4 Ideas for Experiencing New Things This Summer

4 Ideas for Experiencing New Things This Summer

This year's more “normal” summer may seem like the time to do the same things you always did. But it’s also a great opportunity to experience something new.

We started the Summer of You by encouraging you to get back out there and reconnect socially. We even offered up some tips for those of you who might find the idea a little overwhelming.

As we reach the heights of summer and new opportunities present themselves, we hope to inspire you to experience new things and expand your horizons. Sure, some travel restrictions and other barriers continue to cause roadblocks for exploring the world, but there are some things you can do now to enrich your mind, body, and soul.

Let’s look at a few of those things.

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1. An Adventure In Your Own Backyard

No matter where you live, there’s certainly unfamiliar territory to explore. For instance, there are over 400 National Park sites across the United States and its territories. Along with stunning forests and natural wonders, you’ll also find historic sites that provide context to the tale of America.

Your local state parks also offer opportunities to reconnect with nature and history.


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2. Finally Act on a Hobby Interest

If you think about it for a moment, there’s probably something you’ve been meaning to try and just haven’t gotten around to it. You may have even bought the necessary equipment at some point, which now collects dust somewhere in your home.

Whatever it is, do it. Practice and enjoy it. And if you don’t stick with it, that’s okay. Any materials you collect can be donated to charities. Musical instruments and art supplies are sorely needed in many educational programs.


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3. Volunteer

An organization that helps people or animals needs your assistance. They’re all around you, and many have fallen on hard times over the past year. There’s no better time to pitch in than now.

You can find volunteer opportunities through volunteermatch.org, local government websites, or even job websites like LinkedIn.


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4. Make Lifestyle Changes

The time to begin living a more healthful life is now. It should start with a visit to your doctor for a standard physical to better understand where you are. From there, you can make adjustments to your approach to health and wellness.

CBD products, particularly those formulated especially for exercise recovery and better sleep, are a great addition to these new, revamped routines. For instance, CBD PM with melatonin works to help you maintain regular sleep patterns – an essential part of feeling (and looking) better every day.

cbdMD’s topical line of products includes Freeze, Recover, and Relieve – all of which contain powerful pain relievers. These are especially useful if minor joint, muscle, or back pain discourages you from exercise.

And if you’re like everyone else in the world, stress is something you encounter every day. Since CBD oils, capsules, and gummies promote a sense of calm and relaxation, they’re great additions to mental wellness practices like mindfulness and meditation.