October is National Pet CBD Month

October is National Pet CBD Month

National Pet CBD Month takes place annually in October. Let’s celebrate together and discover the value of CBD for our furry friends.

October is here – that means cooler temperatures, gorgeous foliage, Halloween, and pumpkin spice everything! And now, thanks to Paw CBD, it’s also time to pay special attention to our furry family members’ health and wellness during National Pet CBD Month.

From toys to treats, from cuddly blankets and beds to nutritious diets and regular veterinary care, we spoil our pets and want what’s best for them. When looking to help our best friends live their best lives, we’re open to learning more about the latest in pet health and well-being.

So have you considered CBD for pets?

CBD for Pets

Even before the federal legalization of hemp-derived products with the 2018 Farm Bill, there had been significant interest in CBD as a means of supporting human health goals. Unfortunately, our pets weren’t always included in the conversation.

With this in mind, Paw CBD founded National Pet CBD Month to promote education and awareness of the properties of CBD for animals.

“Pets are family, too, and we want them to live happy healthy lives. We founded National Pet CBD Month to spotlight the many benefits of CBD as a wellness option for both cats and dogs,” said Ashley Stafford, Brand Manager of Paw CBD.

“At Paw CBD, everything we do is focused on providing the very best for our best friends. We start by formulating our products with the same non-THC, safety-tested CBD used in cbdMD products for people.”

Is CBD Safe for Pets?

The growing interest in CBD for pets brings with it the need for loving pet owners to carefully research any CBD options they are considering for their dogs and cats. While CBD products should be tested for purity, not all providers do so, leaving many curious as to whether CBD is OK to give to their furry family members.

The short answer is yes! CBD can be a great addition to their daily wellness routine. Look for products that have been veterinarian-formulated just for pets, including tinctures, treats, and even topicals. Avoid artificial ingredients and fillers, and look for options based on your pet’s weight with clear serving recommendations. You should also ask your pet’s veterinarian for their advice and guidance when choosing pet CBD products.

In addition, it’s crucial to make sure your CBD of choice is free of THC (the intoxicating substance in marijuana), contaminants, and synthetic cannabinoids. It’s just as important that the amount of CBD on the label matches what’s in the product.

With the right choice and a little education, CBD is a wonderful way to support wellness for humans and pets alike. So, whether you’re shopping for yourself or a cuddly best friend, check out our CBD Buyers Guide for a full list of things to keep in mind for your pets, or our guide to CBD for all members of the family.


Someone giving their cat a dropper full of CBD oil.


Getting Started with CBD for Pets

It’s easy to start your pet off on the right paw with CBD. You can check out our full lineup of pet CBD offerings, but here are a few suggestions to spoil your best buddy or favorite feline!

Paw CBD Oil Tinctures

Paw CBD Oil Tinctures are the most popular option because you can give them directly to your pet or drizzle them over their food or favorite treats. The plastic dropper makes it easy to adjust the serving size, and tinctures are versatile, especially if you have more than one pet. Paw CBD tinctures come in options for cats and dogs, in flavors and strengths that make them the perfect addition to their daily wellness routine.



Paw CBD Soft Chews

Paw CBD Soft Chews offer a tasty, chewy option for picky pets, in formulas for dogs and cats. In tempting flavors like chicken and bacon or salmon, their soft textures are easy on aging or sensitive teeth and great for small or senior pets. Soft chews provide the powerful properties of CBD for everyday wellness, while specialty formulas for Calming, Hip + Joint, or Kidney Support (cats) offer options for common wellness concerns.



Paw CBD Hard Chews

If your pup prefers a hard chew, we’ve got them covered with Paw CBD hard chews for dogs. In doggie-favorite flavors like baked cheese or peanut butter, your dog will love these tasty CBD chew treats. In a lightweight, resealable bag, these treats are ready to head to the dog park with you and your canine companion for a little bit of fresh air and fun this fall. And you can be confident in giving your dog these treats as they are free of any fillers or other unnecessary ingredients. They are simple, easy, and like our other Paw CBD pet options, free of THC.

Choose the strength that’s right for your dog’s size and make your dog’s daily serving of CBD fun and delicious.



Paw CBD Calm Canine Bundle

Paw CBD Calm Canine Bundles are perfect when your pup needs a little extra comfort and care and you’re not entirely sure what will work best for them. There are a variety of bundles to choose from so you can get the right combination of CBD products for your dog.


paw cbd calming chews container and cbd calming oil bottle.


If your dog is afraid of thunderstorms or loud noises or suffers from separation issues, our Calm Canine Bundles might be their new best friend! The bundle includes our award-winning Calming Soft Chews and our Calming Oil, based on your dog’s size: S/M for dogs under 50 lbs and M/L for dogs over 50 lbs. So whether you have a tiny Tinkerbelle or an overgrown Thor, Paw CBD has you covered! (Hint: If Halloween spooks your pup, now is the perfect time to try this bundle!)

Our Best in Show Bundle is perfect for doggies on the go. Whatever your pet’s lifestyle, you can be sure to find the perfect CBD bundle to meet your pet’s needs. And we haven’t forgotten your feline friends! The CBD bundle made just for cats is a purr-fect set for your purring pets.

Doggie bundle options:



Celebrate National Pet CBD Month with Paw CBD!

Whether you’re treating your pet for National Pet CBD Month or you’re rolling in Halloween with a spooktacular fur-baby event, you can treat your pooch or your kitty with CBD. Grab some tinctures or treats, or a little of both in a bundle – either will fit nicely into your pet’s Halloween treat bag this year.

And of course, after you embarrass your dog or cat by dressing them up in a ridiculous (but adorable) Halloween costume and asking them to pose for the camera, you can win back their affection with a tasty CBD snack from Paw CBD!

(Even so, we can’t guarantee your cat will stop planning to overthrow you as head of the household. Some things may never change.)

Happy National Pet CBD Month and Happy Halloween to you and your furry family members from all your friends here at Paw CBD!

*Paw CBD is powered by cbdMD.

Originally written by: Cami Cacciatore