Menthol for Pain: The Perfect Companion to CBD

Menthol for Pain: The Perfect Companion to CBD

Do you use menthol for pain relief? Learn why the combination of menthol and CBD has become a trusted option for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and beyond.

We all suffer joint or muscle pain now and again. Or maybe you’re a superhero and don’t feel pain. In that case, why aren’t you fighting crime? Because that would be rad.

But the rest of us need solutions. And many people turn to menthol for pain relief.

Have you ever slept in an awkward position and woken up with an aching neck and shoulder that’s lasted for days? Sure you have. It’s happened to all of us.

You got a beautiful view when you climbed that steep hill on vacation, didn’t you? But now your calves feel like punching bags.

Or maybe you’ve pulled a hamstring when you tried to stretch a single into a double during your beer league softball game.

A menthol cream for pain can’t fix your pride, but it can help your hamstring, calves, neck, and other problem areas.

So let’s take a closer look at menthol for pain relief and see why it’s the perfect companion to CBD in topical formulas.

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What is Menthol?

Menthol is a naturally occuring substance that is abundant in various mint plants, especially peppermint. It was first isolated in the West during the late 18th century and described as peppermint camphor.

It’s simple to extract menthol from peppermint. First, you have to extract the essential oils from the plant through distillation or a cold pressing technique. Then, you freeze the oil and filter out the waxy menthol crystals.

Today, you’ll find menthol in all kinds of health and cosmetic products like decongestants, aftershave, mouthwashes, and cough medicines.

But today, we’re going to focus on menthol’s benefits for pain relief.

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Menthol for Pain Relief

Menthol pain relief creams and gels can provide a quick, temporary fix for sore muscles and joints.

But how exactly does menthol help pain?

Medical experts describe it as a counterirritant, which means it creates a tiny amount of irritation or inflammation around the area where you apply it. When you use a menthol pain relief cream or gel, it quickly creates a cooling sensation. But it doesn’t actually make your skin or muscles colder.

After a while, you may also feel a warming sensation. But again, there’s no real change in temperature to the area.

A similar warming effect occurs when you use pain relievers that contain capsaicin – the same substance that gives chili peppers their hot and spicy flavor.

Those pleasant cool and warm feelings distract your brain from the pain you might feel deeper in your muscles or joints. It’s weird, but it works.

However, it’s important for you to know that creams and gels with menthol for pain don't heal injuries or treat other underlying health problems.

And while menthol certainly works differently from oral pain relievers like aspirin, they achieve similar goals. But you wouldn’t expect aspirin to heal a sprained ankle. Like menthol, it simply helps with the pain you feel from the injury.

You should always follow the directions printed on the label carefully. Topical pain relievers are meant for external use only.

And you should also avoid putting menthol near sensitive parts of the body, as thousands of locker-room pranks have proved over the years.

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Menthol and CBD

Many people use CBD oil on their skin for a wide range of purposes with positive results. And scientists are investigating CBD for pain and inflammation relief. Unfortunately, the results of that research could take years.

Right now, it’s best to think of CBD as a way to support good health and exercise recovery. On the other hand, menthol for pain is a long-established and approved ingredient for use on problem areas like sore joints and muscles.

As a result, the combination of menthol and CBD has become a trusted option for many people – especially athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and those who work in physically demanding jobs.

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cbdMD Freeze Roller: 2020 Product of the Year

There are many menthol for pain relief products out there. But only one menthol gel with added CBD has earned the award for Product of the Year to date.

cbdMD’s Freeze Roller won the honor at the 2020 Product of the Year Awards in the CBD topicals category. The winners are determined by a poll of 40,000 consumers, which makes it America’s largest consumer-voted award for product innovation.

cbdMD Freeze is extremely popular among professional athletes. They really love that you can feel the effects of menthol for pain relief almost immediately, while CBD provides support for athletic recovery. The Freeze roller also makes it easy to apply without getting it on your hands. So it’s perfect for use during your workout or or in the middle of a game.

Tennis, anyone?

But it’s not just for athletes. The container is small enough to carry around in a purse, laptop bag, or tool chest. So it’s easy to get relief whenever you need it, wherever you need it.

You can get cbdMD Freeze in a roll-on applicator or in a squeeze tube. You can also choose from four CBD strengths – 300 mg, 750 mg, 1500 mg, or 3000 mg.