Use CBD Sleep Gummies to Combat Daylight Savings Time Fatigue

Use CBD Sleep Gummies to Combat Daylight Savings Time Fatigue

CBD gummies for sleep can help you adjust to Daylight Savings Time and combat the fatigue many people feel. Learn about CBD sleep Gummies!

If you’re not a fan of the time changes, you have Benjamin Franklin to thank for the idea. While we feel we are used to the twice-yearly time shifts, they can wreak havoc on your sleep cycle causing daytime fatigue. Today, we’ll discuss how you can get ahead of the time change and be ready to combat that awful fatigue and get your energy levels, and sleep cycle, back on track with CBD sleep gummies.

Key points


  • We’ll discuss what Daylight Savings Time is, why we do it, and how it can affect you.
  • We’ll cover CBD sleep gummies, what’s in them, and how they might help.


Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time was an idea of Benjamin Franklin’s in 1784. While the idea was initially scrapped, it was later adapted during WWI as a way of conserving fuel needed for daytime hours. The concept stuck, and to this day we change our clocks twice a year to go on Daylight Savings Time for the summer months and back off Daylight Savings Time in the fall.

Many folks aren’t fans of the time switch, largely because it interferes with our biological circadian rhythm, making it hard for our bodies to adjust to the new light cycles as compared to the actual clock time. It can cause sleep difficulties, daytime fatigue, and irritability.

Cool Facts About Daylight Savings Time


  • When Benjamin Franklin suggested the concept it was done in a satirical essay. It was a joke!
  • The first serious argument for DST came from an entomologist who wanted more time for bug collecting in daylight hours.
  • To make time for late-shift workers, the time change begins at 2 a.m. rather than at the stroke of midnight.
  • The candy industry pushed for an extension of DST into November so they could take advantage of the extra evening hour of daylight in the Halloween season.


Not-So-Cool Facts About Daylight Savings Time


  • Some states like Arizona don’t even observe DST, making it all more confusing. Especially to the Navajo nation located inside Arizona which does follow the time change.
  • DST might waste more energy than it saves.
  • DST could be a health hazard as it interferes with our circadian rhythm. Other increased health risks have been associated with the time change.


How Can You Combat Fatigue from the Time Change?

Regardless of your feelings about why we have DST and whether or not we should ditch the outdated idea altogether, there’s no doubt we all feel the effects of these clock shifts. There’s a biological explanation for why you have trouble sleeping around the time changes, feel overly tired in the days or weeks following the changing of the clocks, and why it can make you feel moody or irritable.

It has to do with your circadian rhythm and how your body responds to natural light rather than the actual time on the clock. While our schedules carry on in relation to the time of the clock, our bodies carry on in relation to the sunlight.


Diagram of body changes throughout the day.


Circadian Rhythm Explained

Though scientists began discovering the circadian rhythm as far back as the 1700s, it wasn’t fully understood until much more recently. In fact, there was a Nobel Prize for circadian rhythm research as recent as 2017. Had we known the potential health risks of such a concept, we might not have decided to go this route and leave time well enough alone. But here we are.

Now we know circadian rhythm does a lot more than tell you when to sleep and when to be awake and alert. Your circadian rhythm also organizes some pretty important processes in your body like gene transcription, mitosis, feeding, and rest. The circadian rhythm helps to regulate your metabolism as well. The timing of light for our bodies also tells our cells when to go into crucial nighttime repair modes, alive with activities that keep us well while we rest.

If we then throw a modern wrench into the sun, so to speak, confusing our bodies with light at times when there is normally no light or vice versa, then it’s no wonder our bodies and minds can experience confusion. There are a few things you can do to make it all go a little easier and to give your body and mind the patience and care they need while you adjust.

Strategies to Get Back on Track

To get back on track around the time of Daylight Savings Time initiation or reverse, it’s important to focus on what your body needs to make the transition as smooth as possible. The three biggies are rest, time (ironically), and self-care.


When Daylight Savings Time fatigue sets in, you may be tempted to sleep in or take extra naps. But if you rest at the appropriate times, set a regular bedtime, and get up at the same time each morning, you can “teach” your body to stick to the new time.

Try to avoid taking naps late in the day, which may make it harder for you to go to sleep at night. And try to avoid hitting that snooze button in the morning. Get up, get moving, and work on starting your day on a positive note.


It may simply take you some time to adjust. Set extra alarms in the morning to be sure you get up on time. Try not to overindulge in caffeine in the mornings or fall into the trap of using alcohol in the evenings to help you get to sleep. Caffeine can create restlessness that may make it harder for you to adjust and the alcohol can inhibit quality sleep.

Give yourself time to adjust and keep your schedule as consistent as possible so your body and mind can find balance within the new time adjustment.


With any life changes, you can self-care your way through it. Focus on positivity, take care of your body and mind, drink plenty of water, and get exercise. All your healthy decisions can contribute to a more smooth adjustment to the time change.

If you have a regular CBD regimen, keep that consistent and consider adding CBD sleep gummies in the evening to help ease your body and mind into the calm you need for good sleep.

CBD Gummies for Sleep – How They Could Help

In recent decades CBD use has risen exponentially. People are using it to help them in many areas of their health, exercise routines, sleep patterns, and general mood. It makes sense that for Daylight Savings Time fatigue, CBD would enter the conversation.

People know what it can do for their general health and for their sleep, but when the fatigue of DST hits, they may be a bit unsure whether or not to adjust their CBD usage in some way or simply “ride it out.”

Fortunately, a relative newcomer to cbdMD is a great option for you so you don’t have to just tough out those groggy days. We’re talking about the cbdMD CBD Sleep Gummies. Here’s what you need to know about these CBD-infused sleep gummies, how they might help, and how to use them.

Note: This information works for you whether or not you take a regular regimen of CBD Tinctures. You can simply stay on your regular routine and add in the CBD Sleep Gummies as an additional product.



CBD Sleep Gummies: Basic Information

You may have trouble winding down for sleep around the time change. So, while CBD gummies for sleep won’t put you to sleep, they can help with the aggravation of sleeplessness by adding an extra measure of calm right when you need it.

And because the CBD gummies are so easy to take when you need them, they are an attractive option for helping to navigate the time change and the fatigue that comes along with it. By putting the focus on maintaining a healthy sleep cycle, we can help to ease daytime fatigue.

CBD Gummies for sleep:


  • Third-party lab tested
  • Made with USA-grown hemp
  • Infused with our Superior Broad Spectrum formula
  • GMP certified
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Made with organic sweeteners, flavors, and juices


cbdMD melatonin sleep aid gummies raspberry flavor container.


What’s in CBD Sleep Gummies?

CBD isn’t the only thing in cbdMD gummies that can be of benefit to you. Using what’s known as the entourage effect, cannabinoids, when combined, work together for greater influence. This is why we’ve combined CBD, CBN, and CBG together in our Superior Broad Spectrum formula so you get the best from CBD and partnering cannabinoids.

It is important to note that while the regular CBD gummies do not contain melatonin, the new CBD gummies for sleep do. They also contain another ingredient known for being helpful (Ashwagandha) as well as a proprietary blend of supportive botanicals.

Ingredients Include:


  • Lemon Balm
  • Chamomile
  • L-Theanine
  • Ashwagandha
  • Valerian Extract
  • GABA
  • Melatonin
  • Proprietary Hemp Extract (flowers and aerial parts) and naturally occurring phytocannabinoids: Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabinol (CBN)


How to Use CBD Sleep Gummies

Taking regular CBD gummies during the day or in the evening can also help to perpetuate a sense of calm when you need that extra care. Save the sleep gummies for the nighttime, however, because you shouldn’t do activities like driving after taking melatonin. The suggested serving is two gummies.

Methods for Using CBD Sleep Gummies to Fight DST Fatigue

Method One

Add a serving of regular gummies in the morning if you are waking up irritable. Lack of sleep and the new wake time may be affecting your mood and starting your day off on a sour note. Then, after work or when you begin to settle into a more relaxed evening routine, add a serving of the sleep gummies, or a half-serving if that seems to do the trick. This may help to ease you into that new bedtime.

Method Two

You can do this in addition to method one or independently.

Take a full serving (two gummies) of the CBD gummies for sleep in the last half hour before your bedtime.

Climb into bed, relax, and allow yourself to fall asleep naturally. It may take a few days to begin making peace with your new bedtime, but the sleep gummies are a good start.

Make Daylight Savings Time Change More Tolerable with cbdMD

Daylight Savings Time can wreak havoc on our internal time clocks, making it hard to fall asleep at night and making us feel groggy or fatigued during the day. A regular CBD regimen can help, but you may need the support of CBD sleep gummies in the evenings. CBD gummies for sleep can help you to prioritize your sleep schedule, get the sleep you need and wake refreshed for your day.

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