What are the Best CBD Products for Dogs to Fit Any Lifestyle?

What are the Best CBD Products for Dogs to Fit Any Lifestyle?

Learn about the best CBD oil for dogs of any age and lifestyle. Find out which CBD oil products would be best for your dog’s lifestyle.

CBD products for dogs are designed to work for any dog. It does not matter their temperament or lifestyle. Pet CBD products come in a variety of types and strengths, so you can find what works best for your dog.

Think about your dog for a moment. Are they busy and active? Young and maybe a little unruly? Or is your dog a little older with different needs? Today we’ll talk about your dog and what CBD can do for them. We’ll uncover how CBD products for dogs help all kinds of dogs live healthier lives and what age you should start your dog on CBD. We’ll also make some lifestyle-specific CBD product recommendations to help you support your dog’s best lifestyle.

CBD Products Support Your Dog’s Healthy Lifestyle

Dogs can vary just as much in personality as they do in appearance and lifestyle preferences. According to the American Kennel Club Gazette in March of 1979, there are at least six different personality styles in dogs: confident, aggressive, outgoing, adaptable, insecure, and independent. No matter what kind of personality your pooch has, there are CBD products that can help to support their overall daily health and wellness.

There are also active dogs, dogs that love their exercise or play, dogs that would rather nap the entire day away, working dogs that need to stay alert to do their jobs, and all kinds of dogs in between. Let’s take a look at the benefits of CBD for dogs (all types of dogs!) and how it may affect your dog’s lifestyle.

What Pet CBD Products Do for Dogs

The benefits of CBD for dogs are many but also hard to define. CBD works within your dog’s biological endocannabinoid system (or ECS) to help your dog have a more healthy life. While the effects vary from dog to dog, many of them experience a more even-tempered and calm life and find it supports a good sleep rhythm. CBD can help a myriad of dog personalities as part of an overall wellness plan and healthy lifestyle.

When Should You Start Your Dog on CBD?

It is important to note that CBD is for dogs who are out of puppyhood. Start your dog on CBD oil for dogs after they have reached one year of age. It may benefit your dog to start them as soon as they are old enough and give it to them regularly from there on out. But it is OK if your dog is older. CBD can be started at any age past one year.

Using CBD Oil for Dogs Regularly / Long Term

I mentioned giving your dog CBD on a regular basis. This is because CBD builds to a natural equilibrium within your dog’s system and works better once this equilibrium is established and maintained. Your dog will have more ongoing and consistent benefits if CBD is given regularly and at the same amounts. If possible, give your dog their CBD at the same times each day so that it is more evenly distributed over the course of their day and night.

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The Best CBD for Dogs to Improve Any Lifestyle

The most common form of CBD oil for dogs comes in a tincture form. This makes it easy to deliver your dog’s CBD regularly for optimum use. CBD dog tinctures come in a handy bottle designed with your dog’s safety in mind, and the little plastic dropper is perfect for counting out the drops for your dog’s serving.

The tinctures are good for any dog over one year of age, and for a variety of applications. No matter what kind of dog you have, their personality and demeanor, and lifestyle, the tinctures are a good choice. Let’s go over what they are and how you can start your dog on a regular regimen of pet CBD tinctures.

CBD Tinctures for Dogs

The CBD tinctures for dogs come in a variety of strengths, so you can choose the one that is best suited for your dog’s size. There are also two different flavors, so you can choose the one your dog will prefer: natural flavor or peanut butter flavor.

These sizing recommendations are only guidelines. You’ll want to choose a lower strength and use a lower amount for your dog until you can gauge their response and decide if you think they need more. Every dog is different, and while some dogs may need the strength associated with their size, others may need a different strength based on their needs.

Starting Your Dog on Pet CBD Tinctures

Start with a smaller amount than is recommended in the packaging instructions and give this amount to your dog twice a day. Typically servings are given with morning and nighttime meals. Keep your dog on the same serving size for at least a month before making adjustments so you can better gauge their response to the pet CBD product. Then, you can make small adjustments, again giving time for the new amount to be in their system for a few weeks before making any further adjustments.

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Lifestyle-Specific Pet CBD Options for Your Dog

Another factor in choosing the right CBD tincture for your dog is to assess your dog’s lifestyle. There are also other types of pet CBD products that may be perfectly suited for your particular dog’s temperament and lifestyle. Let’s talk about a few different doggy lifestyles and what CBD oil products may be perfect for them.

CBD for Younger or More Active Dogs

  • Dogs who have energy for days
  • Dogs who are in training
  • Dogs who live a very active and athletic lifestyle

Some dogs have a more high-energy personality. And it doesn’t matter what size your dog is either. It could be a bouncy Great Dane or a little Scottie that runs laps around you. There’s a CBD product for dogs that fits these tail-wagging, happy-go-lucky types, no matter their size or age. Let’s talk about the CBD lifestyle for younger and more boisterous types.

Some may worry that CBD may slow their dog down too much or dampen their lively personality. Sure, your dog will experience more calm, but not to the point of losing its personality or becoming lethargic. This is because CBD is designed to even out temperament, not transform it.

We know this partially because for our cbdMD formulations, specifically, we’ve opted not to use the THC portion of the hemp plant, which is the part of the plant that produces a euphoric or psychogenic effect. We know you love your bouncy dogs just the way they are and don’t want to see that change. We feel the THC simply isn’t necessary, and you can get the benefits of CBD for your dog without it.

But, if you want to support that active lifestyle safely, we have you covered with CBD products for your dog that you can trust. The Superior Broad Spectrum CBD formula is partnered with other ingredients that are pet-friendly and support your dog’s healthy lifestyle.

Canine CBD products also work great for those doggies who are still learning how to “dog” while still pleasing you! These are often younger dogs that you are working with on some kind of dog training. Which means that you need them to be attentive and somewhat calm so they can listen to you. Maybe they are still learning to potty outside or how not to destroy your furniture or jump on your guests. For these dogs, certain CBD products for dogs can help your dog’s busy lifestyle and give them a more even sense of calm. A calmer dog can listen better and learn from you more easily.

Remember: CBD applies to dogs over age one, which is largely due to the lack of research for dogs under the age of one. We hope the research will catch up in this area, but for now, it’s best to wait until your dog has had their first birthday bone!

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Best CBD Oil for Dogs with Active Lifestyles

Along with the CBD tinctures, there are some really great CBD options that help support your dog’s healthy and active lifestyle. Here are some other CBD products you’ll want to try (in place of or in addition to the Pet CBD tinctures) for your zealous pooches.

CBD treats for dogs are the best for these active dogs! There are a few different ones you can choose from, so you’ll find the one your dog loves the most. There are CBD dog treats in yummy baked cheese or peanut butter flavors, and these come in strengths of 150 mg, 300 mg, and 600 mg so that you can get the right ones for your dog’s size. These treats work as a helper for your dog training sessions too!

CBD calming oil tinctures may also be an option for boisterous dogs. It comes in a tail-wagging blueberry flavor that dogs love. The strengths of the calming oils are 250 mg and 500 mg. Use these tinctures as you would the regular tinctures if you feel your dog would do better on the calming versions of the tinctures. These blends contain a bit of melatonin which can help your dog feel more relaxed and even get better rest.

Many pet parents opt to use the regular tinctures during the day with treats as needed, then use the calming oil at night. All our cbdMD pet CBD options are made to work together, so it’s OK to use more than one type for your dog.

CBD for Less Active or Senior Dogs

  • Senior dogs
  • Dogs who need more help getting around
  • Dogs who are less energetic
  • Dogs who don’t get as much exercise
  • Dogs who aren’t super social

Less active dogs also can benefit from a CBD regimen. And we all know our senior dogs have more specific needs than younger dogs. To support your senior dog’s healthy lifestyle and your pooches with a bit less pep in their step, you can offer them CBD soft chews for dogs. These are easier to chew than the dog treats, so your older dogs will love them without bothering their potentially more sensitive teeth.

The CBD soft chews for dogs come in a mouth-watering chicken and bacon flavor. The strengths are 150 mg, 300 mg, and 600 mg. For your older dogs that need more support for their hips and joints, there’s also a soft chew just for that. The pet CBD hip & joint soft chews for dogs taste like doggie’s favorite, bacon! Made with CBD, glucosamine HCL, and omega-3 fatty acids, these treats also come in a few strengths: 150 mg, 300 mg, and 600 mg.

Another great option that is sure to get your older and less active dogs up and moving is to offer them a bit of CBD peanut butter. What dog could resist that? CBD-infused peanut butter is not only brilliant and convenient, but it’s also perfect for your homemade dog biscuit recipes. Try these CBD peanut butter & pumpkin CBD dog treats for a delicious and healthy treat option for your dog.

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CBD for Dogs Who Have a Job to Do

Some dogs work. Like, have real jobs that require them to be alert, attentive, and focused, much like your job requires of you. There are companion dogs for people who have medical conditions. There are dogs who work alongside fire and rescue teams, dogs that assist in search-and-seize operations, dogs who help find missing children, dogs who comfort those in need, and dogs who are the eyes and ears for others. Some dogs are trained to alert authorities if their person has a medical emergency. Police canine units are some of the most helpful dogs in our communities, as they go into some pretty long and potentially dangerous work hours.

If your working dog is also your canine companion and you are responsible for their wellness and care, CBD may be an option you want to try for them. For all of these hard-working and sometimes life-saving dogs, for all they do for us to keep us safe and healthy, we want to provide the same for them.

For these dogs, it is good that there isn’t the intrusion of THC in our products. You don’t want anything to interfere with their ability to perform their jobs. You can feel confident that these determined and intelligent pooches will only get the best benefits from CBD to help them stay on top of their jobs.

The regular CBD tinctures, as well as any of the doggie CBD treats or CBD peanut butter, are all applicable and helpful for your active, working dogs to keep them healthy, calm, and focused on the work they must do.

And after a long day’s work – why not reward them with a bit of CBD peanut butter to thank them for all they do for their community and the people they support? They’ve earned it!

CBD for Dogs of Any Age Who Need Extra Support

  • Dogs who hate being alone
  • Dogs who need better rest and sleep
  • Dogs who need help with temperament

Some dogs need extra support in other areas, no matter their age or lifestyle. These dogs may seem to have a hard time being alone, or they may cause issues in your home when you are at work. Does coming home to a toilet-papered living room and chewed-up couch cushions ring any bells?

For these dogs, it is important to keep them on a daily serving of CBD tincture, preferably at the same time of day and night. Before you need to go out for a bit, settle your dog in with a favorite toy or blanket, and offer them a CBD pet chew or a CBD dog treat. Even better, if you come home from work or a trip out to the store and your house is in working order (no shattered blinds or trash all over the kitchen floor), then offer your doggie a bit of CBD peanut butter on a spoon to reward them for their good behavior. The CBD helps to support your pet, while the actions help to reward the behaviors you want to see in your dog.

Other dogs may have a harder time sleeping at night for whatever reason. It’s good to know you can support your dog’s more specialized needs with CBD. For better nighttime rest for your dog, try the calming tinctures before bedtime. Or offer an extra CBD treat to your dog when it is time to start turning in for the night. Create a safe and quiet space for your dog to sleep where they will be comfortable. Many dogs sleep better when they are near their favorite humans – another factor to consider. CBD can help these dogs who need that extra measure of comfort in their nighttime routines.

Another specialized need would be for dogs who have a more unpredictable or variable temperament. Maybe they just seem to be in a bad mood all the time or act like they just want to be left alone. If you’ve been to the vet and there doesn’t seem to be an issue that needs addressing, perhaps some CBD products could help to even things out for your dog.

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No Matter What Kind of Dog You Have, CBD Products for Dogs Can Help!

It’s good to know that no matter what kind of furry friend you have, there’s CBD for them! CBD pet products come in enough different flavors, strengths, and forms that you can find the perfect combination that fits right into your dog’s lifestyle. They are easy to use, and you can feel confident you are supporting your dog’s wellness while also addressing any temperament and individual needs.

If you’re still really confused about what your dog needs or what to buy, there are two options. Visit our cbdMD website and speak with a helpful support member from our staff with the chat option. Or get a CBD dog bundle that has a selection of CBD products for dogs for you to try.

For more great canine-friendly tips, follow our pet blog!