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Is CBD Safe? The Science Behind the Safety of CBD

Is CBD safe to use? Learn more about identifying safe CBD products, along with the findings from recent CBD studies and the promising results of CBD safety.

As the interest in cannabidiol (CBD) continues to rise, so does the question: "Is CBD safe?" The answer is complex and depends on several factors, including the quality of the CBD product, how it interacts with other medications, and individual  body composition and health status. This article will explore CBD safety, including recent findings from studies and CBD safety data.

Addressing CBD Safety Concerns

When it comes to the safety of CBD, the World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that CBD is generally safe and does not appear to have the potential for misuse. This recognition establishes a foundational understanding of the compound's safety profile. While CBD holds significant promise in supporting customers' desire to address a spectrum of daily concerns, it is crucial to approach its benefits with a discerning perspective.

Having Realistic Expectations of CBD Benefits

Acknowledging that not all claimed benefits are universally supported by scientific evidence is a crucial facet of understanding CBD safety. While CBD has shown efficacy in addressing concerns such as anxiety, chronic pain, and epilepsy, not all purported therapeutic effects are conclusively proven. Knowing CBD’s benefits and limitations ensures a realistic view of what CBD can genuinely offer.

CBD's safety is evident in its general tolerance, but individual experiences may include mild side effects like nausea, fatigue, dry mouth, loss of appetite, irritability, and impaired alertness.

Knowing How CBD Interacts with You

An additional facet of an informed approach to CBD use involves recognizing potential drug interactions and contraindications, particularly for individuals concurrently taking medications. CBD has the potential to interact with enzymes involved in drug metabolism, which could alter the efficacy or safety of certain medications. 

To optimize CBD safety, users should consider potential benefits against reported side effects and individual health factors. Consulting healthcare professionals ensures a personalized risk-benefit assessment, allowing users to maximize CBD's benefits in a wellness routine while minimizing potential risks in a safe manner.

Understanding the Importance of Quality Hemp

One of the key considerations in CBD safety lies in the quality and origin of the hemp-derived products. The composition of CBD is influenced by cultivation practices, extraction methods, and product formulations, all of which play pivotal roles in determining the overall quality, and safety, of CBD. 

Knowing where the hemp was grown is important. If the hemp was grown in another country, their regulations may not be as stringent as domestic rules. USA-grown hemp must follow stringent laws and regulations, meaning higher standards for product safety.

Third-party testing and Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are also important in assessing the quality and safety of CBD products. These external evaluations are conducted by independent laboratories, establishing an impartial and objective safety assessment.

Researcher Studying CBD Safety

cbdMD’s CBD Safety Studies

Subchronic Oral Toxicity Assessment of a Cannabis Extract

cbdMD conducted this first-of-its-kind CBD safety and toxicity study – a full safety study in animals to help determine CBD’s safety. The level of rigor used aligns with that employed in preclinical drug studies. The methods applied followed the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) guidelines for testing the biosafety of substances for human consumption.

These internationally agreed upon testing methods are used by governments, industry, and independent laboratories for regulatory safety testing. They provide reliable results demonstrating safe daily doses and ensuring products are safe for human consumption.

The study provides a comprehensive look at the safety profile of CBD including a 90-day safety study. The full data set includes pharmacokinetics, genetic assessment, reproductive assays, and overall safety.

The study’s results are encouraging, showing that despite FDA’s statements,  no damage was observed to chromosomes, genes, organs, tissues, or pregnancy-related endpoints when exposed to CBD. This indicates that short-term intake of the CBD isolate is safe for healthy adult humans (70 kg/150lbs) at a dose of 161 mg/day.

Test Tubes with CBD Tincture for Study

The Significance of This CBD Safety Study

This study sets cbdMD apart from the thousands of other brands in the space, as consumers can trust that cbdMD has taken additional steps to ensure safety. The high standard of testing demonstrates our dedication to producing high-quality and pure products, backed by science.

We want our customers to know that our products can help improve their overall health and wellness, to help them be their best selves without worry. Our customers can safely consume 161 mg CBD in a day (for a 150 pound person) or more if they have a larger frame to feel better. 

At the end of the day, this study shows this: cbdMD is dedicated to ensuring our products are safe before you consume them.

The Bottom Line: CBD is Safe

In summary, the current studies indicate the  general safety of CBD when incorporated into a daily wellness routine. When choosing the safest products for you, it is imperative to prioritize high-quality CBD products and seek guidance from a healthcare provider before initiating any CBD regimen.

As the scientific understanding of CBD advances, we anticipate gaining more insights into its safety. Presently, the available data paints a promising picture for those considering the potential benefits of CBD.

It's crucial to recognize that CBD is not just a passing trend, it is part of a continuous journey toward health and self care. Consistent and mindful usage over time becomes integral to achieving desired results, whether you are a wellness seeker starting with a modest dosage. CBD emerges as a valuable addition to daily health regimens.

The resounding message? CBD stands as a safe option to include in your health and wellness routine, substantiated by science and fortified by trust. Want to learn more about the science behind CBD? See the findings from our study that explored the effectiveness of our products!