National Pet Appreciation Week: Why We Love Our Pets

National Pet Appreciation Week: Why We Love Our Pets

Kick off National Pet Appreciation Week with these great ways to celebrate the love you have with your pets and with these great CBD ideas for happy pets.

Since its creation in 1981, pet parents everywhere have been celebrating a special week called National Pet Appreciation Week. Though pet appreciation should be a year-round celebration, we are especially proud to dedicate an entire week to our beloved pets. That includes us here at cbdMD. And National Pet Appreciation Week, we think, is a great time to remember just why we love our pets so much.


Year-round, we support our pets with the best care we can give them as a show of our love and appreciation. We do it because, well, they do an incredible amount for us – just by being themselves! We know you love your pets and are ready to celebrate that love! Let’s talk about cbdMD and National Pet Appreciation Week, some exciting ways to celebrate with your pets, and get some tips on how CBD oil for pets can be a big part of our thanks to our pets.


cbdMD and National Pet Appreciation Week


cbdMD and National Pet Appreciation Week

Here at cbdMD and our sister site Paw, we celebrate all kinds of pet holidays, but this one is rather special. National Pet Appreciation Week is more for us than it is for our pets. It gives us a full week (first week of June) each calendar year to celebrate what it means to be a pet owner and caregiver and what our pets bring to our lives, and re-dedicate ourselves to their utmost care as our own special thank you to them for being so fantastic!


cbdMD Celebrates National Pet Appreciation

As with other pet holidays, we celebrate here at cbdMD by putting pets first, both our own furry and feathery friends and yours. We put our all into creating premium CBD for pets and treat each batch with precision and careful testing, so we can keep bringing the very best to you for your own pets.


We use state-of-the-art, third-party testing facilities that are ISO-certified. We’ve been awarded our NSF Good Manufacturing Practices Registration. And we only use Superior Broad Spectrum CBD in all of our CBD products for your pets. We work hard to take the worry out of using our premium CBD pet products so that you can focus on the loving business of taking care of your pet family members.


We also provide an informative and fun blog to help pet parents with useful information, answers to questions you may have, and some other fun things that just make you proud to be a pet mom or dad.


Here’s where you can follow our journey or share yours with us.



Who Started Pet Appreciation Week?

The awareness week dedicated just to celebrating our pet bonds was created by the American Veterinary Medical Association in 1981. It has been celebrated during the first week of June ever since. The event gives pet owners a chance to celebrate their favorite pets, focus on raising the bar for pet care, and thank our beloved pets for all they do for us.


what is pet appreciation week


Why Was this Holiday Week First Recognized?

The holiday week was created for pet parents everywhere to dedicate more time to bonding with their pets. The extended holiday gives pet lovers the time to adopt new patterns in their pet care, like extending regular walks or incorporating more playtime with your cat or dog.


Showing appreciation for our pets and all they do for us helps strengthen that bond we have with them and keeps us all focused on what really matters – the health and wellness of these special creatures that enrich our lives so much.


What Pets Bring to Our Lives

We know how much you love your pets because most of us here at cbdMD have our own pet family members as well. So, when cbdMD says they put pets first, we know it firsthand. But while we prioritize our pets – remember that your pets put you first in their own lives. A home with a pet in it is a home with love wrapped in fur or feathers or maybe lizard skin, but we know that there are some great benefits to having a pet in your home, no matter what kind of pet you love.


Pets bring a myriad of health benefits to the people that care for them. Pets ease our loneliness, are good for our physical bodies (heart health and many other ways), and keep us moving and social. It's no wonder so many people are learning the value of emotional support animals! Pets also can belong to a working-class of animals that perform all kinds of health services to keep their humans healthy and help them live more independent lives.


Aside from the more measurable values pets bring, there’s no denying that pets enrich our lives in ways that we can’t quantify but are no less real. Joy. Laughter. All the cuddles we can handle. And they also provide entertainment to us just by being themselves. Animal behavior is fascinating to humans and simply watching their day-to-day activities stimulates our minds and makes life so much more interesting.


The benefits of having a pet in your home are many, and we think you’ll agree! Check out some of these ways your pet helps you every day:


  • Health benefits galore! The CDC has an entire page on the health benefits of having a pet. Check it out. We think you’ll be really surprised and you might even want another pet!

  • Having a pet gives us purpose and meaning to our lives beyond our own wants and needs. Pets depend on us for their care, and for many people, this provides a sense of esteem and worth.

  • Pets are fantastic companions. It’s hard to feel lonely with that adorable little face staring up at us, that hilarious wagging rear end, or the pitter-patter of little feet that follow us around. Pets love being with us and spending time with us, and this feels really good. They can be our best friends!

  • Pets help us to have a routine, which can provide stability and order to our day. This makes us feel more secure in our homes.

  • It goes without saying – our social media would be a snoozefest without all our favorite pet pics and shenanigans!

  • Pets make us laugh, smile, cry, and feel every other emotion in between. But mostly, they make us feel happy, and for this how could we ever thank them enough?


National Pet Appreciation Week: Here’s How We Thank Our Pets

For this National Pet Appreciation Week of awareness, we remember our pets for all the wonderful things they do to give us a better life. We remember, we plan fun things for our pets to do with us, and we make sure our care of them is tip-top great! They, our beloved companions, deserve the best and only the best.


cbdMD celebrates National Pet Appreciation Week


The Finest Celebration Is Top-Notch Care and Love

We thank our pets and celebrate by giving them our love, time, and doing our best to do right by them. We support their health and try to give them the happiest, comfortable, and long-lasting life that we can. Here are a few of the basic ways we can thank our pets each day with excellent care.


Veterinary Care

Regular veterinary care isn’t just a suggestion; this is how our pets see the doctor for basic care and when a health need arises. Pets can’t take themselves to the vet, so we have to be diligent in choosing a reputable veterinarian, developing a working partnership with them, and then following through on this crucial aspect of pet care.


Did you know that dental and veterinary care can affect your pets’ life expectancies – and their quality of life? We think it’s a great time to make sure our pets are all caught up on their veterinary visits during this awareness week. Consider microchipping your pet. Also, make sure your pet’s records are all up to date. Make sure you have copies of everything on hand so you can travel easily with your pet. Consider some pet insurance to make sure you will always have their healthcare covered.


Feed Them a Healthy Diet

No matter what kind of pet you have, your vet can help you to choose a healthy diet for your pet. Ask your vet for the protein and other feeding recommendations for your pet’s size, age, and breed. Note: CBD oil for pets can be added directly to their food for easy servings.


Provide Adequate Stimulation and Exercise

All pets need mental stimulation, physical exercise, and pet-specific activities to do each day. Provide activities, stimulating toys, and other ways for them to engage with their environment and with you. National Pet Appreciation Week is a great time to splurge on some fun new toys for your pets.


Make Them Feel Safe and Comfortable

Your pet needs to feel safe and comfortable in their environment. Why not give their spaces an upgrade to celebrate Pet Appreciation Week? Tidy up their sleeping areas, clean bowls, toys, and check their outdoor spaces. This is a great week to think about fixing that rough spot in the fencing. A safe pet means a happier family!


Other Ways to Celebrate with Your Pets

Aside from their physical and mental care, there are lots of really fun ways you can celebrate National Pet Appreciation Week with your favorite animal friends. Here are some fun ways to get the fur party started!


  • Make a playdate with your pet. In fact, make one each day of National Pet Appreciation Week. Take the challenge and see just how much fun you can have with a little extra playtime. Why not invite some of your furry pal’s other furry friends?

  • Take your pet on a trip! Check out a hiking trail or a swimming hole. Some pets love getting outdoors and exploring with you, their favorite person! Get out that super cute doggie backpack or kitty carrier and hit the road for a fun day with your best friend.

  • Get your pet some new play toys or stuffies to show them how much you care. Get a basket for the new toys and spruce up your pet’s living space with a little extra fun. While you’re at it – replace some of those toys that are worse for wear and wash their old toys with a pet-safe detergent.

  • Did you know there are games, music, and TV shows just for pets? From birds to kittens to dogs, there are all kinds of fun play and stimulating activities for them. Why not find something your favorite pet will love?

  • Make your doggie some homemade pet treats! CBD peanut butter is fantastic for this. There are some awesome recipes online, but we love these tasty, pup-approved CBD pet treat recipes.

  • Schedule in some extra snuggle time. Watch your favorite animal movie and cuddle up with your pet for a movie date.

  • Have a special pampering sesh! Some pets really love grooming time but may visit the groomer more than your lap for hair-brushing. Why not make it a fun time with your pet and give them some relaxing brushing, massage, or a little soothing CBD balm for their skin? (Sorry, cats – the balm is for dogs!) It’s the best way to pamper all your doggie’s parts. For your kitties, they love a little hair brushing too!

  • Have your pictures made with your pet. There are lots of local photographers who are trying to get a business started or some who simply love taking pictures as a hobby. Get some special pictures made with your pet to spruce up your home or liven up your office walls.

  • Get your pet a pal! There’s never a better time to adopt a new pet and give them a “furever” home. Let your pet participate in the selection process so you can choose a companion they will grow to love.


cbd for pets


Our Favorite CBD Celebrations for Pets

CBD makes it easy to spoil your pet a little, but in a way that’s great for their health and wellness. CBD supports all your other wellness choices for your pet and helps to round out the perfect wellness plan as part of a healthy and active lifestyle. However, did you know that CBD is only available right now for certain pets?


Let’s take a look at who can take it, when, and how. Because this National Pet Appreciation Week, you may be ready to add a CBD tincture regimen for your pets or find some other ways to incorporate CBD into their daily routine. And we have some really fun ways to do this!


Is CBD Available for All Pets?

Pardon me for getting a bit geeked-out on this, but did you know that the reason we give CBD to cats and dogs is because they have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) just like we do? This network within our nervous system allows our body to process and use CBD for balance and wellness. But cats and dogs aren’t the only animals with an ECS.


From phylum Cnidaria (those are the cool and colorful jellyfish) to mammals, reptiles, and even birds, nearly all animals have this specialized ECS biology. It’s rather fascinating, right? But we can only make CBD oil products and provide them (at this time) for cats and dogs over the age of one year.


Until the funding and interest for testing CBD use in jellyfish, it’s unlikely you’ll see products for them or reptiles or birds. At this point, most pet owners have dogs and cats, so it has been the focus of research and development for pet CBD products.


But for the record, I’m still stoked that sea urchins have an ECS. And bears and nematodes. But for now, CBD is reserved for use in cats and dogs. And for you, the pet parent, this is likely quite sufficient for your needs. (Sorry to the budding herpetologists and ornithologists.)


How to Use CBD for Your Pets

CBD can easily be added to their food by drops using the tinctures for your cats and dogs over one year old. There are CBD oil tinctures for dogs in various strengths and flavors and CBD tinctures for cats in different strengths and flavors. You can select both based on your pet’s tastes and size.


You will want to give the proper serving size for tinctures based on the packaging directions, both with their morning and evening meals. Give it every day for a few weeks before adjusting serving size so that you can fully assess your pet’s response. Then you can adjust by a few drops at a time, giving time for the new serving size’s effects to be notable.


Celebrate Your Pet with These Great CBD Treats!

There are some very exciting and fun options for your pets when it comes to CBD pet treats. Celebrate your love for your pooch or your kitty-pal with some of these great choices!

 cbd dog treats



CBD Dog Treats to pamper your pooch:



cbd cat treats


CBD Cat Treats to tempt your kitty:



CBD Peanut Butter makes dogs slobber with approval! What pooch can resist the temptation of peanut butter? Treat your dog with this yummy goodness as a special thank you during Pet Appreciation Week.


This CBD-infused doggie peanut butter comes in 150, 300, and 600 mg serving strengths.


cbdMD and National Pet Appreciation Week Are Here for Your Pet

Whatever way you choose to celebrate your pets for this holiday week, we hope you make it a yearly thing. There’s nothing quite like the bond and love we feel with our pets. Our dogs’ warm greetings, cuddly snuggles, and nose nudges, and the purring leg rubs and pitty-pats from our cats – they all remind us of the love we feel for them each day. Pets are the greatest!

If you take us up on that suggestion to take pictures with your pets – will you share those on Twitter and tag us? We’d love to see how you choose to celebrate the National Pet Appreciation Week holidays with your pet and kick off the summer in pet-loving style. We can’t wait to see your babies!