Melatonin for Dogs: Can It Help Them Relax?

Melatonin for Dogs: Can It Help Them Relax?

Find out how melatonin for your dog, combined with CBD, can potentially help them relax and rest better, and discover if it's safe for your best friend.

Sometimes dogs have a bit of difficulty relaxing or sleeping. Maybe they had so much fun at the park they have trouble winding down. If they’re overexcited or missing their beauty sleep, you might consider melatonin for dogs as a safe option to help your pooch relax a little or catch some zzz’s.

Melatonin is a safe and natural alternative to more artificial sleep aids, making it a popular choice for ingredient-savvy pet parents. But when it comes to your fur-baby, the more you know about melatonin and what it can do for your dog, the better you will feel about giving it to them. You also want to use the best melatonin for dogs since the formulas for dogs will be different than what you would use for yourself.

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What is Melatonin?

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone in the brain that tells the body it’s time to get some rest. When the body doesn’t produce enough of it, or when there’s been too much excitement, sleep can be disrupted or elusive.

Even playtime with their favorite human can make dogs so overjoyed that their melatonin doesn’t kick in well enough to help them curl up at bedtime. Melatonin, commonly hailed as a sleeping helper for humans, is gaining in popularity for its gentle, soothing effects for dogs as well.

Melatonin for dogs can have a calming effect that is beneficial for easing tensions, separation anxiety, and difficulties falling or staying asleep. These can be especially bothersome for aging dogs or dogs that tend to get overexcited. Traveling can also be loads of fun for your dog but may disrupt their usual sleep patterns.

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Is Melatonin Safe for Dogs?

Though research on the safety of melatonin for dogs is ongoing, it is considered a relatively safe option to aid sleep and relaxation in dogs. Side effects, if any, are mild but could include dry mouth.

Melatonin occurs naturally, but it may be a little low in your dog due to lifestyle or personal temperament, causing excitability or affecting their sleep patterns. Melatonin supplements boost your dog’s natural hormonal processes and help them to rest easier and get a better night’s sleep.

Melatonin for Dogs: Choosing the Right Routine

As with any aid you provide for your furry friends, you should discuss a melatonin supplement with your veterinarian, who can help to guide you on how to safely use melatonin with your dog.

You can give your dog melatonin during the day for more relaxed waking hours and restful naps or at bedtime to help them fall asleep and snooze peacefully. Melatonin is a multi-use wonder!

Once you have decided to try melatonin for your dogs, it may be a bit overwhelming trying to choose the best option. Paw CBD has found a way to combine melatonin for your dogs with other ingredients that have restful benefits and pleasing flavors your dogs will enjoy.

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Melatonin Combined with CBD for Dogs

Why not combine the helpful calming effects of melatonin for dogs with the overall wellness boosting effects of CBD? Paw CBD has done just this to give you the best melatonin for dogs and the vitality of CBD in easy options your dog will love.

Paw CBD Calming Oil for Dogs provides both melatonin and CBD, as well as the soothing effects of chamomile and valerian root for a night of luxurious sleep. Your dog will love the blueberry flavor drizzled on their favorite evening meal. Even dogs that turn their noses up at anything “healthy” will think this new blueberry “gravy” is delish!

As a supplement, try the Pet CBD Calming Soft Chews for Dogs, packed with soothing ingredients in a delicious turkey-flavored soft chew. While these do not have melatonin, L-tryptophan and chamomile can help to relax your dog after a long day. Chews can be a great option for when you travel with your pet; even car rides and fun events can be overstimulating and quite disruptive to your dog’s daily schedule and normal sleep patterns.

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Melatonin and CBD Bundles

If you think your dog might go for both of those, you can get them both at one low price! Try a Paw CBD Calming Bundle for pooches with the pickier palette. Our bundles offer both the Calming Oil and the Calming Soft Chews and are available in two size options based on your dog’s weight.

These tasty tincture and chew bundles are veterinarian formulated using hemp-derived CBD (not the stuff that creates a “high!”) and soothing ingredients to support calm and relaxation for your furry best friend. It can help when they get a little stressed, anxious, or even overexcited and extra "bouncy" in challenging situations (you named them Tigger for a reason, right?).

How to Safely Give Your Dog Melatonin

To begin your dog’s new regimen, try the initial serving size recommended on the packaging (or by your veterinarian). Wait a few weeks before adjusting to allow the full effects and results. It is easy to adjust the amount you are giving your dog. Over time you should start seeing that well-balanced and rested mood in your furry pal.

Pay attention to your dog’s behavior once you start their melatonin. They cannot simply tell you they are feeling better or sleeping soundly. But you can see it in their behavior. It’s in the little things like their smile and how they wake up better in the mornings.

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Melatonin and CBD for Dogs Is Safe and Simple with Paw CBD

Paw CBD is powered by industry leader cbdMD, so you know you’re getting safe and effective melatonin for dogs combined with the wide range of CBD oil benefits.

Follow our blog for more helpful tips for both you and your furry family members!

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