In fact, we are still waiting for more conclusive scientific research on the matter, which may take years to unfold. This doesn’t mean we aren’t aware of the wellness benefits that many people experience when using CBD products, whether CBD tinctures, CBD capsules, or CBD edibles like the CBD gummies.

Reasons People Take CBD Products


  • Overall improved health and wellness
  • They want to feel better
  • They want to sleep better
  • To find improved mood or feel calmer
  • To see if it will help with cognitive function or stress management
  • To help to manage physical discomfort
  • To support an athletic or active lifestyle
  • At the suggestion of their healthcare or therapeutic professionals


Remember, the scientific jury is still out on a lot of this, but you can always try it to see if it works for you. Make sure to take regular assessments on how CBD affects you – at first several times a day, and then less often as you become more familiar with how CBD works for you. These daily assessments help you to determine how long it takes for hemp gummies to work for you and how long they last.

You can adjust the amounts you take, the forms you use, or how often you use them. The first adjustments should be made after a month-long assessment of the first regimen you choose. This allows the CBD to reach a stable norm in your system. Then, after a month, make small adjustments and see how it helps. Take regular self-assessments.

CBD Self-Assessment

You can keep a journal or simply take mental notes. Self-assessing is as easy as asking yourself a few questions, which you can adjust based on your particular reasons for trying CBD in the first place.


  • How am I physically feeling right now? Can I note any improvements?
  • How am I sleeping? Has this improved?
  • How am I feeling emotionally?
  • How am I performing cognitively? Thinking clearly? Feeling motivated to do my daily tasks?


You may hear people say, “I tried CBD and it didn’t do anything for me.” It’s likely that they didn’t take the right amount for their size, or the right concentration, or they didn’t give it enough time for proper assessment. It takes some time to learn how CBD works in your body, but it’s worth the wait!

How Long Does It Take for Hemp Gummies to Work?

How long hemp gummies stay in your system is a question of your own biology vs the longevity of a consumable, digestible product. So naturally, there are a whole lot of factors that affect how long it takes for the hemp to affect you and for how long. Experts estimate that CBD gummies can “kick in” in about an hour and can last for hours or days with decreasing effectiveness over time.

Though we all have the same endocannabinoid system which allows us to process CBD, how each of our bodies responds can be a little different from person to person. So yes, ask your friends about their journey with CBD, but understand your own path may differ.

Here are some of the factors you will need to consider when deciding how to use CBD gummies in your daily routine.

How Your Body Responds to CBD Gummies

Your unique physiology is a huge factor when using CBD products. How quickly your body metabolizes CBD gummies is based on your metabolism, body composition and size, and the amounts of CBD that you take. If you have a fast metabolism, for example, you may find that you need to take CBD gummies more often.


Other considerations:


  • Whether or not you take CBD gummies with a meal or on an empty stomach. If you take them with a meal, it may take longer for the CBD to take effect. CBD gummies have to go through the digestive system and through the liver before the CBD enters your bloodstream where it takes effect. It is recommended to take CBD gummies about an hour before you need the boost of CBD effects.

  • If you take other CBD products like the CBD tinctures, you will already have some CBD in your system. You may not feel the effects of CBD gummies as clearly if you already maintain a constant amount in your system. The CBD gummies would act as a micro-serving size addition to your CBD regimen, giving you a boost of benefits and effects for a window of time.

How Long Do Hemp Gummies Last?

In addition to “How long does it take for hemp gummies to work?” you need to know how long the gummies last in your system. This will help you to know how often you will need to add CBD gummies to your CBD regimen. Understanding half-life can help you to get a better idea of how it all works.

What Is Half-Life and Why Does That Matter?

Half-life affects how long CBD gummies work in your system. If you haven’t heard of half-life before, here’s how it works.

Half-life refers to a time measurement of how often a product you take “halves” in your system. Let’s say, theoretically, that CBD gummies have a half-life of one full day or 24 hours. This means that as soon as you take the CBD gummy and it is in your system, let’s say a 10 mg gummy, then after 24 hours have passed you’d theoretically have half of that in your system (5 mg). After another 24 hours pass, it halves again to 2.5 mg.

This is important to know because if you take one CBD gummy a week, it takes a couple of days to be completely gone and you’d feel the effects most that first day. But if you take one every night before bed, essentially it helps to keep that extra boost going each evening. Do this one hour before bed each night and you’ll see more consistent benefits during that time when you need it.

We aren’t sure a definite half-life of CBD products or how long CBD stays in your system (though some suggest about five days) but understanding how they move through the system can help you to make judgment calls on how to adjust your CBD regimen to best suit your needs.

Some Factors May Affect Longevity

As we mentioned before, some factors may cause CBD to work a little faster or slower, or to last longer in the system. For one, if you take other CBD products and add CBD gummies when you need them, you keep a more stable amount of CBD in your system for longer. But if you take them intermittently, they may not last as long for you since the CBD may be depleted before you take more of it.

The more regularly and consistently you take any of your CBD products, including the gummies, the greater the benefits you will see from the CBD and other supporting ingredients.

 bottle of 300 mg cbd gummies from cbdMD

Choosing CBD Gummies

cbdMD has several gummy options for you to make your CBD journey a bit more simple and tasty. Here’s a brief rundown of all our delicious CBD gummy choices:


CBD Gummies 300 mg – 10 mg CBD per gummy, Tropical Mix flavor

CBD Gummies 750 mg – 25 mg CBD per gummy, Tropical Mix flavor

CBD Gummies 1500 mg – 50 mg CBD per gummy, Tropical Mix flavor

CBD Sour Gummies 300 mg – 10 mg CBD per gummy, Sour flavor

CBD Sour Gummies 750 mg – 25 mg CBD per gummy, Sour flavor

CBD Sour Gummies 1500 mg – 50 mg CBD per gummy, Sour flavor


You can use the CBD gummies in combination as well: For example, one 300 mg strength gummy provides 10 mg + one 750 mg strength gummy provides another 25 mg CBD for a combined serving 35 mg of CBD. This is one way you can tailor your CBD regimen to be exactly what you need.

Using CBD / Hemp Gummies for Improved Quality of Life

This article has answered some very key questions:


  • How long does it take for hemp gummies to work?
  • Do CBD gummies work?
  • How long do CBD gummies work?


But this is a quick overview. There’s so much more to learn about CBD gummies and other CBD products and how they work together to improve our lives.

If you still have questions about how CBD gummies work or how to incorporate them into your lifestyle to get the best CBD gummies benefits for yourself, you can follow our blog for more helpful information or chat with a specialist on our website. We’re here to help!