Cat CBD Treats: How to Reward Your Cat the Healthy Way

Cat CBD Treats: How to Reward Your Cat the Healthy Way

Learn about CBD cat treats, how they’re made, how they provide health benefits for your cat, and what kinds are available to reward your cat the healthy way.

There’s a new trend in pet care that’s got kitties purring their approval. Why should dogs get all the good stuff, right? Cats have their own unique personalities and physiologies, which is why we think cat CBD treats, formulated just for them, is a big win for cats everywhere. But you may not realize just what benefits your kitty is missing out on if you haven’t learned about these healthy treats!

Cat treats don’t have to be all junk food and unnecessary sugars. Of course, you like to reward your kitty from time to time, but we think there’s a better way. Which is why we’ve put so much work into perfecting our cat CBD treats – so you don’t have to fuss or worry. Simply toss your kitty a treat and know it’s good for them!

Today, let’s get a good look at these delectable cat CBD treats, how they’re made, what options you have for little Garfield or Ariel, and some of the awesome health benefits for your cat. We are sure you’ll be as excited about these treats as we are – for a healthy treat your cat will love.

Yes, even the picky eaters!

A yellow tabby cat sniffs his owners hand in preparation for a cbd treat

What Are the Best CBD Oil Cat Treats?

There are two exciting options for cat CBD treats in the form of tasty soft chews. Which of the formulas you choose, and in what strengths, will depend on your cat’s size and individual needs. Let’s take a look at the two formulas we have available so you can see which is best for your kitty.

Note: If you’re interested in CBD cat treats for pain, perhaps at the recommendation of a friend or family member, you should always discuss issues of your cat’s pain with their veterinarian. A veterinarian can advise more fully on how you can help your cat when it appears they are in pain. Also, you want to be sure to treat pain at the source and rule out or treat any underlying health issues your cat may have.

CBD Soft Chews for Cats

The “regular” formula of CBD soft chews is available in two different strengths based on your cat’s weight: 150 mg and 300 mg. Both of them come in an easy-to-open tub with a screw-off lid and a count of 150 pieces. They are gluten-free and easy on your cat’s teeth, so they are perfect for your older cats as well.

The regular formula has a chicken & catnip flavor that appeals to finicky feline tongues, making it so easy to reward your kitty with the benefits of CBD. It’s important to note that our premium CBD cat treats are not a meal replacement, but an additional treat you can give your kitty any time of day as a part of their daily care. You can give the treats individually or you can crumble them over your cat’s regular meals.

Sidenote: don’t be too surprised when your kitty asks for their treats. (My cat now gets visibly upset when he doesn’t have CBD cat treat crumbles on top of his food. He finds them irresistibly tasty!)

CBD Soft Chews in Kidney Support Formula

Our kidney support formula in salmon flavor provides the combination of CBD benefits with licorice root powder, astragalus root powder, and nettle leaf extract for that extra kidney support your cat may need. This specialized formula is great for older cats or for cats who may need extra care in this area.

If you are still unsure about which formula might be best for your cat, you can read more about choosing between them in one of our previous blog articles: Choosing the Best CBD Treats for Cats.

A container of cbd cat treats from cbdmd sits open next to a toy mouse

How Are the cbdMD Cat CBD Treats Made?

When it comes to good pet treats, how they are made is important. Knowing what goes into our cat treats helps you to feel more confident using them as a treat for your kitty.

You want to trust any product before it goes into your cat; therefore we are very transparent about our process, our USA-sourced hemp, and our CBD product manufacturing practices. This includes our ISO-certified, third-party testing practices to make sure the very best goes into our superior cat treats.

We have a lot to say about this, but for today’s purposes, let’s hit the main points: how they’re formulated, what goes in them, and what kind of CBD is included. This empowers you as a loving cat parent to make the best choices for your feline friends. We know they care about your affections and the tasty goodness of their treats – but you care about quality.

Our Cat CBD Treats Are Veterinarian-Formulated

Who better to understand the needs of cats better than veterinarians? On average, veterinarians receive eight years of education (a bachelor's degree, then veterinary school) before they become your kitty’s doctor. This wealth of knowledge is critical for product development. We didn’t just consult with veterinarians, we had them help design our formulas.

Our CBD Treats for Cats Are Made with Quality, Pet-Safe Ingredients

From the growing of a hemp plant to the manufacturing process all the way to your cat’s food shelf, quality and safety for your pet are our primary objectives. Working with veterinarians so closely on the formulations has helped us to home in on the most helpful and safe ingredients to use in our formulations.

We opt to include botanical and natural ingredients, and to exclude chemical preservatives and dyes. When your cat’s treats are filled with healthy ingredients that support a healthy lifestyle, you can feel more comfortable rewarding your cat each day with their (soon-to-be new favorite) yummy treat.

Contains the Best CBD for Cats: Superior Broad Spectrum CBD Formula

Our cat CBD treats contain our Superior Broad Spectrum formula packed with CBD, additional cannabinoids (CBG and CBN), and terpenes. This combination, we find, is the best CBD for cats to use. Our manufacturing process allows us to keep THC below detectable levels. (If you are not familiar with cannabis, THC is the part that creates a psychogenic “high” effect.)

So, for healthy options in a cat treat, our formulas are the best CBD for cats (both our tinctures and soft chew cat treats) because we care about what goes into them.

Testing Procedures You Can Trust

I mentioned ISO-certified labs. Let me explain what this means for your kitty’s health.

Manufacturers test their products for quality control, to ensure the efficacy of their products or ingredients, and for a host of other reasons. This is to ensure they do what they say they will do, without any harmful effects, and that they are safe to use. There are also various agencies that oversee the safety of pet products, as well. Three things you need to know when looking at CBD cat treats:

  • Where is the hemp grown and processed? Look for hemp farmed in the USA so you know the products meet high standards.
  • Who does the product testing? Look for third-party laboratories, which ensures unbiased research and testing. Look for ISO-certified lab testing as well, which means the laboratories that run these procedures are of the utmost quality labs.
  • Look for transparency. Reputable manufacturers of CBD cat treats will have no problem answering any of your questions about the product, the benefits, or the safety of their products.
An all grey cat reaches out for a cbd treats from cbdmd

Why Are CBD Soft Chews a Great Way to Reward Your Cat?

Sometimes you just want to do something special for the cat you love.

Soft Chew CBD Cat Treats Are Great for All Cats

Notice we said cats, not kittens? For any cat over a year old, CBD cat treats are a great option for health and wellness care. We say this because the testing (so far) in kittens just isn’t as thorough as it is for older cats. We use one year of age as a guideline.

For playful cats, sleepy cats, older cats, and everyone in between, cat CBD treats are another way you can offer your kitty the best life you can. Now, when you want to reward your kitty for just being the furball you love, or after you’ve been away all day and they are looking for affection, these cat treats give you that something special just for your cat.

Offer Feline-Friendly Fun

Cat’s aren’t really into chew-bones and biscuits like dogs, so it can be a little trickier to find a great treat option for your cat. (Yes, they see you’ve been giving the dog some chewy things. Maybe they want a treat of their own!)

Cats are also quite curious and playful and a cat treat that smells so inviting may have your cat pawing at them with interest. Cats need mental stimulation that is healthy for them and this is a great way for you to provide that.

CBD Cat Soft Chews Are Easy to Use and Cat-Approved

Also, they make it so easy to get the benefits of CBD oil into your cat’s system, without all the hemming and hawing around something new.

Some cats will refuse to eat at all when there’s a new thing in their space. My kitty is rather terrified of anything new. I mean hide on top of the fridge and hiss kind of terrified over any morsel of something weird in his bowl. Imagine my surprise when I tossed his first CBD cat treat at him and he scarfed it right down! Not only that, they are apparently perfectly pattable fun as well. Now he pats his treat around the house for a bit before he gobbles it up and asks for another one.

You can’t give your cat the benefits of CBD if they won’t actually ingest it! And if you’ve ever tried to get your cat to eat something they are refusing – well, the cat’s wishes often win. So, cbdMD planned for this by incorporating tasty flavors cats can’t resist and packing them into a soft, chewy morsel cats love. Thankfully, cats adore these CBD cat treats, saving you a whole lot of hassle.

cbd products for cats including cbd treats for cats from cbdmd sit on a stone wall

Do Cat CBD Treats Offer Health & Wellness Benefits for Your Cat?

The short answer is yes! CBD cat treats are great health and wellness options for your kitty, packed with benefits for your feline friend. Here’s a quick overview of some of the wellness benefits these treats have to offer.

CBD Cat Treats Support Overall Wellness

CBD products for your cat are designed to improve their overall wellness and lifestyle, not as a bandaid or a quick fix for health issues they may have. This is an important distinction. Your veterinarian will assess and address your cat’s overall health needs with you, advise you on proper care, vaccinations, and prevention of disease and pests. No amount of CBD will make up for neglect on these factors. Your overall care for little kitty is first and foremost – but CBD can help.

CBD works with your cat’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to deliver optimum benefit to your cat. While it sounds really complex, it’s actually simple. Your cat’s body was designed biologically with CBD receptors that process CBD. How fascinating is that?

CBD for your cat works best in partnership with a healthy lifestyle. When combined with other healthy and safe choices for your kitty, like a good diet, plenty of exercise and play, and regular veterinary care, CBD is the perfect complement for your cat’s total wellness.

Your cat’s overall wellness is important to you and CBD helps to support that comfortable and happy life you want to give your cat.

CBD Cat Treats Support a Sense of Calm

Being indoors is contrary to your cat’s instinct. Biologically, cats romp and hunt at night, sleep all day, and spend a great deal of their time facing the stressors of an outdoor, roaming lifestyle. But indoor kitties have to adapt somewhat to the ebb and flow of your household, which can be a little confusing to your cat’s physical instincts.

If it’s 3 AM and your cat is attacking the living-room furniture – then you know what I mean. To help even out temperament and support a sense of calm, CBD works with their physical makeup and feline biology. Each cat responds a little differently to CBD, and yours may require their own daily servings of CBD cat tinctures as well to get the most out of this benefit.

CBD Cat Treats Can Help Manage Signs of Common Daily Stress

Cats experience stress just like you or I do, only their stressors may be quite different. Plus, they can’t vocalize hey, I’m stressed here! Or that kind of scares me! We can be diligent about watching for signs of stress in our cats’ behavior, however, and then doing what we can to resolve it. We can address those stressors by removing or diminishing them. We can also help our kitty to process daily stress as well.

CBD oil can help to address those common daily stressors and help your kitty to better take it all in stride. This helps your cat to relax and feel better about their environment, making things better for your cat and for you.

A grey tabby cat pokes his head out of a laundry basket

Cat CBD Treats for Peace of Mind

Rewarding your cat with a tasty treat just feels good. There’s something about the excitement and playfulness of cats, and that cuddly purr they make, that makes us feel like all’s right with the world. We want our cats to have fun, enjoy their treats and mealtimes, but not at the expense of their health and wellness.

Health and wellness support options for cats, such as cat CBD treats or CBD cat tinctures, mean that we get to take better care of the cats we love so much. It's as simple as the toss of a soft chew treat for them to gobble up. Happy cat, happy house, right? We think so.

Thanks for sharing part of your cat’s journey with us here at cbdMD. We’d love to hear from you. Join our Twitter and Facebook communities and share your cbdMD cat treat stories with us!