How to Give Your Pet CBD for the First Time

How to Give Your Pet CBD for the First Time

Use this guide to learn how you can start a daily CBD oil routine for your pets and how to best choose the right CBD product for your dog or cat.

As a pet parent, you want all the very best for your furry friends. If you’re considering CBD for pets, you are not alone. You may have heard about the wonderful results your friends and family are having with CBD oil or treats for their pets. Or, you may have tried CBD for yourself and want your pet to feel better too.

To answer some questions you may have about how to get started, we are here to guide you in this very important wellness decision for your pets.

All it takes is a little research on your own to feel confident you’re making the best choice in CBD pet products. You will find that CBD oil for pets is a safe wellness alternative if you are looking for a more balanced option without artificial or added ingredients that aren't the best for your pets.

CBD for Pets Has Great Wellness Benefits

While the research on CBD oil for dogs and cats is ongoing, you’ll find countless positive testimonials on the benefits of CBD for pets from happy owners who use it to support pet wellness as part of a healthy lifestyle.

CBD products for pets offer a wide range of natural health-boosting benefits for your dog or cat. Consider CBD for overall wellness, excitability, trouble resting or sleeping, or even for their skin and coat. CBD products for pets come in a range of flavors and applications to make it easier for you to give it to your pet. Some even come in delicious blueberry flavor or in irresistible peanut butter that dogs will sit up and beg for!

CBD oil is the perfect add-on for a complete, comfortable, well-balanced life for your pet. You may be wondering if it is right for your dog or cat. Here’s what to look for.

How to Know if Your Pet May Benefit from CBD Pet Products

Your pet cannot explain to you how they are feeling, but they can show you. Watch for these signs that your pet may be a good candidate for a CBD oil wellness regimen. And, of course, always talk to your veterinarian if you have any health or behavior concerns and before adding CBD to your pet’s daily routine.

  • They are overly excitable
  • They have difficulty doing things they once loved, like getting up on the couch
  • They don’t sleep as well as they use to
  • They have changes in appetite that are concerning
  • They are listless or don’t seem to feel well

A CBD oil addition to your pet’s diet could be the very thing that makes all the difference. Select a natural, well-sourced product for your pet like the ones from industry leader cbdMD. Paw CBD is their brand of healthy, natural hemp-derived products for your pets to give them that wholesome life they deserve.

A bottle of CBD oil designed for pets

Beginning CBD for Pets: Daily Routine

Using CBD oil for your cat or dog will involve a two-step process along with optional add-ons as needed. In the morning, give your pet the first of two daily servings along with their morning meal. You can add it directly to their food (if it is an oral tincture) or give it to them directly on their tongue. In the evening, give the second serving or substitute a calming formula to give sleep support for those pets who need it.

During the day or before bed, you can also give CBD treats for pets if you feel they may need a little extra support. Just be sure to stay within the daily serving recommendations on the product package.

CBD Pet Tinctures

The most popular form of CBD for pets is the tinctures, which sounds complicated, but it’s really very simple. They come in a little bottle with a dropper for measuring. If your dog or cat is easygoing and wouldn’t mind taking a dose directly, you can squirt it into their mouth. You can also use the dropper to add their daily amount to their favorite food.

CBD pet tinctures come in various flavors and strengths, giving you multiple options to find the perfect one for your pet. Some tinctures and treats contain supportive ingredients like chamomile or melatonin, which may also be of benefit for your especially excitable furry friends. When choosing the right product, make sure to consider your pet’s unique personality as well as their size, which helps to determine the daily servings that are just right for your pet.

Tips for Starting Your Pets on a CBD Oil Supplement:

  • Read the packaging materials that come with your tincture, including the bottle itself.
  • Talk to your veterinarian. While research is still ongoing for CBD application for pets, many vets are now recommending CBD for pets.
  • Begin with the recommended serving amount for your pet.
  • Use this starter amount each day for a month before adjusting the serving size. This gives the product ample time for full effect, and you can note any changes in our pet’s behavior, habits, and temperament.
  • After 30 days, adjust as needed within the recommended daily amounts. Bump up the amount by a few drops and give a few weeks between adjustments to see the full effects of the serving size.
  • You can also use other CBD products for pets instead of, or in conjunction with, the tinctures as long as you use the recommended amounts. Remember, each dog and cat is different, and their bodies respond differently! It may take some time to find the perfect amount for your furry friend.

If your pet doesn’t like the tincture or makes it difficult for you to give it to them, perhaps they’d prefer a pet treat. You can make your own dog treats using the CBD tinctures with these easy-to-follow recipe instructions: “How to Make Homemade CBD Oil Dog Treats.” Or they may enjoy pre-made baked treats and soft chews that make it easy to get the perfect wellness snack for your cat or dog.

Can You Adjust CBD Serving Sizes?

In short, yes. You can adjust CBD serving sizes to be sure your dog or cat is receiving the full benefits based on their unique body size and needs.

If you have given CBD for several weeks and feel you need to raise or lower the amount you are giving to get the desired results, you can refer back to the package instructions to make sure you are not giving too much. If you have questions or concerns, you can visit our FAQ pages and/or speak with your veterinarian.

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CBD for Your Pets Is All About Caring

Choosing CBD for your pets could be one of the most supportive and loving things you can do for them. Begin with a simple CBD for pets daily plan as outlined above, and stick with it! Adjust the serving size in small increments until you find that sweet spot that perfectly suits your pet and gives them the wellness care they deserve.