Dealing With Stress? Learn About Why Stress Management Is Important

Dealing With Stress? Learn About Why Stress Management Is Important

Having issues dealing with stress? Learn how a combination of daily stress management techniques and CBD oil for sleep can greatly reduce the everyday effects of stress on your life.

These days, stress has become more of a constant burden to bear rather than a reaction to occasional events. But just because you might be used to shouldering that burden doesn’t mean you have to. Or that you can’t incorporate stress management techniques into your life.


Learning how to deal with stress and anxiety might be easier than you think. By incorporating a variety of stress relief techniques and CBD oil for sleep into your daily routine, you might be surprised by how great it feels to walk through life without stress on your shoulders.


Types of Stress

Stress can take a number of forms, yet it isn’t always obvious. A sense of dread, lack of interest in life, panic attacks, and racing thoughts are often seen as common signs of stress. However, stress can take less noticeable forms, such as irritability, headaches, a sudden loss of humor, and an inability to enjoy yourself. Stress can have physical signs and symptoms and can drastically impact your life if gone unchecked.


There are many ways to deal with stress, but the best method differs from person to person and depends upon the situation and causes.


Common Sources of Stress

There are so many sources of stress out in the world that it would be impossible to list them all. On top of that, different aspects of each source affect everyone differently. However, to start, here’s a shortlist of the most common sources of stress:


  • Work
  • Illness
  • Family
  • Parenting
  • Marriage/divorce
  • Overwhelming responsibilities
  • Money
  • Big changes
  • Lack of control
  • Pressure
  • Uncertainty


Four Types of Stress

  • Chronic stress – Continually repeating stress that occurs on a regular basis. Chronic stress is often to blame if you constantly feel drained and often leads to burnout if not properly acknowledged and dealt with. This type of stress is best dealt with using a combination of quick relaxation and long-term habitual stress relief techniques.


  • Acute stress – Stress of the moment that can come on quickly and throw you out of balance and off course. It may not last long, but acute stress often still requires you to take action. This could be caused by a change at work, an argument, or an upcoming exam. Acute stress is usually dealt with by practicing quick relaxation techniques.


  • Emotional stress – Can cause a strong physical reaction if not appropriately dealt with. It’s important to process and diffuse emotional tension before it builds up and overflows into other areas of your life. Often this can be done through creative outlets and by talking things through with friends or a therapist.


  • Burnout – Often the result of not dealing with one of the above types of stress. Burnout can be the most debilitating form of stress because this is the stage where you’re chronically overwhelmed, and your motivation is at its lowest point. A combination of stress relief techniques can work wonders for bouncing back from burnout or avoiding it entirely.

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Why Stress Management is Important

Once you identify what triggers stress in your life, you can make adjustments to how you interact with those stressors by addressing them and implementing various stress relief techniques. One such method includes using the four A’s: avoid, alter, adapt, or accept. If you can’t avoid unnecessary stress, work to alter the situation, adapt to what stresses you, or accept unavoidable sources of stress.


By using a combination of stress relief and stress management techniques, you can greatly enhance the quality of your life. Have you been dealing with stress for as long as you can remember? You’d be surprised by how much a few active minutes of relaxation and incorporating mentally healthier habits into your life can help.


What If You Didn’t Manage Your Stress?

As we stated above, if you don’t manage your stress appropriately, the stressors in your life can compound until you reach burnout. Avoiding and ignoring your stressors can impact various aspects of your work and personal life as well as your physical and emotional well-being. Making time to manage your stress will help you be happier, healthier, and more relaxed during typically stressful situations.


By actively managing your stress on a daily basis, you can improve your relationships while lifting a massive weight off your shoulders. Appropriate stress management leaves you feeling lighter and more confident. Not to mention, you’ll likely sleep better and notice your weight leveling out.


Stress Relief Techniques

Not every stress relief technique works best for every person. Most people have to try out a few different techniques before they find one or two that work best for them, and often their go-to stress relief techniques may change depending on the situation. With some practice, you can easily incorporate a number of stress management techniques into your daily life.

Quick Relaxation Techniques

Long-Term Stress Relief Techniques

Creative Outlets

  • Write in a journal
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Lean on a hobby (writing, art, dance, etc.)
  • Listen to music

Bounce Back from Burnout

  • Remember the importance of humor, and to laugh during hard times
  • Make your weekends count
  • Don’t forget to make time for your hobbies
  • Try to make your job more fulfilling, or focus on finding a position doing something you love
  • Don’t let your vacation days go to waste


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How to Deal with Stress and Anxiety Using CBD Oil

Trying to manage your stress and a healthy sleep schedule is a never-ending loop. When your stress and anxiety levels rise, your quality of sleep decreases, while a decrease in the quality of your sleep often leads to higher levels of stress and anxiety. And the cycle will go on and on unless you do something. Enter: CBD Oil.


Using CBD oil for sleep promotes a sense of relaxation by calming the mind and body and ultimately making it easier to drift off for a restful night. Our original CBD oil for sleep, CBD PM, comes in a mint 500 mg tincture and 500 mg capsules in a 30 or 60-count bottle. Both forms yield a serving size of 16.5 mg of CBD. Our newest products include a 1500 mg tincture and in either mint or berry, as well as a 1500 mg capsule.


Not only will we be offering the higher concentration tincture and capsules, but they will also include a higher ratio of cannabinol (CBN) to cannabidiol (CBD). Both 1500 mg options will have a serving size of 40 mg CBD and 10 mg CBN.


Plus, stay tuned for CBD PM Gummies!


Why Sleep Matters

Quality sleep is necessary to allow your mind and body to recharge so that you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a new day. By allowing your circadian rhythm to operate naturally, you’ll find that you are most awake in the morning and gradually tire as the day progresses until your melatonin production peaks before bedtime.


Of the four stages of sleep, rapid eye movement (REM) sleep is the most important because it is responsible for memory consolidation. It’s natural to cycle through the four stages throughout the night repeatedly. By hindering the quality of your sleep, you greatly increase the chances of missing out on an adequate amount of REM sleep. Not only will this affect your memory retention, but it can dramatically reduce your coping mechanisms to stressful situations.


How CBD Oil For Sleep Can Help With Stress Management

Our CBD oil for sleep formula contains so much more than just CBD, including melatonin and a variety of soothing herbs such as valerian root, hops flower, lemon balm, chamomile, and passion flower. By promoting a sense of calm, CBD oil allows your body and mind to relax so that you can begin to unwind from a long day.


Melatonin is the second most important ingredient in our CBD PM formula, as melatonin is the hormone responsible for regulating your sleep schedule. It also augments the calm produced by CBD, making the two a great partnership. While we provide CBD oil for sleep in both tincture and capsule form, you should note that CBD PM goes into effect faster when taken sublingually. However, if you have an aversion to the taste, capsules might work best for you as long as you remember to take them an hour or two before bed.


As we stated above, the stress vs. sleep cycle can be a never-ending loop. By allowing your mind and body to achieve a sense of calm at the end of each day, you can drastically increase your chances of dealing with or even removing the stress in your life.


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Best CBD Gummies for Anxiety and Stress

CBD-infused gummies are by far the best CBD gummies for all occasions, especially when used for dealing with stress and anxiety. Unlike hemp gummies or CBD-coated gummies, our Superior Broad Spectrum formula CBD gummies are third-party lab tested, just like the rest of our products, meaning you know what you’re getting when you buy from cbdMD.


CBD oil can support your mental health by helping you cope with everyday stress and promoting a sense of calm throughout the day. When choosing between gummies and CBD oil for your CBD needs, the answer is probably a little different for everyone depending on your needs. If you’re specifically looking at taking CBD for dealing with stress and anxiety, there are a few reasons why CBD gummies might be the best choice.


CBD Gummies vs. CBD Oil for Dealing with Stress

There are a number of ways you can benefit from taking CBD daily. However, when choosing between CBD gummies and CBD oil, there are pros and cons to either method depending on why you’re taking it, when you want it to go into effect, and how long you want those effects to last. That being said, both CBD gummies and CBD oil will offer you the same relative benefits, whether you’re taking them throughout the day or before you jump into bed at night.


CBD Gummies: Pros and Cons


  • CBD gummies are super easy to take without needing to measure.
  • Our gummies come in multiple flavors, all in one bottle.
  • They’re probably the yummiest CBD option.
  • Gummies come in several different concentrations.
  • CBD gummies can fly under the radar and go unnoticed when combined with the rest of your daily vitamins or supplements.


  • CBD gummies take an hour or two to get into your bloodstream.
  • Unless you transfer them to a different container, the CBD gummies bottle can be bulky to carry with you at all times.
  • While CBD gummies come in various concentrations, the amount of CBD in each is fixed and cannot be customized.


CBD Oil: Pros and Cons


  • When taken under the tongue, CBD oil gets into your bloodstream in about 30 minutes.
  • Our CBD oil comes in multiple flavors.
  • We offer a wide range of concentrations, perfect for any lifestyle and needs.
  • Easily customizable serving size.


  • CBD oil doesn’t always taste the best.
  • You have to hold the oil under your tongue for 30 seconds to a minute before you can swallow.
  • Although it goes into effect sooner, the impact of CBD oil also wears off sooner.
  • Taking CBD oil can be more conspicuous when taken in public.

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