4 Tips for Reconnecting Socially This Summer

4 Tips for Reconnecting Socially This Summer

Summer’s here, and the world is opening up again. If you’re a little nervous about getting out there again, these tips can help.

As cbdMD’s Summer of You kicks into gear, you may feel a little overwhelmed by the idea of getting out and about again.


You’re not alone.


But there’s no reason to let those feelings stand in your way. Here are a few ideas on how you can ease into social interactions and ultimately enjoy this much-anticipated summer.

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1. Start Small

It’s okay to test the waters with a small group of trusted friends and family. After all, these are the people who know you best, and they understand any apprehensions you may have. They’ll be patient if you need a little space or feel awkward.


Even if you’re eager to get back out into the world, jumping headlong into a live show, thumping nightclub, or sporting event might be too much, too soon. And a negative experience could set you back a bit.


2. Control the Environment

You can reconnect with loved ones on your own terms. The people who love you will respect your preferences on when, where, and how you want to spend time with them.


If you’re more comfortable at your own home (indoors or outdoors), prefer that people wear masks, or want to maintain some physical distance, just ask. The people who truly care about your well-being will respect your wishes.


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3. Focus on Activities

You might feel more comfortable in a social setting if you’re doing something. Taking a class, playing in a rec league sport, or organizing a structured activity can help focus your energy towards a goal – all while spending time with other human beings.


And if you’re trying something new, it’s okay to suck at it for a while. Don’t let initial setbacks or frustrations deter you from enjoying a new hobby.

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4. Create a Routine That Works for You

If you’re returning to in-person work, it’s the perfect time to rethink your day-to-day routines. For instance, a more mindful bedtime ritual with CBD PM can help you get the sleep you need. And restful sleep can put you in the best position to navigate the common stresses you’ll face in the workplace.


And morning routines set the stage for your workday. A combination of good nutrition, exercise, and a CBD tincture (possibly in your coffee) is a great way to get moving each day!


Do you have any social goals this summer? Are there people and places that you plan to visit? Tell us about it here!