CBD for Dogs

cbdMD offers a complete line of CBD products for dogs that are carefully crafted from quality hemp to include premium hemp extracts with added terpenes. We independently test each batch to ensure the consistent purity and quality you and your dog can trust.

About CBD for Dogs

If you aren’t sure how to start a daily routine of CBD for dogs, or if you’re wondering if it’s safe to use, cbdMD can help you discover the wholesome benefits of CBD and learn how it can help unleash your pet’s true potential.

Our Superior Broad Spectrum CBD formula is carefully crafted to offer a wide range of pet-friendly benefits:

Always tested by independent labs to be THC-free*
Veterinarian formulated to suit your dog’s needs
Quality hemp extracts help support a sense of calm
Compliments your dog’s daily wellness routine
Helps to manage signs of common daily stress
Why Paw CBD?

At cbdMD, we believe that pets are family, too! So we created Paw CBD as the “fur baby” of our brand to offer the best pet CBD products for the best friends in our lives.

We combine quality, pet-safe ingredients with the same ISO-certified lab tested formula used in all our other cbdMD products to create premium CBD products for the pets that make our families complete.

Paw CBD goes beyond expectations with wholesome ingredients and veterinarian-formulated options you can trust – and your pets will love!

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What our Customers are Saying

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What does CBD for dogs do?

Premium hemp extracts in CBD for dogs provide the same benefits to pets as it does to humans. Cannabidiol works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system in both people and pets, so both can be affected by CBD in similar positive ways. Hemp extracts work to promote balance within the body and may provide extra calm, or a daily boost to your dog’s health. Explore our blog to discover which CBD product is right for your canine companion.

How does CBD help my dog?

CBD for dogs is crafted to support everyday health and wellness for your best friend by promoting a sense of calm and helping to manage signs of daily stress. A growing number of happy pet parents give their dog’s CBD as part of a daily routine. Some owners have reported welcome results for some challenges such as separation issues and even noise aversion.

Will CBD make my dog feel “high”?

No, CBD will not make your dog feel “high.” CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that does not produce the same “high” feeling commonly associated with THC present in marijuana strains. cbdMD pet products are derived from industrial hemp, grown in the USA, that is carefully cultivated to contain less than 0.3% THC. We also adhere to GMP manufacturing standards that ensure our products contain non-detectable levels of THC. We thoroughly test each batch in third-party, ISO-certified labs to guarantee purity and quality.

Do veterinarians recommend CBD for dogs?

Studies regarding CBD for both humans and pets remain ongoing. If a veterinarian recommends CBD for your dog, that decision comes from that vet’s personal experience with the product and their professional discretion. We strongly recommend consulting your dog’s veterinarian with any questions about starting or maintaining a daily CBD routine for your pet.


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