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Best Sleep Gifts: CBD for Sleep

Want to give a thoughtful gift to your loved ones? Here are our best picks for a CBD gift basket for holiday sleep gifts they’ll love.

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to start making lists. Some gifts are fun and adventurous, others practical, and still others say “I love you. I want you to be well.” Brought to you by our award-winning CBD for sleep products: our top picks for the best sleep gifts for 2022!

For those folks who need some extra care – the new mom, the overworked sister who’s home from college, the grandparent who is still working hard well into retirement, the athlete in the family, or even yourself – CBD products for sleep can deliver an appreciated gift for any adult on your holiday list.

Nothing says how much you care like a gift basket of dreamy goodies to help your loved one get the sleep they need. So, let’s get a jump on the holiday and check off a few of those names on your list.

We’ll show you today:


  • How CBD gummies for sleep and other CBD sleep options make great gifts
  • How a sleep-enhancing gift basket could help you give a loved one the gift of better sleep this holiday season
  • Our top picks for the best CBD sleep-themed gifts
  • Some CBD stocking-stuffing ideas you’ll love


Why Give Better Sleep for the Holidays?

One of the most caring things you can do for a person you love is to pitch in when they need it so they can get a little shuteye. Whether they’ve got small kids or a demanding job or some outside input is disturbing their sleep, you know the physical and mental strain on your body when you don’t get the sleep you need to function. That struggle is very real for many of us.

We all know how it affects us when we don’t get enough (or enough quality) sleep, but biologically speaking, there are reasons why it affects us so strongly.

Sleep Is an Essential Function of the Body

Sleep is considered an essential function of the human body. It’s up there with eating and breathing. Without the proper sleep, your body can experience a host of negative effects, from crankiness to impaired cognitive function or slowed physical response times to – in extreme cases – hallucinations or even death.

Depriving yourself of sleep can hurt your body and mind in ways that aren’t easily repaired. Meaning that when you miss out on sleep it’s hard to simply “catch up” later. Cells and tissues also work hard to repair and regenerate while you sleep, which is why, when we prioritize sleep, we are caring for our bodies and mind in ways that keep us healthy and performing at our best.

A CBD for Sleep-Themed Gift Basket Says How Much You Care

What better gift, then, could you give someone you love? Tell them you care by gifting them a reminder to take care of themselves and feel their best. We thought some sleep-themed gifts featuring our award-winning CBD products for sleep would be a thoughtful and maybe even fun way to share the holiday spirit with those you love.

How to Create a Sleep-Enhancing Gift Basket

To design a “CBD for Sleep” themed basket, you’ll need to plan and prepare. And don’t worry – you don’t have to be Martha Stewert to put together a lovely gift that anyone would appreciate. Plus, you took time, effort, and a whole lot of care in the designing and preparation, which says a lot to those receiving such a thoughtful and caring gift.


  • Choose a theme for your basket. This will determine what you buy to go in it and how your finished basket will look. (Colors, mood, appearance, etc.)
  • Prepare the items that go into the basket. Remove any price tags that aren’t decorative or that might look tacky in the finished design. Make sure any bottles or items are clean. If you remove items from their boxes, which may have directions for use, make sure to save those boxes and product information sheets in case the recipient of your gift should need them.
  • Prepare the basket / decorative box / container. Most gift baskets will have a container, some type of bedding or stuffing to fill in the space between the bottom of the container and the products or gifts which are aesthetically arranged, and then some type of wrapping or outer decoration which is meant to keep the assembly in place and serve as a “final touch” for your creative work. Plan for an extra 40 percent of surface space at the top of your container so that you may spread the gift items out in a decorative display.


Our Top Picks for Sleep-Themed Gifts

We have a wide selection of CBD sleep gifts that will fit perfectly into themed baskets. We’ve put together five sleep gift basket ideas for you with some suggestions for other basket-stuffing goodies.


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  1. CBD Gummies for Sleep – for a Playful Reminder to Get Some ZZZs

For a fun and colorful gift for your on-the-go loved one, a CBD Gummies for Sleep theme can be a tasty reminder to prioritize sleep care. Here’s how you can put one together that says you care with a little bit of fun flair.

Ideas for this theme:


  • CBD Gummies for Sleep – These tempting raspberry-flavored chews are made with full spectrum CBD formula and also contain lemon balm, ashwagandha, and valerian extracts for the perfect conclusion to any busy or stressful day. Ease into sleep with one or two of these about a half hour before bed.
  • A personalized item – Add an extra special touch to this whimsical basket by personalizing a mug, a journal, a wine glass, or a picture frame, any of which would look lovely in this gift basket.
  • A sheet face mask for a relaxing pampering sesh while they wait for those gummies to soothe away the day.
  • Warm and cozy socks in fun colors to add a little comfort and style.


Assembly ideas:

Use a warm-toned, natural basket and soft but colorful “bedding” for arranging all the goodies. Colored paper shreds in a soft teal will provide a nice cushion for the arrangement of sleep gifts. Sprinkle in a few bits of natural confetti in light teal and gold and wrap in a transparent cellophane.

Gather the cellophane at the top and tie off with a strip of colored hemp rope or gold ribbon. Don’t forget a personally signed gift tag which you can make with colored cardstock, a hole punch, and a few colorful markers. Remind your loved one to take care of themselves and get some quality sleep.

  1. CBD PM Tinctures – for a Regimented, Caring Approach

For a smaller basket that packs a big impact, go with a tinctures-inspired theme for a bedside reminder to turn down the lights, turn up the self-care, and get that precious, much-needed sleep.

Ideas for this theme:


  • CBD Tinctures for Sleep – Our CBD blend pairs with melatonin, valerian root, chamomile, and hops for a dreamy combination to soothe your loved one at bedtime. Choose between full spectrum CBD oil for sleep or broad spectrum CBD oil for sleep depending on your loved one’s THC tolerance.
  • A luxurious sleep mask (yes, the silky or fuzzy ones you wear to bed) for keeping out light and ensuring a more sound sleep.
  • Something soft and snuggly – A cozy pair of slippers and matching silky pillow cases.
  • Sleepy tea bags are a nice touch. Many brands of chamomile teas are available and make a scented addition to your CBD sleep gift basket.
  • A hand-made card with your selections of top-five dreamy, sleep-inducing playlists to help your loved one slip into a peaceful sleep night after night. Why not also get them an Alexa device to keep by the bedside so they can enjoy their new playsists?


Assembly ideas:

Use a small basket that could double as a cosmetics or toiletries basket, bedded with a couple of silky pillow cases. Arrange the basket goodies and fill in with relaxing tea bags. Wrap in a soft-colored cellophane and tie the top with a silky ribbon.

Use a blank note card from a discount store – dip the edges in white glue and sprinkle with fine silver or gold glitter for a personalized touch to remind them that sleep isn’t a luxury, but a self-care habit they deserve. Set the card on a strip of wax paper to dry and then attach it with a decorative string.


  1. CBD for Sleep Softgels – for an All-Over Wellness Gift

For those that prefer a quick solution for everything, the CBD sleep capsules are a fine choice. Make a time-saving basket that helps your loved one squeeze in their eight hours of needed sleep.

Ideas for this theme:


  • CBD Sleep Softgels – Made with soothing melatonin, valerian root, chamomile, and fortified with vitamin E, the CBD softgel capsules for sleep offer an easy routine for quality snoozing. Again, you can choose between full spectrum CBD for sleep and broad spectrum CBD for sleep. They are easy to take about a half hour before bed with a glass of water.
  • A smart watch or Fitbit for monitoring sleep patterns.
  • A lovely candle or diffuser in a scent like lavender or calming chamomile and vanilla.
  • Some comfy pajamas for a night of gentle sleep in style.
  • A great book and personalized bookmark for some relaxing reading time before bed.


Assembly ideas:

Use the pajamas to line a decorative storage box that your loved one can then repurpose for those extra books or cosmetics. Personalize with a card and wrap with clear cellophane topped with a festive ribbon that matches the pajamas. If your loved one is a parent, perhaps toss in a promise for a night of babysitting so they can turn in early.


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  1. Relief & Recover Basket – for a Gift with Extra TLC

If you’re like most people, someone close to you is suffering from persistent aches and pains. Maybe you’ve got an aging parent or grandparent with sore joints or a bad back. Maybe you’re married to a sports lover who keeps tweaking that old knee injury. Or maybe you want to help that coworker who’s got neck pain from too much time at the computer.

For those in pain, good sleep can be hard to come by – but it’s also crucially important for recovery. You’ll want to include a combination of products to help with both pain and sleep issues.

Ideas for this theme:


  • CBD Gummies for Sleep – in addition to all the other soothing ingredients, the sleep gummies also include Sensoril ashwagandha, which supports joint health in addition to being extra soothing.
  • cbdMD MAX – An exciting new product with high potency full spectrum CBD and Univestin, an herbal blend clinically proven to help joint comfort and mobility while also being safe and non-habit forming.
  • CBD Recover – a cream enhanced with CBD and topical painkillers for spot treatment of muscle and joint pain.
  • A reusable ice pack or heating pad. You can find some in festive colors and prints.
  • A neck wrap or pillow, perhaps in a coordinating color.
  • A hand massager, along with an offer to use it on them!


Assembly ideas:

A decorative basket with a lid or a small tote with a handle makes a great way to keep all these go-to soothing products in one place. Use a soft bedding of colorful tissue or natural paper filling and start with the pack, pad, wrap, or pillow on the bottom. Nestle the massager and CBD Recover on top and fill in with more tissue. For a fun, caring touch, personalize the outside of the basket or tote with their name so they know this extra special gift of comfort is just for them!


Wishing You Healthy Sleep for the Holiday Season

Whether you try any of the CBD for sleep gift baskets above, pick up a few of the CBD sleep products to use for stocking stuffers, or get some CBD gummies for sleep for your partner and yourself, make sure to show your loved ones you care about their sleep this holiday season. It’s as easy as a small gift, a heartfelt basket, or a handwritten note to show that you care for them, you want the best for them, and their health and wellness matters to you.

Here at cbdMD we wish you the best this holiday season, and we wish you the best sleep possible. Take care of yourself through the holidays and follow our blog for more great CBD for sleep tips.