Body Care

Feel the power of CBD benefits working directly on your dry skin. Our hand-crafted CBD body care collection includes CBD lotion and much more to provide all of the benefits of CBD and the best natural oils to help hydrate your skin.

Feel the power of CBD benefits working directly on your dry skin. Our hand-crafted CBD body care collection includes CBD lotion and much more to provide all of the benefits of CBD and the best natural oils to help hydrate your skin.

Body Care

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    Botanical Dry Body Oil
    Botanical Dry Body Oil
    Body Care
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    Botanical Body Butter
    Botanical Body Butter
    Body Care
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    Botanical Sugar Scrub
    Botanical Sugar Scrub
    Body Care

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CBD Skin Care Products

When it comes to natural skin care products, cbdMD Botanicals is the brand you can trust. Because cbdMD is a trusted leader and innovator, you know you’re getting nothing but the best. We offer natural skin care products that fit every need to give your skin that radiant glow you deserve. Our best in class skin care products range from CBD creams, CBD lotions, CBD masks, and so much more to help discover your true beauty potential.

All of our products are lovingly crafted with premium botanical ingredients that take care of your skin while making it look and feel fabulous. We believe in keeping your natural skin care products simple, so your skin gets everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t. No harsh chemicals, no artificial dyes, no perfumes – just the best that Mother Nature has to offer!

Properties of CBD Skin Care Products

Types of CBD Skin Care Products

To help you sort through our cbdMD Botanicals line, we’ve arranged our natural skin care products into the following categories:

  • CBD Face Oils & Serums: Natural beauty boosters that add extra nourishment to your face after cleansing. They can be used instead of, or in addition to, a traditional moisturizer.
  • CBD Moisturizers: CBD lotions and creams to provide better balance and beauty for your face.
  • Clearskin: A special collection of products infused with CBD for application with especially oily skin types.
  • CBD Masks: CBD beauty masks to flush out pores and keep skin feeling fresh – for use once or twice a week.
  • CBD Exfoliants: CBD scrubs to lift away dead cells and renew skin, giving you that fresh feeling for a boost of beauty.
  • CBD Body Products: CBD lotions and other body products for whole-body benefits and uses.


for CBD Skin Care


CBD skin care is just like any other kind of skin care, with cleansers, exfoliants, lotions, creams, and so much more, but infused with the power of CBD! Although continued research is necessary, initial findings suggest that there may be a wide range of additional benefits when CBD is absorbed through the skin.


Just like you would expect, natural skin care products are just that – natural! We only source from the highest-quality suppliers in the industry, from the hemp extracts found in our Superior Broad Spectrum formula to the essential oils that boost the benefits of all CBD skin care products. We always strive to provide you and your body with the best botanicals nature has to offer, so you can feel good knowing you’re feeding your body nothing but the best.


Everyone’s skin is a bit different, and even the same person’s skin will have different needs at different times of their life. That baby oil you once used as a kid is not necessarily the right choice when entering your golden years. So when exploring new CBD skincare products to buy, look carefully at what they say about skin type and benefits to determine what will work best for you and your skin!


Most of our CBD skincare products are suitable for daily use, though a few of them – mainly the masks and exfoliants – are meant to be used less frequently. That’s because these are packed with an array of powerful ingredients that are meant to be enjoyed in moderation. To be certain, check the product directions for details. To learn more about how to build a daily skincare routine, check out our complete CBD Skin Care Guide.


If you’re taking CBD in various forms already, great! Using other CBD skin care options will promote a full host of unique, whole-body benefits. As always, read your labels and consult with your doctor or trusted physician; while using multiple topical CBD products should generally be fine, be careful of piling on extra ingredients like menthol or essential oils that could cause irritation if over-applied.


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