Body Care

  1. Dry Body Oil - 250mg - Lavender Chamomile

    Dry Body Oil

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    250mg - Lavender Chamomile
  2. Body Butter - 250mg - Pure Coconut

    Body Butter

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    250mg - Pure Coconut
  3. Body Sugar - 250mg - Deep Sea

    Body Sugar

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    250mg - Deep Sea

Body Care Products

Finally, body care products that soothe and hydrate your skin all day long. Our spa-like body products pack in all of the benefits of CBD while including an array of botanical ingredients that act as the best moisturizer for dry skin, ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, aloe vera, and more. Experience sugar scrub benefits as you buff away impurities on your skin daily in the shower. Indulge in body butter benefits and you just might find that our body butter acts as the best moisturizer for your skin. Enjoy a CBD massage in the comfort of your home with our CBD-infused massage oil! Whichever body products you choose, know that you are locked in with the purest ingredients that benefit all of you.

Benefits Benefits of Body Care Products

All of our body care products include gentle plant-based oils for moisturizing and rosemary extract for extra soothing power, and of course cbdMD’s own Superior Broad Spectrum CBD formula. Individually, each product brings its own special benefits for your skin.

  • Sugar scrub exfoliates skin without the harshness of chemical or bead-type exfoliants. In fact, our Body Sugar scrub is so gentle that you can use it every day! Along with sugar, it contains shea butter and oils of coconut, sunflower, and argan kernels to baby your skin.
  • Body butter is our most intensive moisturizer for the body. It includes the same oils as the Body Sugar along with cocoa butter, an exceptionally rich and creamy skin hydrator. And because we don’t include sulfates or harsh chemicals in our products, you can put it on even sensitive skin.
  • Dry body oil is also made with shea butter and coconut, sunflower, and argan oils, but also includes olive oil to make it a more liquid product that you can neatly spray on anywhere you need moisture. It’s the best body oil for dry skin and absorbs quickly without visible residue, so you can use it any time of the day.
  • Our massage oil provides the perfect way to do a CBD massage at home while nourishing your skin. Made with sunflower and jojoba oils and no perfumes or dyes, CBD massage oil makes self-care feel more indulgent than ever!

How To Use Body Care Products

Each of our body care products fills a different niche in your personal care routine, so you can use any or all of them on a daily basis. You can use CBD massage oil any time you can arrange a massage, but the other body care products are best used during or soon after a shower or bath.

  • With the Body Sugar, scoop a bit out of the tub with your fingers or a bath sponge and rub over the parts of your body you wish to exfoliate. This is best done after cleansing but before a final rinse.
  • To use the body butter, simply squeeze it onto your fingers or directly on the area you wish to moisturize, and massage into skin. Body butter can go on anywhere below your neck, except mucous membranes. You can use it any time, but it’s most effective after washing so you can lock in moisture.
  • Dry body oil is simple to use: just spritz it over your body wherever you need moisture. You can rub it in with your fingers if you like. As with the body butter, use it below your neck and avoid mucous membranes. Use it after washing or after applying body butter to seal in hydration.
  • To use massage oil, simply pour a bit onto the skin you’re about to massage, and add more as you go along if you need it to prevent friction.


of CBD Skin Care

Why Is Body Care Important?

Body care is often the forgotten part of skin care – we tend to pay more attention to our faces! But the skin on your body also suffers the effects of age, sun exposure, and dehydration, as well as the subtle abrasion from clothing that your face doesn’t get. And beyond appearance, proper body care can prevent itching and other uncomfortable effects of dry skin.

How Can I Take Care Of My Body Daily?

If you’re like most people, you already cleanse your body once a day or so, but you need to tailor your skin care routine to your needs. Exfoliation is important if you’re prone to getting shaving bumps, for instance, and whether you use a body oil, body butter, or both depends on how dry your skin is. Try taking our skin care quiz, and see our blog post How to Take Care of Your Skin Below Your Chin .

What Are Benefits Of Skin Care?

There are so many, but the short answer is that skin care helps you both look better and feel better. Proper skin care gives you a healthy glow and keeps you looking youthful, and it also prevents redness, itching, and other issues that come with dehydrated skin and contact with irritants. Your skin isn’t just a covering but a living organ on your body, and you might be surprised at how much of a difference proper skin care makes.

What Are The Benefits Of Putting On Lotion?

Lotions come in many varieties, but their basic function is to hydrate your skin. Proper hydration keeps your skin supple and glowing, and prevents irritation, redness, and tightness that can come with excessive dryness. Lotions like ours, which contain plant-based oils, also include nutrients like vitamins and fatty acids that your skin needs. See our blog post on the best oils for skin .

What Is A CBD Body Treatment?

The term “CBD body treatment” could mean a lot of things. It could mean getting a CBD massage, using CBD lotions and cleansers to care for the skin on the body, or using CBD topicals with medications for aches and pains. Many people find that using ingestible forms of CBD helps their overall feeling of well-being.

Is CBD Good For Skincare?

CBD can be a great addition to skin care because it supports the body’s balance and is generally calming and soothing. It’s super gentle and all skin types can benefit from it so long as it’s incorporated into the right kinds of products. See our blog post What Adding CBD Skin Care to Your Routine Can Do for You .

What Does CBD In Body Lotion Do?

Like other forms of topical CBD, a body lotion enables the cannabinoid receptors in your skin to absorb CBD, which supports your endocannabinoid system’s ability to maintain balance and calm. This can make a body lotion even more soothing for dry skin.

Does CBD Lotion Relax You?

Many people use CBD tinctures, capsules, or edibles to help them relax, but CBD lotion and other topical products act differently. The skin prevents topical CBD from entering your bloodstream, keeping it in the area where you applied it. But you can certainly use CBD lotion as part of a relaxing ritual, like a CBD massage or a CBD bath.


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