The Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

The Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

A helpful guide to the benefits of CBD oil for dogs, how to choose a good CBD oil for dogs, and how to use it for better canine wellness.

We have a whole lot of fun working with pet parents here at cbdMD. One might say that’s a pretty amazing job we get to do. Having a pet in your home means that you want the best for them and we want the best for you both. Which is why we try to keep you informed as much as we can about CBD oil for dogs.

Today, we’ll provide a brief overview of CBD oil for dogs, the features and benefits of canine CBD products, how to give your dogs CBD oil, and which options to choose. After all, your pets need you to educate yourself on anything new that you introduce into their daily routine. We are here to help you so you can help your beloved pets.

An Overview of CBD Oil for Dogs

You may have heard all kinds of things about dogs and CBD oil. Pet parents are reporting some positive experiences with CBD for their dogs and this is promising news. But, there’s a lot of confusion about why to use CBD oil for a dog. There’s also a lot of online chatter from loving pet parents who are doing their best to figure it all out, and from many companies who want to sell their products. How can you sort all of that out to find what is best for your dog?

For dogs, CBD oil can be a great addition to a healthy lifestyle and support the best care you can offer them, but learning as much as you can about CBD is part of the process. There’s hemp oil for dogs, canine / dog CBD oil, CBD tincture for dogs, topical solutions, and so much more – and it can get confusing.

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Let’s Clear Up the Biggest Question First

No, CBD oil will not give your dog the euphoric “high” response commonly associated with the cannabis plant. That high feeling comes from THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is in the same plant CBD oil comes from.

Any plant that is used to create products has many parts and components. CBD and other cannabinoids are extracted, but the THC is left behind, which isolates the helpful properties of CBD for your pets without the unwanted THC influence. Check any CBD oil product to be sure it is “THC-free” so you know what you are giving your pet.

Hemp Oil for Dogs: How Did This Develop?

We know how helpful CBD products are for humans, and dogs have a similar ECS (endocannabinoid system) to process CBD. Making this connection has helped dogs with greater wellness and a more balanced lifestyle, which for some dogs can make all the difference.

CBD was actually discovered back in 1940 when a college professor, Roger Adams of the University of Illinois, extracted it from the hemp plant. Since then, much progress has been made to show how CBD helps and what it is and is not.

If a CBD product for dogs says “hemp oil,” check to be sure there is actually CBD in the product. This is because there are so many variations on how the cannabis plant is used for humans and for dogs. You want to be sure you are actually getting the most beneficial components: hemp cannabinoid extracts such as cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol (CBN), and cannabigerol (CBG).

The industrial hemp plants used for CBD purposes are strains of the plant that have less THC, making them optimal for CBD extraction. CBD oil is manufactured in much the same way industry-wide (regarding the extraction process), but you should note that there are quality standards as well.

What to Look for in the Best CBD Oil for Dogs

  • Where the hemp is grown. Here in the USA, there are certain standards that growers must adhere to for the health and safety of consumers. Federal law in the States also distinguishes between marijuana and hemp, which has less than 0.3 percent THC, allowing hemp growers to produce plants specifically for CBD purposes. This has made it somewhat easier to produce high-quality CBD products without some of the restrictions associated with marijuana. Some countries do not have to operate by these standards. Some effectively have no standards at all. Where the hemp plants are grown is very important to understand, so you know what kind of standards govern the production of the main component of your CBD products. (The cbdMD company uses hemp grown in the USA.)
  • Testing practices are also important. Some companies do their own in-house testing only, and for you as a consumer, this should be avoided as they could be producing biased results. Other companies use third-party laboratories and testing, along with their own testing practices. The more transparent and thorough a company is with their testing practices, the more you can be assured the health and safety of you and your pet are first and foremost. (The cbdMD company uses third-party, ISO-certified lab tests to ensure purity and potency for all of their products.)
  • Additionally, look for broad spectrum formulas that are THC-free.*
  • CBD extract is actually a crystal so it needs a “carrier oil” or other carrier product to get it into your dog’s system (like peanut butter or a treat). Therefore, the quality of other ingredients in your dog’s CBD product are also of importance. Look for high-quality ingredients without preservatives, dyes, or other unhealthy additives.

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CBD Oil for Dogs: Features and Benefits for Your Dog

In addition to the question about psychogenic properties, we most often get asked: How will CBD benefit my dog? This one is always hard to answer because every dog is different and how they respond could be variable.

For some dogs, CBD oil helps soften the edges of temperament, while for others it is a matter of comfortable rest and more peaceful nights. For some others, pet caregivers report their dogs seem to be enjoying their daily activities more, like an extra bit of spring in their step. Some dogs experience improvements in all of these areas.

While each dog’s needs and physiology are unique, their responses to CBD oil products may have some variance. Here are the most commonly reported and widely accepted benefits CBD oil has to offer your dogs.

Support a Sense of Calm

Some dogs have temperaments that make them more likely to respond negatively to everyday stressors like sounds, physical discomforts, or aversions such as noise or separation. If your dog seems to be jumpy or is having difficulty settling down after certain situations, CBD oil may help to support a more steady sense of calm throughout their day and even as they sleep.

Manage Signs of Common Daily Stress

Dogs get stressed just like humans do, only they cannot articulate what they are feeling. There are some common signs of stress in dogs and it helps to be aware of what stress looks like in your dog. Managing these daily stresses can be a little easier for your dog with the addition of a healthy diet and lifestyle, regular veterinary care, and yes, CBD.

CBD Oil Gives Your Dog Supportive Care

Supportive care is the term we use because it is the most inclusive and best explanation of what CBD oil does for your dogs. It supports their health and wellness lifestyles for a more enjoyable life experience. Supportive care for your pet involves many things: what you feed them, whether or not they have adequate exercise and mental stimulation, whether they feel safe and loved, and how well they sleep at night.

Think of all of the activities you do each day and of all the things you put into your body. Some of those things clearly fall into “supportive care” for your body, mind, and spirit – and some clearly do not. The same is true for your dogs, only you are the one making those decisions for them, and in their best interests.

Complements Other Daily Wellness Efforts

We try, as loving pet parents, to give our dogs the best care we can. We take them to the vet regularly, treat them with preventatives for common parasites such as fleas, groom them, and feed them the best foods we can. In addition to all our efforts, CBD helps to complement all of our caregiving efforts for our dogs so they can live their best lives.

Improved Quality of Life

Many pet parents report that adding CBD to their pets’ routine has helped improve their overall quality of life. And isn’t that the most important thing you can do for your dogs? From better sleep to more comfortable daily interactions and activities, all of these things combined offer your dog a better quality of life, which in itself is a gift of love.

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How to Give Your Dog CBD Oil and Choose the Right Options

Here’s a brief guide to giving your dog CBD oil as a part of their daily routine and choosing the right options for your dog.

Begin with CBD Oil Tinctures for Dogs

Most people start with tinctures for their dogs, which come in both regular and calming formulas, to best address their dogs’ particular needs. Tinctures are a good start because you can have control over exactly how much CBD oil you give your dog simply by counting the drops you put on their food, both in the morning and in the evening.

Some people opt for the regular formula during the day and the calming support at night. If your dog’s needs are amplified during the day – like if they are not doing well when you go off to work and they spend time alone – then your dog may benefit from the cbdMD calming formula pet tinctures during the day. Your dog’s individual needs and their size will determine which of the tinctures and what strengths are right for them.

Note: It is also recommended you discuss any concerns you have over your dogs’ temperament, health, and lifestyle with your veterinarian before you start any new at-home wellness options for your pet.

Give Your Dogs CBD Oil Regularly

For CBD to be most helpful, give it regularly and give it some time. Start with a morning and evening serving, following the package instructions.

It is recommended to try CBD for your dog for a few weeks (at the least) so you can see how it is affecting them and make determinations about the daily amounts you give your dog. It may need to be increased or decreased to find the perfect balance. For each of your dogs, this daily amount may be a little different, depending on each dog’s size, age, and individual needs.

Try Additional Forms of CBD Oil for Your Dog, if Needed

Perhaps you have chosen to use the regular formula of tincture for your dog, but want the occasional option to give additional CBD. You can choose some of the other options like:

CBD also has wonderful benefits for doggies that have dry skin or other skin imbalances. For them, there’s a topical Dog CBD Balm. It’s a great way to offer that extra support for those dogs who seem to take things out on their skin. With such a wide variety of CBD options, you can make sure your dog is feeling and looking their best.

If you aren’t sure what to try for your pet, consider a CBD Bundle for Dogs to provide you with a few options to try during that introductory phase. This helps you to find out what works best and develop a daily routine. You can even set up an auto-ship for the products you love for your pet.

Also note: CBD is for dogs over one year of age. CBD has not been studied as widely in the puppy or younger dog age groups. It’s best to wait until your dog is over a year old before adding it to their routine.

When Choosing CBD for Dogs: Partner with Us

Here at cbdMD, we know we have a responsibility to our customers, many of whom follow this blog for all kinds of helpful information about pet parenting, pet health, and other topics of interest about dogs and cats. But we also want to keep the public informed as well.

As the pet-CBD industry leader, we take this responsibility seriously by providing the best, top-quality, broad-spectrum CBD products on the market for dogs and for cats (and yes, for you!).

If you aren’t following our blog, you can do that right here. And our helpful customer service team is available to answer any questions you have about CBD oil for dogs, how it works, the benefits of CBD oil for dogs, or questions about our canine CBD products. We want you to be confident in the products you choose for your pets, and being well-informed helps you do that best. Let us know how we can help!