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How to Use Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Sleep

Looking for a better way to sleep? Click here to learn how to use full spectrum CBD oil for sleep and a few tips on how you can get the restful sleep your body needs.

If you have trouble falling or staying asleep, or if you’re not getting your best sleep with your broad spectrum CBD oil regimen, there are other CBD oil options that may work better for you. There are CBD oil options with melatonin, which certainly help with falling asleep, but there’s also full spectrum CBD oil with THC that may help with your quality of sleep.

Today, we’ll share how to use full spectrum CBD oil for sleep so you can get more restful sleep ASAP!

Key Answers We’ll Provide


  • A few things about THC you might not know
  • Why full spectrum CBD oil may be better for your sleep
  • Three different methods for incorporating full spectrum CBD oil options for sleep improvement
  • How to use Delta 9 THC microdosing to help your sleep


Why Is Full Spectrum CBD Oil Better for Your Sleep?

Full spectrum CBD oil is a little different from broad spectrum CBD oil, though they are both derived from hemp plants (low-THC cannabis plants). Broad spectrum CBD oil may contain some trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (called THC), as some of it slips in unintentionally while extracting CBD, CBG, CBN, other cannabinoids and terpenes to make up the broad spectrum extract – but the amounts of THC are barely even detectable in lab setting. The key here is that any minute amount of THC is not intended, and usually so miniscule that it makes little to no difference in the final formula.


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Full spectrum, however, differs in that we want the THC to be included. We select for it in the extraction process and make sure the amounts of THC per dry weight are 0.3% or less, as mandated by federal law.

Even in this small amount in full spectrum CBD oil, it makes a significant difference to our bodies. It’s enough for wellness benefits, but for most people it is simply not enough to provide a psychoactive “high” effect.

Important THC Facts to Understand


  • Different cannabinoids have similar but not the same effects on the body. THC appears to help people who have trouble falling or staying asleep. It is thought this has to do with dopamine levels and how they are affected by the THC, though it isn’t fully understood.
  • Some cannabinoids temper the psychoactive effects of THC a little so they become more “calming” rather than psychoactive (high-producing). This is part of what we call the entourage effect.
  • Full spectrum CBD oil contains THC but small amounts so that you can get this calming effect without being intoxicated.
  • Microdosing of Delta 9 is a new option that is more potent than the full spectrum CBD oil formulas and may produce a mild intoxicating effect when consumed at full amounts.
  • To use any full spectrum product or Delta 9 THC product, check to make sure it is legal in your state. While federally legal in all of the US, some states have more strict regulation of any THC products, including Delta 9 THC.


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Impact of THC on the Body

When THC binds to the endocannabinoid receptors in your body, it triggers dopamine production, which produces a calming effect on your body.

For some people with THC sensitivities, the exact opposite may occur. Make sure when you try a THC product of any kind that you are at home and are able to observe how your body responds to the THC. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while you make these observations and learn how THC works in your body. For most people, however, the effects of THC in CBD oil are mild and produce a more calming effect than the non-THC formulations of CBD oil.

Remember, the amounts of THC in full spectrum CBD oils are nowhere near the elevated amounts you’d find in a marijuana product. You should not feel a “high” effect from using full spectrum CBD products unless you are super sensitive to THC. For the microdosing Delta 9 THC products, however, you may feel a very mild psychoactive effect depending on how much you take and how your body responds to THC.

Using Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Sleep

Most of our sleep aid products do contain broad spectrum CBD oil rather than full spectrum CBD oil. If full spectrum CBD oil is better for sleep, then why have we made this choice?

This is because broad spectrum addresses a larger consumer base. Some people are not allowed at their jobs or organizations to consume THC so the full spectrum is not an option for them. But this does not mean that our broad spectrum choices that have melatonin in them are not optimal for you to use. Using full spectrum CBD oil formulations at night is just one more way to help you get better sleep.

Here’s a few ways you can incorporate both our sleep aids and full spectrum CBD oil to improve sleep, and also how microdosing could help you sleep better. There are many paths here to the same goal so take what works for you and tailor your CBD regimen to suit your exact needs.

If You Already Take Broad Spectrum at Night

This one may be the easiest method for moving to full spectrum CBD oil to help you sleep. Simply order a bottle of full spectrum CBD oil in the same strength as your usual broad spectrum tinctures.

Then, instead of taking your usual broad spectrum CBD oil tinctures at night, take the same amount of the full spectrum CBD oil tinctures.

Take a few weeks to observe the new routine and see how it’s working for you.

Using Full Spectrum Along with Our CBD Sleep Aids

If you are using the full spectrum CBD oil tinctures at night already, you can add in some of our CBD sleep aids as an additional option. Here’s what that might look like for you:

Option 1

Take your regular amount of full spectrum CBD tinctures or softgel capsules before bed.Also, take a ¼ - ½ dropper of CBD PM for Sleep to add in some melatonin to your nightly routine.

Calculate your tinctures: Whatever strength CBD oil you are taking, ½ dropper is one full serving. To calculate how much CBD you are getting with each serving, divide by the mg CBD per serving (as labeled on the packaging) by the number of servings per package. This tells you how much CBD you are getting per serving. If you are taking a half serving, simply divide the number in half.


Option 2

Take your full spectrum CBD tinctures or softgel capsules before bed.Also, take 1 CBD PM for Sleep Capsule.

Tip: Note that the CBD PM for sleep softgel capsules are 1000 mg but this does not mean you are consuming 1000 mg of CBD. This means there is 1000 mg of CBD in each bottle. Divided by 30 servings, this means you are consuming 16.5 mg per capsule. Knowing this makes serving adjustments so much easier!

Option 3

Take your full spectrum CBD tinctures or capsules before bed.

Also take 1-2 sleep aid CBD gummies with melatonin, Ashwagandha, and chamomile for improved sleep.

The CBD sleep gummies have 25 mg of CBD per gummy.

How to Microdose Just Before Bed

Take your full spectrum or broad spectrum CBD tinctures or capsules before bed.

Add in a microdose of Delta 9 THC. These are meant to be divided into the serving that works best for you. Begin with ¼ rather than starting at a full amount. You can always increase the amount as you learn how this smaller amount works for your sleep.

Here’s What to Watch for in Your New Routine

To be sure your new CBD oil routine is working well, watch for these signs of improvement:


  • You dream more. This may indicate you are experiencing more of that deeper REM sleep which is so important for our bodies for brain development, memory, and mood.
  • You wake feeling like you slept well or you feel more refreshed
  • You aren’t getting sluggish during the day or feel like you need a nap
  • Your sleep patterns are more regulated with full spectrum CBD oil options in your CBD oil nightly regimen


If you prefer non-THC options: Is CBD for Sleep Safe and Effective for Sleeplessness?

A Word on Sleep Disorders

While we are a health and wellness company and we know a whole lot about CBD, THC, and other hemp derivatives – we, admittedly, are not sleep therapists, sleep researchers, or medical doctors. If you are suffering from chronic sleep deprivation, then your health is at risk.


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While it might seem odd to you to call your doctor when you’re “not sick,” don’t take your sleep issues lightly. Sleep is a critical body process and without it, you could be at risk for accident, injury, or even illness. Please, call your doctor to discuss your sleep issues. Ask them if CBD or CBD + THC could help you. Be open, honest, and get the medical answers you need.

And we’ll be right here, providing CBD support for anyone who needs it. But do rule out sleep disorders, which may be chronic threats to your wellness, and get the ok from your doc on how to handle your sleep issues and if CBD products could be a part of your sleep wellness.

For More Sleep Tips

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