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What Are the Effects of Strong CBD?

Taking CBD oil offers a wide array of health and wellness benefits. Which CBD dosage you choose could make all the difference to your CBD experience.

Taking CBD oil offers a wide array of health and wellness benefits. Yet there are a variety of CBD dosages to choose from, and which CBD dosage you choose could make all the difference to your CBD experience.

You can go with an “entry level” CBD and see some relief, but what if you need something a little more? Strong CBD oil, then, could be perfect to help you get all the CBD benefits you need at the level you need them for the most calming and stabilizing CBD oil regimen for your body and mind. CBD dosage, then, is pretty important.

Today we’re putting a spotlight on strong CBD oil products, answering some important questions to help you choose the optimal CBD dosage for yourself, including:

  • What is strong CBD?
  • How much CBD oil should I take?
  • How much CBD to relax or get the best sleep?
  • What strength CBD should I take?
  • What is the best strength CBD oil for my body?
  • How might I benefit from high strength CBD oil?
  • And, how does strong CBD make you feel?

We hope this quick guide helps you to choose the best strength CBD for yourself and to go into using it with confidence.

What Is ‘Strong CBD’?

what is strong CBD?

“Strong CBD” is a generalized term that refers to CBD products with a higher dosage. These types of CBD products are more potent in terms of CBD concentration. As CBD manufacturers roll out various strengths of CBD products, it’s with the intention of reaching each and every potential CBD user with a variety of options, so that it’s easier to find the perfect amount and dosage of CBD.

CBD Dosage, Strength, and Serving Size

Before we go further, let’s define a few terms.

    • CBD strength refers to the milligrams of CBD in a given volume of the product. So for instance if you have a 30 mL bottle of CBD oil, one with 7500 mg of CBD per bottle is stronger than one with 3000 mg.
    • Serving size is the amount of the CBD product that you take at one time. Every CBD product has a recommended serving size on its label. For instance, the standard serving size of our tinctures is 1 mL as measured in the dropper.
    • CBD dosage is the amount of CBD you get in each serving. To use our tincture examples above, if you take a 1 mL serving of the 3000 mg bottle of CBD oil, you’ll get a dose of 100 mg of CBD. But if you take the same amount of the 7500 mg CBD oil, you’ll get 250 mg of CBD.

As you can see, using high strength CBD oil is a more efficient way of getting a higher dosage of CBD. Why would you want to do that? It has to do with a shared biological system we all have called the endocannabinoid system.

The Endocannabinoid System

There’s a good reason CBD dosage needs to be so varied – because while all of our bodies have similar biological systems, we are still quite unique individually. One biological system, called the endocannabinoid system, is very unique to each individual.

This is for several reasons.

  1. Though we all have an endocannabinoid system to process our body’s own endocannabinoids, each of us has varying levels of these endocannabinoids.

  2. Though the exact movements of these endocannabinoids within our system is still a bit mysterious, we know that they play a very important role in our bodies to regulate other bodily systems, provide balance, and to help us feel well and calm.

  3. Supplementing with CBD flushes the endocannabinoid system with similar cannabinoids made from plants, which mimic the body’s endocannabinoids and help to support all those wonderful benefits the body receives.

  4. For some people the endocannabinoid system seems to be more deficient in the body’s endocannabinoids, or seems to work less efficiently and could benefit even more from phytocannabinoids from CBD. Others utilize the CBD more efficiently – either way, how the CBD affects each individual is varied. In short, some people just need more CBD or a stronger CBD solution to feel the effects they need.

The endocannabinoid system is a complex and wondrous part of your body. Whether or not you’ll be one of those folks who benefit from a stronger CBD oil solution is something you’ll have to be mindful of by paying close attention to how CBD oil products make you feel. If you’ve always felt they help you but there’s a little room for improvement, or if you keep taking higher doses or larger servings trying to make it work the way you want it to – a stronger CBD oil might be the perfect way to find the balance you’re after, both physically and mentally.

So, before you give up on any of your CBD products, consider trying a higher strength CBD oil to see if that’s the answer for you.

Where Do I Find Strong CBD Products?

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Create an account on the website as well, which puts you in the path of future notification of high strength CBD product releases and more. You’ll want to stay in the know on all the options for high strength CBD oil tinctures, softgels, gummies, etc. so you can buy exactly what you need.

The site is consistently being updated with more tailored CBD dosages to help you find the perfect dose in the perfect flavor for your tastes. Whether you need broad spectrum CBD, full spectrum CBD, or a variety of CBD gummies at your fingertips, cbdMD’s got the widest spread of health and wellness CBD for every single person who needs then.

Note: You do need to be over 18 to purchase and use CBD products and you should talk with your doctor if you’re trying CBD for the first time, if your health situation has changed, or if you’re moving from broad spectrum formulas over to the ones with a touch of THC. Every body is different and your doctor will know if you’re a good candidate for CBD or other products made from cannabis.

What Are the Effects of Strong CBD Products?

what are the effects of strong CBD products?

When it comes to CBD, taking the right CBD oil dosage is important. Too little or too much, or the wrong CBD product altogether, could make you feel more – rather than less – out of sorts.

Let’s take a look at the effects of strong CBD and how it makes you feel as compared to other CBD products you may have tried. This can help you to decide if strong CBD would be best for you.

Remember, because of the natural rises and falls of your energy levels or your natural endocannabinoids within your body, there may be times you need strong CBD and times your regular CBD works just fine. It’s OK to create a specialized CBD regimen that utilizes different CBD products. Take what you learn here about strong CBD dosage and use it to personalize your CBD experience.

Effects of Strong CBD

The effects of any type of CBD, as long as it’s well-sourced and formulated, are the same. The effects of a high strength CBD formula will simply be more pronounced because the strong CBD formula will have more intensity and flush your endocannabinoid system with even more of the CBD your body needs.

This can impact how your body responds to the CBD effects.

  • A greater sense of calm: Likely more noticeable when you’re taking a strong CBD formula.

  • Improved sleep: This may work better for you with a strong CBD formula, especially if you have trouble relaxing for sleep or maintaining a healthy and regular sleep cycle naturally.

  • Many people experience a mood stabilizing effect from CBD: This may be more prominent with a strong CBD oil formula.

  • Many people find that CBD helps them to feel an improved sense of wellness: Possibly even more so when a strong CBD formula is needed and used.

You may experience other CBD benefits that are even more improved when you switch to a strong CBD formula or take a stronger CBD at one of your morning or evening regular intervals. This is good news for CBD users who need a little more from their CBD regimen to make it perfect for what their body needs.

Does Strong CBD Dosage Make You Feel Different?

Will you feel tired? Or sluggish? Or different? However your regular CBD makes you feel, higher strength CBD will be more of that. The only time you may feel new sensations when taking CBD is if you begin incorporating full spectrum CBD products into your regimen where you previously hadn’t. This is because the full spectrum CBD products contain THC, which has a mild intoxicating effect. At the low levels included in a CBD product, you’ll feel the influence of these effects without the high feeling associated with THC. When you take a Delta 9 THC formula, however, these intoxicating feelings may be a little more noticeable.

Why Choose Strong CBD?

There are many reasons a person might choose to go with a strong CBD dosage. CBD oil dosage affects several things, so getting it right is as easy as trying the CBD dosage you think will be right for you, allowing the CBD product to work in your system for a few weeks, then upping your CBD strength, if needed. If you’re already familiar with CBD oil products, then you may already know you need something stronger.

How much CBD should I take? A regular serving size is normal, but if you switch to a strong CBD dosage you may not need to take quite as much.

What strength CBD should I take? This depends on your body size and metabolism, your needs, and the level of benefits you’d like to see. Strong CBD dosage gives you one more option for taking CBD that’s right for you.

How much CBD to relax? Strong CBD may give you that relaxed feeling more prominently than with regular CBD dosage.

What if CBD seems to not work for me? It could be that you are simply not taking a strong enough formula for your body. High strength CBD gives you another option to try.

What’s the best strength CBD oil for me? Simply put, whatever works best for you!

Getting Your CBD Dosage Right

getting your CBD dosage right for you

Choosing your CBD dosage is important, but taking it properly is also important.

  1. Choose the type of CBD to use: broad spectrum or full spectrum.

  2. Choose the form of CBD you prefer – tinctures, capsules, softgels, gummies, or a combination. You can also use CBD topical products with added pain reducers for localized pain and discomfort to create a CBD regimen you’ll love.

  3. Choose your CBD dosage and flavor.

  4. Take a partial CBD dose, morning and night, for the first few weeks and work your way up to a full CBD dose. This is easier to do if you begin with CBD tinctures. For capsules and softgels you may start with a smaller CBD dosage and then increase it gradually until you are taking what works for you. With multiple CBD dosages available, this is fairly easy to do.

  5. Once you get used to your regular regimen, you can then analyze whether or not you want to add in specialty products like CBD gummies as you need them. Or, you may decide that, indeed, high strength CBD oil is what you need.

  6. If stress levels or your health changes, sometimes you need to adjust your CBD regimen for a while. Occasionally reassess how your CBD is working for you and once you make a change, stick with it for a while to see how it’s helping. The CBD will stabilize in your system after a few days and it may take a few weeks to get a clear idea of how the new regimen is working.

For More Information on High Strength CBD

Stay tuned to cbdMD’s website and CBD education blog for more information on CBD dosage, how to choose the best strength CBD oil you should take, what strength CBD oils are available, how to take CBD and other topics of interest to you.