Sleep Better with New CBD PM Concentrations

Sleep Better with New CBD PM Concentrations

As the country and the world open up again, the pace of life is picking up. We’re starting to go to the office again, travel, and stay up late going to parties and hanging out in bars. And while that can be welcome after the tedium of lockdown, it can play havoc with a person’s sleep.


cbdMD has been helping people all over America get better sleep with our award-winning CBD oil for sleep and our similarly formulated CBD PM softgels. Now we’re rolling out new formulations of both with higher concentrations of CBD, available in 1500 mg CBD oil and 1500 mg softgels, a new flavor, and (coming soon) new CBD for sleep gummies!


How can you use these products to get better sleep? Like most things CBD, they work best as part of an overall wellness regimen. In this case, you’ll want to develop a nightly routine specifically aimed at getting better sleep, with CBD for sleep as an essential part.

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Why Use a High-CBD Sleep Aid?

The original formula of CBD PM softgels contain 16.5 mg of CBD per capsule, and the PM tincture contains a similar amount per serving (since tinctures are measured with a dropper, they’re a bit less precise). The new formulations contain 40 mg a serving. Why might you want that much more CBD? There are a few possible reasons.


You Can Take All Your Daily CBD at Once

Some folks have been using CBD PM in addition to a regular daytime CBD product, such as CBD tinctures, CBD gummies, and so on. CBD PM adds a bit more CBD for sleep with melatonin and relaxing herbs to make an extra calming nighttime product.


Taking a high concentration of CBD for sleep gives you potentially an all-in-one option. This can be especially handy for travel, for instance, when you don’t want to pack extra bottles.


Your Physiology Might Require More CBD

As we keep saying, when addressing the ever-popular question of how much CBD you should take, different people respond to it differently. Body size, age, metabolism, and factors as yet undiscovered (hey, research is ongoing) all affect how much you might require for the results you want. If you’re a person who generally needs high concentrations of CBD, it follows that you need that in a CBD oil for sleep as well.


Sometimes You Just Need That Extra Calm

As I said, we’ve all been through some changes over the last year, and now we’re going through more. Many people find that a little extra CBD in their daily regimen helps them maintain an even keel through rough times, and a sleep aid is no different. Good sleep is all the more important when you’re stressed!


So to summarize, the new concentration is designed to give you more options. If you’re happy with the original version of CBD PM, great! But you might prefer higher-concentration CBD if you:


  • Are looking for a one-stop solution for your daily CBD.
  • Prefer higher amounts of CBD in general.
  • Like having more CBD for more stressful periods.


But that’s not the only new option we’re rolling out.

berry-flavored 500 mg cbd oil tincture CBD PM by cbdMD

Choose Your Flavor of CBD for Sleep

In addition to the new concentrations, cbdMD is also launching a new flavor of CBD oil for sleep. The original CBD PM is mint flavored, which has several advantages. It leaves your mouth feeling fresh, it doesn’t clash with most toothpaste flavors after your nightly brushing, and it goes well in evening tea if you like to enjoy a soothing cup before bedtime.


However, a lot of customers love our berry-flavored CBD oil tincture, made with a sweet blackberry extract. So we’ve made both concentrations of CBD PM tincture available in that same flavor. It tastes great when taken straight, and it goes well in fruity herbal teas if you prefer those.


If you don’t want your CBD for sleep flavored at all, just take the softgels!


What Else Is New?

In addition to the higher CBD concentration and the new flavors, the new CBD PM tinctures and softgels contain a variant on our Superior Broad Spectrum hemp extract that has a higher ratio of cannabinol (CBN) to CBD than the standard version. So each serving has 40 mg of pure CBD plus 10 mg of CBN, making 50 mg of extract per serving and 1500 mg per bottle.


Why more CBN? Well, there’s some evidence that, when used in concert with other cannabinoids, CBN makes people feel extra relaxed. So for our extra-powerful sleep aid, we decided to up the CBN content to help you sleep better. 

500 mg mint flavored CBD PM by cbdMD

How to Get Better Sleep with CBD PM

If you’re trying to figure out how to sleep better as life gets busier, it’s extra important to use your CBD oil for sleep in the context of a nightly routine that helps you unwind. You should work out what’s best for you, but sleep experts have a general set of tips that they call sleep hygiene. Here’s what they advise about how to sleep better at night:


  • Try to stick to a regular schedule of sleeping and waking, even on weekends. Your body naturally wants to keep a circadian rhythm (that’s what your melatonin is doing!), so you can encourage that by getting up and going to bed at around the same time every day.
  • Turn off any lights that you don’t really need. Darkness signals to your body that it’s night, i.e., sleepytime. Try to avoid using electronics right before (or in) bed since they are not only bright but often overstimulating.
  • Avoid heavy eating and drinking late at night. They may make you feel sleepy right away, but as your body processes them, it’ll start revving up again.
  • Don’t exercise too close to bedtime. Exercise during the day helps you sleep better at night by making you more tired, but don’t do it less than a couple of hours before bed.
  • Develop a relaxing pre-bedtime ritual or hobby. Choose something that gets you in the right relaxing state, like meditation, stretching, doing puzzles, light reading, listening to calming music, or whatever puts you in a mellow mood. 
  • Keep your bedroom cool. Melatonin production seems to be stimulated both by darkness and a drop in temperature, which isn’t surprising since both are features of nighttime.
  • Try taking a hot bath between one and two hours before bed. Some research indicates that this helps people fall asleep, probably because the cooldown stimulates melatonin production once you climb out. Try taking a soak with our Nighttime Lavender CBD bath salts, including herbs similar to the CBD PM formula.


Coming Soon: CBD for Sleep Gummies!

While CBD PM tinctures and capsules are popular, customers have also been looking for a gummy option. Many people say they already take regular CBD gummies for sleep and anxiety, but we decided to create a special formula based on our CBD PM recipe to bring extra sleep benefits.


What’s in CBD for Sleep Gummies?

cbdMD’s sleep gummies will be berry-flavored and infused with some of the same ingredients as CBD PM: Superior Broad Spectrum hemp extract, melatonin, valerian root, chamomile, and lemon balm. They also contain a few calming ingredients of their own.


  • L-theanine: This is an amino acid found in green and black tea, which is also available as a supplement to ease stress and improve sleep.
  • Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA): Like melatonin, GABA is something your body naturally produces that’s also found in some plants and can be made into a supplement. In your body, it’s a neurotransmitter associated with feelings of calm, so people take GABA supplements to combat stress.
  • Magnesium salt: Magnesium is a mineral that supports many bodily functions. Research indicates that it supports both melatonin and GABA in helping you maintain calmness and regular sleep cycles.


Why Use Gummies To Sleep Better?

The most popular reason to use CBD gummies for any purpose is taste. They’re sweet and delicious! They also combine the benefits of CBD oil for sleep and softgels to some extent. Like the tinctures, they’re vegan and have a tasty flavor, but like the softgels, they’re convenient and easy to consume and come in precisely measured units. So stay tuned on how to sleep better with the upcoming launch of our CBD for sleep gummies!


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