What’s Your CBD Lifestyle? Choosing the Right CBD Oil For You

What’s Your CBD Lifestyle? Choosing the Right CBD Oil For You

With so many CBD oil products on the market, there’s something for every lifestyle and personality type out there. Which one is best for you?

Everyone’s life is unique. Different people need tailored solutions to get through the day.

For instance, a person’s preferred coffee cup can vary significantly based on how they live their life. A construction worker may opt for a big, sturdy thermos with a screw-on lid that seals tight. Someone who works from home might choose a delicate porcelain cup. A truck driver may use a large, vacuum-insulated mug designed to fit into standard cup holders.

CBD oil is no different. There are a variety of methods one can use to take their desired daily CBD serving – each fitting well into a different way of life.

Struggling to Keep the Energy Going?

Are you worn out from the weekend frivolities and dreading going into work on Monday? Already mentally exhausted about the upcoming work social? Or maybe you just need to make the clock stop for a moment, have a few minutes to yourself, and get a good night’s sleep.

No matter your lifestyle, there’s a daily CBD product for you.

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CBD Topicals for the Weekend Warrior

If you put your sole focus on work or studies from 9 AM Monday to 5 PM on Friday, you might be a Weekend Warrior. Whether you pack your weekends with activities and adventures, focus on deep cleaning and home improvement, or volunteer in your free time, you’re bound to start slowing down come Monday. After two or three days of continuous, strenuous activity, your body will undoubtedly need some rest and relaxation.

For weekend warriors, CBD topicals with added compounds like menthol, lidocaine, and histamine dihydrochloride for targeted, temporary pain relief is the obvious choice. You can use these products at any point in your day – before, during, or after your favorite hobby! Daily CBD just might be the thing that gets you to Monday morning with a smile rather than a grimace on your face as you climb the steps to your 9-to-5.

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CBD Oil Tinctures for the Introverted Extrovert

Do you genuinely enjoy the company of others and love talking to people – in the right setting – but find yourself exhausted when forced into social situations? Are you uncomfortable when surrounded by unfamiliar people at an out-of-town wedding or massive work event? If you’re quite social when you’re around your friends in a familiar setting, you might be an introverted extrovert.

Sometimes the feeling in a room can change quickly. A quiet, cozy cafe when you first arrived can turn into a thumping lounge in a matter of minutes. If this sounds familiar, a daily CBD anti-stress routine including CBD oil tinctures might be able to help you in those situations. If you squeeze a serving under your tongue and let it absorb before swallowing, the CBD should reach your bloodstream in about 30 minutes – much faster than digestive absorption alone.

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CBD Bath Bombs for the Career Parent

Raising kids is a lifelong job that requires unparalleled commitment. But since money doesn’t grow on trees, you work 40-plus hours a week to make sure everyone in the family has everything they need. Then you go home and literally take care of your family’s every need.

You are a freaking superhero!

But you probably aren’t a superhuman with unlimited endurance. And with everyone depending on you, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of your game.

As busy as you are, you need to remember that your health, including your mental health, is just as important. So take some time to yourself, draw a hot bath, make a cup of soothing CBD tea, and make the most of your vital “me” time. Kick-off your CBD lifestyle relaxation the right way by adding a CBD bath bomb with aromatic oils to transform your 30-minute soak into a micro-vacation!

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CBD with Melatonin for the Workaholic

You don’t work to live; you live to work. Getting things done satisfies you like nothing else.

The word “chill” isn’t in your vocabulary.

You might perform best under pressure, happily keeping company with stress as one of your best friends, but you’re not a machine. To stay at the top of your game, you need your rest.

CBD oils with melatonin and calming botanicals for better sleep put you in a position to fight metaphorical fires all day. You might even have enough energy for a workout between conference calls, thanks to your new CBD lifestyle!

Use CBD Daily to Put Your Best Foot Forward

From social media stars to frequent travelers, everyone has one reason or another to want their daily CBD to be portable and soothing. cbdMD’s Botanicals line is just the thing to keep your skin looking dewy fresh all day long. Need an extra boost of CBD while you’re on the road? Grab that bottle of CBD capsules and make it part of your mandatory packing list.

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CBD Skin Care for the Social Media Superstar

You live your life loud and proud in places like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Sharing your experiences in life is how you make your mark on the world. You might even have a side hustle as a social media influencer!

Obviously, you always want to look your best, especially when you’re using #nofilter.

The cbdMD Botanicals line of natural CBD skin care products is the perfect way to add the power of hemp extracts to your daily routine. In fact, cbdMD Botanicals offers a complete system to keep your face camera-ready all day long. You’ll certainly see a difference when #throwbackthursday comes around!

You can learn all about the CBD lifestyle with cbdMD Botanicals’ innovative CBD beauty products in this article.

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CBD Capsules for the Wanderer

You spend way more time navigating airports, roads, and waterways than the average person. Many people are attracted to the wanderer lifestyle, from truckers to flight attendants and disaster relief workers, or anyone who finds themselves frequently traveling for business.

You pack a suitcase faster than most people pack a lunch. You travel with the bare essentials so that you can get moving effortlessly. Your home might even feel just as unfamiliar as a hotel – minus the complimentary breakfast.

Adding daily CBD oil capsules to your everyday routine might be right for you. They’re clean, they come in durable packaging, and they’re easily packed away. You never have to worry about measuring, messes, or heavy, fragile bottles. Frequent flyers will also appreciate that you won’t have to pack capsules with your liquids in your checked bag.

If your work is particularly strenuous and you don’t travel by air often, CBD topicals and tinctures can also serve as a convenient recovery method from hard work or exercise.

Daily CBD For Every Lifestyle

CBD gummies are the new hip fad for a reason. They’re awesome. But if you don’t want to commit to just one kind of CBD product, then CBD bundles might be right up your alley. And on top of it all, did you know cbdMD makes CBD treats for your furry friends, too?

There’s a daily CBD product for everyone, from animal lovers to your inner child – even someone who likes a little bit of everything.

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CBD Gummies for the Kid at Heart

Yeah, you’re all grown up. But you still understand the value of good, silly fun. An inspection of your home might turn up an arsenal of Nerf weapons, at least one iteration of the Mario Kart series, and a pair of light-up sneakers.

You prefer to sit at the kids’ table during holiday meals because you’re certain no one’s going to talk about politics. Also, you’re not above playing with your food!

Naturally, you’ll get a kick out of CBD gummies. Like CBD capsules, they provide the convenience of a pre-measured portion without the fuss of a bottle and dropper. But while capsules are flavorless, gummies are tasty! Your wellness regimen doesn’t have to be boring just because you’re an adult now. Need an extra boost to put that pep in your step? Try CBD sour gummies!

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CBD Treats for the Animal Lover

You might be a dog person. You might be a cat person. Or you might ask, “Why do I have to choose?” because any warm and fuzzy critter melts your heart.

You’ve spent your whole life with a pet – or six – in your house. You and your fur-babies share a special bond. You worry about them when you’re not home, and sometimes they might get anxious when you’re not around. Caring for your pets like they’re your children means you want the best for them.

In your case, the ideal CBD for your lifestyle might be CBD for pets. Even if you aren’t taking CBD yourself, you might find that CBD products can help with dog separation issues, kidney support for cats, and so much more.

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CBD Bundles for the Hybrid

Very few among us fit neatly into just one of the archetypes mentioned above. Maybe you’re a Kid at Heart and Career Parent, or an Introverted Extrovert Wanderer.

I’ve met my fair share of Wanderer-Workaholics and Animal-Loving Weekend Warriors too.

Your CBD lifestyle will likely be just as unique as you are, and your schedule won’t always line up with any particular regimen. But at cbdMD, we’ve got that covered too! We’ve put together 10 different CBD bundles with both human and pet products in mind, tailored to different needs at value prices. With so many options for introducing CBD oil into your wellness routine, there really is a combination for everyone.