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  1. CBD Capsules - 200 mg CBD : 2 mg THC - 60 count

    CBD Capsules Full Spectrum ?

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    200 mg CBD : 2 mg THC - 60 count
  2. CBD Oil Softgels - 30 count - 50 mg CBD : 1.5 mg THC

    CBD Oil Softgels Full Spectrum ?

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    30 count - 50 mg CBD : 1.5 mg THC
  3. CBD Softgel Capsules- 30 count - 100 mg CBD

    CBD Softgels Broad Spectrum ?

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    30 count - 100 mg CBD
  4. CBD Sleep Softgels

    PM Softgel Capsules Broad Spectrum ?

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    CBD Capsules, Pills, and Softgels
  5. cbdMD Calming Capsules - 1000 mg - 60 Count

    CBD Focus Capsules Broad Spectrum ?

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    1000 mg - 60 count
  6. CBD Calm Capsules - 1000 mg - 60 Count

    CBD Calm Capsules Broad Spectrum ?

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    1000 mg - 60 Count
  7. Curcumin CBD Oil Capsules  - 750mg - 30 count

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  8. CBD Softgels Sleep PM

    CBD Softgels Sleep PM Full Spectrum ?

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    CBD Capsules, Pills, and Softgels

cbdMD Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

Our full spectrum capsules provide you with the whole-plant benefits for your whole body in convenient capsule form. Vegan and gluten-free, these capsules will be your new go-to for daily CBD wellness. Whether full spectrum or broad, cbdMD’s premium CBD capsules, softgels, and CBD pills give you the convenient daily support you need. Shop online today!

CBD Softgels

Our CBD softgels are easy-to-swallow CBD pills that come in a range of strengths and sizes so you can choose your perfect regimen. Softgels provide one of the simplest and most convenient ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD with no flavors, colors, fillers, or anything to interfere with the pure CBD goodness.

PM Softgels

Full Spectrum Softgels


of CBD Capsules

How do CBD capsules affect you?

CBD capsules offer the same CBD benefits you’ll get from other CBD products, but because of their ingestible form they’re best for slow, steady, all-day benefits. The full spectrum capsules include a small amount of THC – enough for added benefits, but not enough to get you high.

How many Regular CBD Softgels should I take?

CBD softgels are best taken daily at a consistent level for you to understand what works best for you. Try starting with the lowest concentration, one every morning and evening, and monitor how you feel over the next 30 days. If you aren’t satisfied with the results, try gradually increasing or decreasing the number as needed.

How many PM Sleep Aid CBD Pills should I take?

Start by following the label’s directions by taking one pill about an hour before bedtime. If that’s insufficient you can increase the amount or concentration, but keep in mind that if you’re using these daily you might feel the effects more strongly over time as the CBD builds up in your system.

Do Full Spectrum CBD Pills Work?

Full spectrum CBD pills like capsules and softgels are a great way to maintain your overall wellness, though they aren’t meant to treat specific conditions. Users report a greater sense of calm, lower stress, better sleep, and a sense of general well-being. The best way to know whether full spectrum CBD pills work for you is to try them out!

How Long Does It Take Full Spectrum CBD Capsules to Work?

This depends on your metabolism and other factors, but for most people it takes at least an hour for CBD capsules to go through their digestive system and into their bloodstream. That’s why full spectrum CBD capsules are good for a daily routine to keep a base level of CBD and other cannabinoids in your system.

What Is the Best Strength of CBD Capsules?

The best strength for you depends on multiple factors, including what other CBD products you’re taking. Most people do well taking a total of 200 mg of CBD a day, which is covered by just one serving of our full spectrum CBD capsules. However, if you’re mixing them up with other CBD products (other than topicals) you might want to use lower strength softgels to optimize your total daily intake

How many Full Spectrum Softgels should I take?

The directions for full spectrum softgels are much the same as for other CBD pills: take one every morning and evening and see how you feel. Since people may respond differently to full spectrum CBD than to broad spectrum, however, you might want to take them at different times. For instance, many people feel that full spectrum helps them to get good sleep, which means you might want to take a broad spectrum CBD capsule in the morning and a full spectrum softgel in the evening. Just do whatever makes you feel your best!

Are CBD Capsules as good as the oil?

CBD capsules and CBD oil tinctures interact with your body in similar ways, so which form you pick likely depends on what’s most convenient and enjoyable for you. However, if you take CBD oil by holding it under your tongue for 30 to 60 seconds before swallowing, you will probably feel the results faster than if you take CBD by immediately swallowing it (in whatever form).

Are CBD capsules illegal?

CBD capsules are federally legal in the United States if they are made from industrial hemp, which means hemp that’s less than 0.3% THC by dry weight. All of cbdMD’s CBD capsules are hemp derived, which is why we can sell them openly on our website. However, laws on cannabis vary, so what you find in local stores will depend on where you are.

What’s the difference between the CBD softgels?

Our CBD softgels come in three varieties: regular, CBD PM, full spectrum, and full spectrum Sleep PM. Our original CBD softgels contain Superior Broad Spectrum hemp extract and are THC-free*; the only other ingredients in them are MCT oil, gelatin, vegetable glycerin, and vitamin E.

The CBD PM softgels contain the same ingredients, but also have melatonin and herbs to help you sleep. The full spectrum softgels contain full spectrum hemp extract, which has a wider range of substances from the plant, including a bit of THC. It’s not enough to intoxicate you, but many people feel they get more benefits from the whole-plant effect. Full Spectrum Sleep PM softgels are just like the CBD PM softgels but with full spectrum extract.


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