CBD for Cats

CBD Oil Tinctures for Cats

  1. 150mg - Natural
    Pet CBD Oil Tincture for Cats - Natural - 150 mg - 30 mL
    CBD for Cats
  2. 300mg - Natural
    Pet CBD Oil Tincture for Cats - Natural - 300 mg - 30 mL
    CBD for Cats
    100% of 100

USA Grown Hemp


Third-Party Lab Tested


Superior Broad Spectrum

CBD for Cats

If you want to care for your cat(s) the natural way, our specially formulated CBD for Cats allows you to feel good about what you’re using. We only use wholesome, non-GMO, and vegan hemp to create our CBD that provides your cats with the plentiful properties of CBD – without any unwanted extras.

All of our products are made with hemp-derived CBD and utilize our unique manufacturing process to ensure they’re full of all natural CBD that is THC-free.

With a variety of options, we’ve got the CBD your pet needs and deserves. We provide only top-shelf products because we know how precious your prized cat is to you!

Properties of CBD for Cats

CBD packs a powerful punch when it comes to providing a range of applications. Our Broad-Spectrum CBD products contain all the ingredients necessary to help promote a better overall quality of life.

The power of naturally sourced CBD can be used in a variety of different ways: add it to food, feed it directly to them, or find a fun way to turn into treat time. Our formula allows for precise control over intake, so you can ensure your pet is getting the proper amount of CBD

CBD for Cats Application

As with humans, cats can have very individual responses to CBD. Our CBD for Cats comes in a wide range of concentrations, from 150 mg to 10000 mg of powerful CBD packed into each product.

It’s recommended to start with a lower amount and seeing how they react, gradually increasing as needed.