How the Fittest Man in the World Recovers with CBD

How the Fittest Man in the World Recovers with CBD

Does CBD help with post workout recovery? Fittest Man in the World shows us how he uses CBD to bounce back and get in more training for the CrossFit Games.

At the 2021 CrossFit Games, a partnership was born. CrossFit athlete Justin Medeiros got more than his title “Fittest Man on Earth 2021,” he also met up with his new gym partner: CBD! Now, Justin aims to beat his own best at the next Games, since he’s leveled up his post workout recovery time with cbdMD recovery aids.

Today, we’ll take a look at what Justin does with his recovery time that makes him the one to beat this year at the CrossFit Games.

Key points


  • Justin Medeiros – Fittest Man on Earth 2021
  • Does CBD improve recovery? World-renowned athlete Justin Medeiros says yes!
  • How Justin uses CBD to improve his recovery time and get the most out of his training.


Does CBD Improve Recovery?

You bet it does. Justin Medeiros is one of many professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts who sing the praises of cbdMD brand CBD recovery products. These proprietary CBD oil blends are formulated to ease after-workout aches and muscle soreness and to keep your skin well-hydrated and ready for any mat-pounding, sweat-slinging workout.

Each CBD formula is created to help you achieve your fitness goals. Just take Justin Medeiros, for example, who uses CBD infused products to get optimal performance out of his body at home, in the gym, or at the CrossFit Games, where he hopes to take the championship again this year.

Who Is Justin Medeiros?

Justin Medeiros, born in Lodi, California, went off to college thinking he’d rock the wrestling world, only to find the college closing its intercollegiate wrestling program. Like any winning athlete, Medeiros didn’t face this challenge as a defeat, but as an opportunity to try something new. He pursued CrossFit training with the goal of reaching competition level.


Justin Medeiros holding a barbell with weights above his head in front of a crowd


In the 2020 CrossFit Games, Medeiros got Rookie of the Year and took third place overall. Then, in 2021, Medeiros (aka The Mullet) took first place, alongside Tia Clair Toomey of the women’s division, making him the youngest CrossFit Games Champion to win in the men’s division.

In those crucial weeks before competition, athletes like Justin have to endure dozens of workouts, many of them in those last few days before competing. Justin shares openly that he feels his competitive edge is made even sharper because he maximizes his recovery time so he can train harder with less time needed between his workouts.

With cbdMD products for workout recovery, Justin hopes to break his own best at the upcoming 2022 CrossFit Games.

The 22-year-old athlete told Men’s Journal, “One of the biggest things in CrossFit is: ‘Who’s best at recovering?’ We can all go in the gym and train hard, but who can recover and do it again the next day? That’s super big in my training. I’m always trying to find ways to recover optimally.”

He also shared his winning CBD strategy for fast recovery and maximum benefit when it really counts.

How Medeiros Uses CBD to Improve Recovery

Medieros hails three particular cbdMD products as his workout must-haves. So, if you’re asking, “Does CBD improve recovery after workouts?” then take it from Justin, who’s rocking the title Fittest Man on the Planet!

cbdMD Recover

CrossFit workouts are high-intensity, variable workouts that challenge every part of your body. There’s no “we’re skipping legs today” going on here…every day at the gym is a full-body, high challenge series of training maneuvers.

When you’re working out to build strength, your muscle fibers are breaking down to rebuild stronger and better. This can lead to some muscle pain or discomfort, especially if you are training often. And this doesn’t give you a lot of time for muscle recovery between gym sessions, especially if you are training competitively.

Justin Medeiros uses his favorite, cbdMD Recover Cream, following his workouts on those more problematic areas like his triceps, forearms, and quads and does a 30-minute after-workout rollout with foam rollers. He uses the cream at home but also keeps one in his gym bag for on-the-spot pain relief if he should need it during his workouts.

CBD Tropical Gummies

Medeiros knows mental fitness is just as important as what he’s demanding of his body. Medeiros loves taking one of the Tropical CBD Gummies each day and feels it gives him more mental clarity. It’s a daily boost of CBD to help Medeiros stay focused on the big prizes while he also enjoys more of his daily routines.


cbdMD sleep aid cbd pm 1500 mg melatonin bottle sitting on a bed with softgel capsules around it


CBD PM to Improve Sleep

Just as important as physical recovery and a level sense of calm as game day approaches – maybe even more important – is getting the sleep his body needs to function at its peak abilities. Without sleep, all that hard work could go to waste! But, it can be a little tough to wind down after all the physical exertion, so when Justin Medeiros finally rests in the evening and turns on the TV…he also takes his cbdMD’s CBD PM for sleep.

CBD PM is a CBD tincture formulated with melatonin and packed with 500 or 1500 milligrams of CBD.

We’re Proud to Support Justin Medeiros

So, does CBD improve recovery for athletes, competitors, or even everyday folks who just enjoy hitting the gym? Just ask the Fittest Man in the World! Here at cbdMD, we’re so proud to cheer on Justin as he competes.

We know that with his hard work, the added benefits of CBD in his routine, and his commitment to healthy living, Justin Medeiros is destined for even more greatness. And we can’t wait to see it!