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cbdMD’s Holiday Gift Guide for People and Pets

cbdMD’s Holiday Gift Guide for People and Pets

If you enjoy using CBD, sharing it with your loved ones in this gift-giving season is an obvious choice. But how do you select the right product for the right person (or even pet!)? And can you give CBD to anyone?

CBD is safe for most people and pets to take, so it makes a great gift for almost anyone. But when you’re considering giving CBD gifts, ask a few questions:

  • How old are they? While there’s no legal minimum age for taking CBD, we recommend sticking to adults. That goes for dogs and cats, too, so wait until they are at least a year old.
  • Are they on any chronic medications? While most drugs are safe to take alongside CBD, there are some whose effectiveness may be diminished by it. See here for more details.
  • How much CBD are they already using? This gives you a clue about what strength of product to choose. If the answer is “none,” it’s best to start with a low concentration, since they can always take more if they feel they need more. If they’re taking some CBD, try to find out what sort of concentration they’re using and give them products that align with it.
  • Are they in a job or other situation that requires drug testing? If so, this doesn’t mean that you can’t give them CBD, but you do want to make sure that the CBD has no trace of THC in it. Fortunately, cbdMD’s Superior Broad Spectrum formula is guaranteed to have undetectable levels of THC, so any of our products would be a good choice.

Once you’ve cleared those hurdles, you have a wide range of options to choose from.

You can’t really go wrong with a basic CBD oil tincture, especially the unflavored variety since it goes with everything. But if you want to give something more exciting, consider putting together a CBD care pack designed for the lifestyle of the recipient. This CBD gift guide will run through just a few examples of who might be on your “nice” (or “naughty” we won’t judge!) list , and what types of CBD products might work for them.

A bottle of cbd recover and cbd freeze from cbdmd sit on a comforter next to a sneaker and a water bottle

CBD Gifts for Athletes and Fitness Fans

Professional athletes count among CBD’s biggest fans, saying that CBD products help them relax, focus, and recover from tough workouts. Some of cbdMD’s products that are especially popular with the buff set include:

  • cbdMD Freeze: Most people who work out regularly are familiar with menthol rubs that bring temporary cooling relief to sore muscles and joints. cbdMD Freeze provides the same benefits. It also features your choice of CBD concentration, arnica, and vitamin E for workout recovery.
  • cbdMD Recover: A rich cream with histamine dihydrochloride to help temporarily relieve the soreness you might experience during or after your workout. It also contains concentrations of 300 mg to 3000 mg of CBD, MSM, and vitamin B6 to help you bounce back from your training routine. You can get Freeze and Recover together in our Life Time CBD Bundle, developed for our partnership with Life Time Fitness.
  • CBD PM: Sleep is a sometimes underrated part of exercise recovery – it’s when your body is doing its most intensive repair work! Our award-winning sleep aid won’t leave athletes feeling draggy in the morning. Instead, it contains supplemental melatonin (a hormone your body naturally produces) to help athletes get the rest they need. It also features CBD and a soothing blend of herbs – the perfect additions to a healthy sleep routine.
  • cbdMD Relieve: A new, innovative liquid lidocaine cream that can temporarily comfort an aching neck, back, or shoulder. Add in CBD to help your loved ones recover from their toughest gym days, and you have something every fitness enthusiast will love. Even better, it’s available in a roll-on applicator or a convenient spray that dispenses properly – even when you hold it upside down!
A cbd starter kit from cbdmd sits against the backdrop of a setting sun

CBD Gifts for Beginners

As we mentioned earlier, if you want to get someone started on CBD, it’s a good idea to focus on low-concentration products. And giving them an array of products to choose from will help them figure out which delivery method works best for them.

That’s why we developed our CBD Starter Kit. It’s a CBD gift set that bundles together some of our most popular products – CBD Freeze, CBD Gummies, and berry-flavored CBD oil tincture – in the lowest concentration of 300 mg per bottle. And we added the capsule version of our CBD PM sleep aid for good measure!

A tiny clawfoot bath tub sits with an assortment of cbd bath bombs from cbdmd

CBD Gifts for the Stressed Out

If you know someone who’s constantly on the go because of a busy career, going to school, raising children, or some combination of the above, CBD can be an ideal gift because it helps users relax and stay calm.

But if you want to really help your loved ones chill out, filling out your gift pack with CBD bath bombs provides an extra treat. Each bomb contains 100 mg of CBD, Epsom salt, kaolin clay, and your choice of color and essential oil: lavender, eucalyptus, frankincense, or our special blend. If you don’t want to choose just one, try our CBD bath bomb 4-pack!

A jar of cbd peanut butter for pets and a bottle of cbd oil for dogs from cbdmd sits on a concrete railing

CBD Gifts for Pet Owners

There are many CBD pet products available for dog and cat lovers, from tinctures to edibles to specially formulated products for joint and kidney health. But if you’re giving the gift of CBD to a pet parent in your life, it’s a great idea to combine something for the pets with something their people will love too.

For instance, a dog owner might appreciate getting some CBD dog treats or CBD peanut butter to keep their canines happy, but they’d be even happier to also get treats of their own in the form of CBD gummies.

Similarly, anyone who owns (or is owned by!) a cat will like getting a special catnip-flavored CBD oil and CBD cat chews, and also a nice set of CBD bath bombs to help them mellow out alongside their felines.

A cbd expert kit from cbdmd sits among the clouds

CBD Gifts for Seasoned Travelers

There’s less travel going on this year than in a typical holiday season, but there are still some jet-setters whose business takes them on far-flung trips.

If you know someone like that who uses CBD to help keep up their fast-paced lifestyle, consider giving the CBD Expert Kit. It’s got a high-potency version of CBD Freeze, along with 1500 mg CBD capsules for daily wellness, CBD PM tincture to stay on the right sleep cycle, and CBD gummies with vitamin C for extra health support. All in one compact box!

A bottle of cbd gummies from cbdmd sits with an assortment of fruit

CBD Gifts for YOU

The holidays can be super stressful, even if they won’t be typical this year. While you’re pulling it all together, making plans, and shopping for everyone on your list, make sure you take care of yourself, too.

You can look after your everyday wellness with CBD Freeze for the days you overdo it and CBD softgels to support your daily routine. There are even CBD gummies with vitamin C, for that extra dose of sunshine that’s so important this time of year.

Or go extra on the soothing self-care with CBD bath bombs, oil tinctures, or CBD PM to make sure you get your beauty sleep so you’re ready to tackle that shopping list.

CBD Gifts for Everyone!

This is just a sampling of the kinds of CBD-themed presents you can get for different people in your life. Check out our holiday CBD gift guides for more ideas, and browse our CBD bundles to explore more money-saving combinations of CBD products to suit every need. This year more than ever, everyone could use the gift of CBD!


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