CBD Peanut Butter for Dogs

Our wholesome CBD peanut butter serves up all the value of three simple ingredients – peanuts, MCT oil, and premium hemp-derived CBD.

CBD Peanut Butter for Sale - Jar

USA Hemp


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Broad Spectrum CBD


CBD Peanut Butter

Get simple ingredients in one tasty, convenient option your dog will love with our CBD Peanut Butter.

Processed from U.S hemp grown with organic farming methods, you can feel good knowing that high-quality ingredients make it into our products. No unnecessary additives, no synthetic ingredients, and no THC.

Your dog will roll over, sit, and stay for the delicious taste of our CBD Peanut Butter, all while enjoying the naturally sourced properties of CBD.

Properties of CBD Peanut Butter Dogs

Peanut butter has long been a doggie favorite, so it can be a great vehicle for CBD. Whether it’s a special treat or part of a daily schedule, our CBD Peanut Butter is the perfect way to add natural relief in a deliciously creamy option. With a wide range of applications, CBD packs a powerful punch in terms of improving overall quality of life.

CBD Peanut Butter Application

Our CBD Peanut Butter comes in three different strengths, to better help dogs of all sizes and needs.

Your dog’s own unique physiology may factor in, so it’s advised to start with a lower daily intake for at least two to three weeks. Pay close attention to your dog’s experience, and if you're looking for more optimization, simply up the measurement.

CBD Peanut Butter

How do you make your CBD peanut butter?

Our CBD peanut butter is made with two simple ingredients: ground peanuts and our innovative Superior Broad Spectrum formula CBD oil. We grind the peanuts, blend in the CBD oil, and deposit the peanut butter into jars. Our CBD peanut butter comes in three strengths (150 mg, 300 mg, and 300 mg) based on your dog’s weight.

Is CBD Peanut Butter consistent or runny?

Our CBD peanut butter is relatively consistent in texture. However, as with any pure peanut butter, the oil will separate and settle on the top of the product in the jar and will require stirring to maintain consistency.

How do you give CBD peanut butter to your dog?

If your dog loves peanut butter, it is easy to give just by scooping out the suggested serving of our CBD peanut butter onto a spoon or into a dish and offering it to your dog. You can also use it when making any peanut butter recipes for your dog.