CBD Gummy Buying Guide: Reviews & Recommendations

by: cbdMD
CBD Gummy Buying Guide: Reviews & Recommendations

There’s a wide variety of CBD infused gummies out there on the market today. How can you know if one is better than another? In this article, we’ll run down the most important factors to look for, including:


  • The quality and type of CBD extracts used
  • Whether the gummies are infused or coated with CBD
  • The quality of the other ingredients
  • Customer reviews (and whether you can trust them!)
  • Other nutrients and supplements to complement the CBD


We’ll also touch on the benefits of CBD gummies and how they can fit into a larger CBD regimen. Let’s get started!

What to Look for in CBD Gummies

The best CBD gummies contain high-quality ingredients, deliver precise amounts of CBD, taste great, and are easy to make a part of your daily routine. They are made as a delicious treat to help you manage the stresses of everyday life while maintaining overall health and wellness with great CBD gummy benefits.

Does the CBD come from high-quality hemp? Are the CBD gummies infused or coated? Do they have the superior ingredients you’d expect and the concentrations of CBD that work best for you? Let’s discover what to look for in a CBD infused gummy. 


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What’s in the Best CBD Gummies?

Every company will say they have the best CBD gummies, but not all CBD gummies are created equal. Knowing the right process for developing, creating, and delivering CBD infused gummies might help you decide for yourself. No matter which you choose, at least you’ll know what to look for when buying.

USA Hemp

The best CBD gummies start with high quality U.S.-grown hemp. It might not seem like it makes a lot of difference, but hemp quality is essential to the best CBD gummies.

Many believe the best hemp comes from right here in the United States. Some companies use European hemp, which isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, but the soil quality on farms here in the U.S. delivers some of the best hemp plants in the world.

Industrial U.S. hemp is low in THC, below the 0.3 percent threshold, and packed with cannabinoids and terpenes. This percentage means that you won’t get high from its products, though you do want to look at the label carefully to see if there’s any detectable THC in it. One thing that will tip you off is whether it’s labeled broad spectrum or full spectrum. 

Broad Spectrum or Full Spectrum

There are two different schools of thought when it comes to using CBD products. Some users prefer full spectrum products, while others like broad spectrum. Which one you prefer depends partly on your experience and partly on circumstances.

Full spectrum extracts include the full range of cannabinoids from hemp, along with other substances like flavonoids, terpenes, and fatty acids. This supports what the industry calls the entourage effect, since many of those ingredients enhance the benefits of CBD and support general wellness.

This also means that the CBD formula includes some THC. If it’s a federally legal product, that means there isn’t enough to get you high, but it could make you fail a drug test. So if drug testing is part of your life, or if you just want to avoid THC, full spectrum isn’t for you.

Broad spectrum extraction was created as a way around this. The range of substances extracted from the hemp plant is “broad,” so it includes supportive cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, and/or CBC (the exact profile will vary with the manufacturer), but it’s not “full,” meaning no detectable amount of THC.

With broad spectrum, you can still enjoy the entourage effect, but you don’t have to worry about getting THC in your system. So it’s a very popular choice.

Infused or Coated

There are two ways that CBD gets into your gummies. The CBD can be coated on the gummy’s surface after production or infused into the process from the beginning. 

CBD must be infused into the gummy to ensure higher accuracy, longevity, and quality. Brands that instead coat CBD onto their gummies may not be providing the best CBD benefits. So you may not be getting exactly what you paid for.

Here are several reasons why the best CBD gummies are infused and not coated:

  • CBD infused gummies will always have an accurate concentration of CBD. Generally, coated gummies test poorly and show a range of CBD levels regardless of the claim. 
  • CBD infused gummies have a much better shelf life than coated ones. Light and heat can affect cannabinoids and break them down much more quickly.
  • These two factors combine to guarantee that CBD infused gummies will always give you a precise amount of CBD without the risk of degrading over time.


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Made with Other Premium Ingredients

The best CBD gummies come packed with premium ingredients that deliver a healthy snack along with the CBD to provide the best CBD gummy benefits. Let’s go through a few common natural ingredients that you’ll find in the best CBD gummies. 

Organic Tapioca

Organic tapioca syrup is a natural sweetener made from tapioca starch. It is an alternative to sugar that is common in confectionaries like gummy candies as it delivers a neutral base flavor. It has high solubility and can release energy almost instantly. While it is similar in composition to sugar, it has a higher nutritional value than sugar crystals. 

Organic Cane Sugar

Organic cane sugar is an unrefined sugar, free from damaging pesticides that often contaminate conventionally grown sugar. It provides a full-bodied taste of sugarcane and goes through much less processing, which allows it to retain many of the nutrients found in cane juice. It includes antioxidants that support bodily wellness. 

Natural Ingredients

The best CBD gummies also use natural flavors from organic fruit and vegetable juice to provide the right taste. These natural ingredients combined with the additional properties of CBD allow the best CBD gummies to be used in a wide range of applications.

Look for CBD Gummies Reviews

Reviews are important, especially if you’re buying CBD online. After all, who would better know the quality of a given CBD product than the people who use it?

With that said, online reviews can be tricky because they’re easy to fake. So it’s a good idea to look around the web for reviews of a given CBD gummies brand from multiple sites, not just the company’s own platform. Also, if they have celebrity endorsers, like athletes, see if they provide details about how they actually use the products in their daily lives. That way you know they really like them and aren’t just talking!

Another important thing to watch out for is what kinds of claims the reviews make. If people are saying things like the CBD gummies helped them manage stress, ease everyday discomfort, sleep well, and that sort of thing, that’s to be expected. But there are some really wild claims about CBD out there, some of which people may sincerely believe because they haven’t learned that correlation is not causation. Responsible CBD vendors won’t allow those reviews on their sites, both because they mislead other customers and because it could actually get them in trouble with federal authorities.

CBD Gummy Benefits

Once you know that you’ll be getting what you paid for exactly, it’s now time to explore what the best CBD gummies can do for you. When taking CBD infused gummies, it’s important to remember that they are a CBD edible. For you to get all the CBD gummy benefits, they need to go through your digestive system. 

This process means that you won’t necessarily feel the effects right away. It usually takes around 20-40 minutes for the CBD to be absorbed through digestion and start interacting with your endocannabinoid system (ECS). 

The ECS is responsible for the processes that help to regulate homeostasis. In other words, the ECS helps to bring your body balance and harmony, which is why many people say that CBD helps them relax. 

Along with relaxation, CBD infused gummies may:


  • Help to maintain calm and manage everyday stresses
  • Assist with exercise recovery
  • Support daily wellness and health




Types of CBD Gummies

Once you’ve narrowed down your options to only high-quality CBD gummies, you’ll still find you have different types to choose from. Some of these questions are purely matters of taste: What flavors would you like? Sweet or sour? But many CBD gummies also come with extra ingredients crafted for specific purposes. These fall into two general groups.

CBD Gummies with Nutrients

Many CBD gummies come fortified with the type of essential nutrients you’ll find in the supplement aisle of your local drug or grocery store. Sometimes there are individual vitamins added, like vitamin C, A, and D. In those cases, you’ll want to choose the vitamins based on their benefits.

Other gummies of this type might include more complex substances that have good nutritional profiles. For instance, more and more people are using apple cider vinegar to support digestive health, including in gummy form. So you can get CBD gummies with apple cider vinegar too!

CBD Gummies for Sleep and Calming

Since relaxation is one of the most popular reasons for using CBD, it’s not surprising that many CBD makers are formulating more products with even more herbal ingredients known to help relaxation. The exact formula will vary with the manufacturer, but here are a few ingredients that you’re likely to see.


  • Melatonin is derived from plants in supplement form, but it’s also something that your body produces naturally to signal that it’s time to sleep. So melatonin is a frequent ingredient in sleep aids, and shouldn’t be taken before doing anything that requires concentration.
  • Ashwagandha is a traditional Indian herb used to help manage everyday stress. While it can help you unwind in the evenings, you should also be able to take it during the day without it impairing your abilities.
  • Chamomile is a favorite ingredient in evening herbal teas because of its relaxing qualities. So if you like the way the tea makes you feel, it’s an ingredient to look for in CBD gummies.
  • Valerian root is another popular herbal supplement used for de-stressing. It’s sometimes sold as a sleep aid, but how sleepy it makes you feel (as opposed to just relaxed) depends on your personal physiology.


Better Together

As part of your daily CBD routine, you can combine CBD infused gummies with other CBD products to maintain wellness. Here are a few products from us here at cbdMD that you can take with our CBD gummies to keep up your healthy lifestyle:  

  1. CBD PM

    As much as we try to maintain a healthy schedule, everyone has trouble sleeping once in a while. cbdMD’s CBD PM combines high-quality CBD with the power of melatonin to help you rest easy. It recently won the “Product of the Year” award for CBD Sleep Aid.

    Combining CBD PM with CBD infused gummies can help bolster your nerves during the day and give you restful sleep at night. 

  1. CBD Topicals

    Another great option to combine with your CBD infused gummies is CBD topicals. Designed specifically for targeted results, CBD topicals make adding CBD to your daily routine simple. For example, the award-winning CBD Freeze is perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle. It includes menthol, proven to provide temporary relief for post-workout aches and pains. CBD Freeze won “Product of the Year” for CBD Topicals and is a perfect companion to CBD gummies. 

    After a great workout, treat yourself to a tasty snack of CBD gummies and apply a little CBD Freeze to make recovery time fast and yummy. 

  1. CBD Bath Bombs

    Using CBD infused gummies to keep your stresses at bay isn’t the only way to relax. CBD bath bombs from cbdMD are a great addition to a daily wellness routine to promote calm and assist you with exercise recovery. 

    Combine CBD bath bombs with CBD gummies to fully soothe your raw nerves and help you more easily get through these uncertain times. 

The Best CBD Gummies

As part of your daily wellness routine, the best CBD gummies are a great way to maintain your healthy lifestyle, enjoy a tasty treat, and help manage the stresses of everyday life. Hopefully, now that we’ve covered the basics, you’ll be able to choose the best CBD gummies possible. 

Make sure they are made from superior quality hemp and that they are CBD infused. Ensure that they are made with fine natural ingredients like organic tapioca syrup and organic cane sugar. Know whether the CBD infused gummies you choose contain any THC or other ingredients that you do or don’t want. 

The best thing about CBD gummies is how handy and versatile they are. They fit easily into a purse or a backpack and go with you everywhere. As a part of your daily routine, CBD gummies are simple and convenient to use. 

Whenever you feel like a tasty, CBD infused treat, simply pull out your bottle of gummies and open up the top. Pour one or two into your hand and pop them into your mouth. Enjoy the sweet and tangy taste, knowing you’re doing your body good by maintaining your daily CBD routine!

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