Can Dogs Eat Cat Treats? CBD and Pet Snacks

Can Dogs Eat Cat Treats? CBD and Pet Snacks

Discover the differences between CBD for cats and CBD for dogs, and learn whether or not it's ok for your dog to love CBD cat treats.

CBD cat treats are especially yummy for your cats, but what about your canine friends? It seems tossing a few tasty CBD treats for your cat also gets the attention of your dog, who gobbles them up just as quickly. Today, we’ll talk about CBD for cats, CBD for dogs, what makes each of them unique, and whether or not your canine pal will be OK to have a few of your cat’s CBD treats.

CBD for Cats: What’s Unique About It?

CBD treats are made for cats to give you an easy option for providing CBD for your feline companions. It’s not always easy to get a cat to try new things as they can be quite picky eaters. Some cats eat the same food every day and refuse to try a new brand or even a new flavor of kibbles. It is a little harder to get CBD into their system, given their suspicious scoffing at anything new. So how do you get your cat to consume their CBD?

We knew this would be something cat lovers would wrestle with, so we created CBD for cats in chewable treats that are easy to eat and come in tasty flavors cats love. This makes it so much easier to get CBD into your cat’s system. Keeping their biology and needs in mind, we worked with veterinarians to develop the best formulation for cats’ unique physiology and selective eating habits.

Formulated to Be Feline-Friendly

CBD products for cats are formulated especially for your cat’s smaller feline system. While CBD for cats and CBD for dogs are both very similar in formulation, they are each infused with flavors your pets will love at serving options suited for dogs and suited for cats. The cbdMD cat CBD formulas are created to be feline-friendly, so your bundle of kitty joy can have their daily CBD as part of their overall wellness plan.

Our veterinarian-approved formulas are just right for your cats and feature Superior Broad Spectrum hemp extract. They are THC-free and complement your cat’s daily wellness routine perfectly. The soft chews are made with premium plant extracts from hemp that are grown here in the USA. The serving sizes are created specifically for your cat’s smaller body. Because of their relative size differences and eating habits, it is important to have feline-friendly options for your kitty.

The CBD cat tinctures are super easy to add to your cat’s favorite food, or the CBD cat treats offer a tasty option for more finicky cats or for cats who simply love a special treat. You can work them into your cat’s training or toss them a treat within their regular CBD plan; it works best when given consistently and at fairly regular times.

A beautiful grey cat reaches out to take a cbd treat from their owners hand

Made Especially with Flavors Your Cat will Love

The CBD soft chews for cats come in 150 mg and 300 mg concentrations, so you can opt for the one better suited to your cat’s weight. The chicken and catnip flavors of these soft chews are flavors that cats find very appealing. We find that by paying special attention to the specific palate of cats, we can design treats that appeal more to them to make it easier for you to get your cat to take their daily CBD.

The CBD soft chews are also easy on feline teeth, which is especially suitable for older cats. There’s also a special kidney support chews for cats in 150mg and 300 mg options, a common concern for kitty parents.

CBD for Dogs: What Makes it Different?

Dogs are quite the opposite of cats when it comes to their eating habits, which is probably why your dog wants the same treats you are giving your cat. Dogs love new smells and new tastes and often are not picky at all when it comes to eating. Sometimes, they will even scarf down a meal and barely notice what’s in their bowl! When dogs get hungry, or something smells even a little interesting, they just want to eat it – now! This reaction includes those CBD cat treats you got for your kitty.

CBD Dog Products Are Formulated to Be Canine-Friendly

Our CBD options for dogs also feature our Superior Broad Spectrum CBD formula, like the cat treats and tinctures, but are formulated more specifically with your dog’s tastes and size in mind. They also include CBD tinctures for dogs, as well as both hard and soft chews your dog will love.

Made With Flavors Dogs Love

Dogs' tastes are a bit more varied than cats’, but we’ve chosen a couple of flavors that dogs are especially fond of, like peanut butter, baked cheese, chicken, bacon, turkey, and delicious blueberry. With so many options to tempt your pooch, you are sure to find the perfect CBD solution to add to your dog’s wellness routine. Be sure to check out all the special CBD products for dogs, we have available.

A white dog leans his head back to receive a canine calming cbd treat from cbdmd

Is CBD for Cats OK for Dogs too?

Will it hurt them? No, it is totally OK, and you can stop worrying about that. But it’s not really ideal. Here’s a bit about why it is important for your kitty and your dog to have their separate CBD products. Also, you do have to be aware of how much CBD they are consuming. Perhaps your dog is already getting their CBD and are now scooping up the CBD cat treats too? As with other additions to their diet, you just need to be aware. There are better options made for your dog – with your dog’s needs, size, and dietary habits in mind.

CBD for Cats vs CBD for Dogs

Both the CBD treats for cats, and the CBD treats for dogs include the benefits of our Superior Broad Spectrum hemp extracts, both are THC-free, and they also share some other characteristics:

  • Veterinarian formulated
  • Come in different options so you can choose the ones that are right for the size of your pet; tinctures, treats, and for the dogs, a topical balm.
  • Both are appropriate for either dogs or cats but are specifically formulated for each to give you better options for your pets.
  • Both are designed to support your pet’s sense of calm and help manage normal daily stress.
  • Made in the USA
  • Gluten-free

The ingredients such as carrier oils or the chewable portion of the treats are all chosen to be easily digestible for cats and dogs. There are no added scary ingredients, only wholesome things like rice flour or rosemary. You’ll see full ingredient lists on each of the product pages, along with “terpenes” and “cannabinoids,” which are taken from the hemp plant and incorporated into the pet-friendly formulas to deliver CBD oil and other nourishing components to your pet.

A grey and white tabby cat leans down to take a kidney support cbd treat from cbdmd

Tips for Giving Your Dogs and Cats Their OWN CBD

Yes, it’s complicated if your dog is rushing to gobble up the cat treats! You may need to feed your pets separately when incorporating their CBD to ensure each pet gets what it is supposed to. Try giving the cat treats to your cat when the dog is napping, for example. Or relocate the cat’s food bowl if the dog is always gobbling up the cat food (and the cat’s intended CBD oil drops).

Feed Your Pets Their CBD Separately

If you want to incorporate CBD for your dog and your cat, you can give your cat the CBD tinctures for cats or the CBD cat treats and choose canine-friendly options for your dog. It is best to treat each pet separately to be sure they are each getting the right thing, in the correct formulas suitable to their size, and that you are giving them the predetermined amount they need each day.

Write it Down: Keep Track of Servings

Almost everything is easier to remember if you write it down. Keep a handy whiteboard on the wall next to your pets’ feeding area. This way, you can check off when they’ve had their morning and evening servings of CBD, how much they had, and when they had their CBD treats.

This idea can be especially helpful if you have more than one person in the home who wants to give the pets a treat. If your children want to get involved and you are not sure they will follow the daily amount you’ve set for little Fido, then supply a separate treat they can give to your pets, one given when they want and you won’t need to supervise. Or choose one person to manage the CBD products so that your pets get what they need when they need it. Regardless, writing it down or checking it off on a pre-made list makes it all so much easier to manage.

Remember: CBD works best when given at fairly regular times and when done daily. Not only do you want to get the most reward for your efforts, but you also want your pets to get the most out of their CBD – even if they just want to lap up the treats and think it’s all in good fun! Keeping your pets healthy and giving them the best quality of life you can, isn’t that really why you’ve chosen to give them CBD?

Then write it down and keep track of their servings so you can observe your pets and adjust their serving size if you need to for the best results. After a while, it becomes so routine; your pet will likely start reminding YOU it’s time for their treat.

A brown and white corgi lays on a deck next to a tub of cbd soft chews from cbdmd

CBD Treats for Cats and for Dogs Are a Game-Changer

When it comes to cat and dog treats, CBD oil-infused treats are really a great option to give our pets the best we can. They spend their days relying on us, loving on us, and most of the time entertaining us endlessly. We love them back with neck and belly rubs and by keeping their favorite food on hand.

If your dog is totally enamored with your cat’s CBD treats, it’s OK to let your dog have a few here and there. There’s no reason to panic over that. Just keep a special spot on the shelf for CBD for cats and CBD for dogs, maybe in two cute baskets. Trust us; once your dog gets a whiff of the peanut butter flavors or the bacon ones, they’ll be totally fine with having their own CBD treats!

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