Where to Buy CBD Gummies

Where to Buy CBD Gummies

Not all CBD gummies are created equal. There are a few factors you should keep in mind before choosing where to buy CBD gummies online.

If your search history consists of phrases like “CBD gummies near me,” “where to buy CBD gummies near me,” and “can I buy CBD gummies online,” then this is the article for you.

Thanks to today’s technology, having to get dressed, leave the house, and get in your car all to do a little bit of shopping is a thing of the past. This is especially useful when you only need to buy one thing, such as CBD gummies. Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that just because something is written online doesn’t mean it’s true, and there are a few things you should keep an eye out for when it comes to choosing the best CBD company.

Not All CBD Gummies Are Created Equal

When compared to other methods of delivery, CBD gummies are typically preferred for their slow and steady release of CBD as well as their delicious taste. Because CBD gummies and other ingestible CBD products have to go through your digestive system first, they take longer to reach your bloodstream – but that also makes the benefits last longer than other delivery methods do.

That being said, you should also take into consideration where you buy your CBD gummies, and whether or not you’re using a quality product from a reputable company.

Where You Buy Your CBD Gummies Matters

Not all CBD gummies are the same, and unfortunately, they may not contain the exact ingredients they claim to. This is because while industrial hemp is federally regulated, federal regulations surrounding CBD aren’t quite there yet. And until regulations are in place, CBD companies can more or less get away with making outlandish claims and producing inconsistent CBD formulas.

So what can you do?

There are a few quality-assurance questions you can ask to make sure that when you buy CBD gummies online or in person, you’re buying from a reputable company with quality products:


  • Do they provide independent ISO-certified third-party lab results? If so, how do their products test?
  • Do they have good, consistent product reviews online? From outside sources, not just their website.
  • Are their gummies coated or infused with CBD?
  • Do they specify what kind of CBD they use in their products? Such as CBD isolate, broad-spectrum CBD, or full-spectrum CBD?
  • Are their products made with US-grown hemp?
  • Are they eager to answer any questions you may have?
  • Do they make outlandish medical claims? Or are the benefits of CBD backed by scientific research?


If you’ve been looking for quality CBD gummies and searching phrases such as “where to buy CBD gummies near me,” the answer is closer than you might think.

Can You Buy CBD Gummies Online?

You bet.

The biggest problem with searching for “CBD gummies near me” is that it often ends up with results for physical brick and mortar stores or worse, your local gas station. Ick.


Two tropical cbdMD gummy bottles.


Choosing to buy CBD gummies online is not only convenient but will often result in a much higher-quality product than you might find at the grocery or health foods store. Plus, reputable online CBD stores will offer you as much information as you need to make an educated, informed purchase.

This can include everything from information about individual CBD products to how a specific CBD delivery method will interact with your body and what benefits you can expect to receive. Have questions? Many online CBD stores include a frequently asked questions page, clear contact information, and even a chat function with customer service specialists to answer any immediate questions you may have.

Not to mention the copious number of information pages and blog topics you can find contained on a CBD company’s website.

What Sets Our CBD Gummies Apart from the Rest

When you search for “CBD gummies near me” and “where to buy CBD gummies online,” what you’re looking for is a CBD company you can trust with quality products. Which is where we come in. At cbdMD, we strive to do our best to check all the boxes so that you receive a quality, transparent product you’ll love:


  • We provide a Certificate of Analysis for every product we produce.
  • Almost every CBD product comes in a range of CBD strengths.
  • We provide a contact form, phone number, and live chat function because we want to answer any questions you may have.
  • Our blog has a wide range of extensively researched topics.
  • Every CBD product is made with high-quality ingredients which are listed.


We Offer A Variety of CBD Concentrations

Our CBD gummies come in a variety of strengths, including 300 mg, 750 mg, and 1500 mg. But what does that mean for you?

When you buy any CBD product, the first thing you’ll probably notice is the CBD strength written in bold text. Just to be clear, that number refers to the amount of CBD contained within the entire product, not a single serving size. On our products, the recommended serving size is listed on the lower half of the product label and under the supplement facts.

In the case of CBD gummies, that serving size is typically one gummy, which will contain a specific amount of CBD. For example, our 300 mg CBD gummies contain 30 gummies and offer 10 mg of CBD per gummy. The same goes for our sour CBD gummies, of course! It’s important to note that the milligrams of CBD listed on the label typically refers only to the amount of CBD the product contains, and doesn’t take into account the other cannabinoids and hemp-based ingredients.

When it comes to choosing the right concentration or strength for you, and how many CBD gummies you should take at once, there are a few factors you should take into consideration:


  • Your doctor’s recommendations
  • How do you hope to benefit from the continued use of CBD
  • Your metabolism, body composition, how your body responds to CBD, and your health history
  • CBD takes time to accumulate within your body, which is why we recommend that you consistently use CBD for at least 30 days before deciding to increase or decrease your CBD strength.


Our CBD Gummies Are Infused

There are only two methods for combining CBD and gummies: coating and infusing.

Quality CBD gummies are infused with CBD, not coated. Period. And yes, this is a bigger difference than you may think.

We infuse our CBD gummies for two main reasons:


  • Infusing our CBD gummies guarantees that you receive a quality product with every bite.
  • CBD-infused gummies test more accurately with third-party labs, so you can feel confident that our gummies contain what we say they do, and nothing more or less.


CBD-coated gummies are physically rolled or coated with CBD and sugar at the very last stage of the manufacturing process. This is a much less reliable way of producing CBD gummies because as easy as it is to coat ready-made gummies with CBD, it’s just as easy for some of that CBD to be wiped or rubbed off before the gummy is consumed.

CBD-infused gummies, on the other hand, are combined with CBD early on in the production process, before the gummy is even formed. This is why CBD-infused gummies have a much more accurate concentration of CBD. They also have a longer shelf life, since light and heat can degrade and break down cannabinoids (which happens faster when CBD is only located on the outside of the gummy).

Not to mention the fact that our CBD gummies are produced with high-quality ingredients and infused with our Superior Broad Spectrum CBD formula.


A person holding two cbdMD gummies.


We Only Use High-Quality Ingredients

Aside from the fact that our CBD gummies are only made with US-grown hemp and infused with our Superior Broad Spectrum CBD formula, they also contain natural flavors sweetened with organic cane sugar. And in the case of our CBD vitamin C gummies, every gummy offers a whopping 50 mg of vitamin C – over half your daily value!

Apple cider vinegar is another ingredient that has recently risen in popularity thanks to its digestive-support properties. Just imagine how amazing those benefits would be when combined with the supportive properties of CBD. Especially since you wouldn’t have to deal with the strong taste or smell of vinegar.

Some CBD gummies are even specifically developed with ingredients like melatonin, ashwagandha, chamomile, and valerian root to help you relax and fall asleep faster at night. While your body naturally produces melatonin at night to signal that it’s time to sleep, ashwagandha, chamomile, and valerian root are popular herbal supplements with relaxing and de-stressing qualities.

If you’re looking to buy CBD gummies online, specifically to help you sleep or relax, these are four key ingredients to look out for. In addition to US-grown hemp and quality CBD formulas, of course.

US-Grown Hemp

Purchasing CBD products made from US-grown hemp is the best and safest choice when it comes to finding quality products that are also federally legal. US-grown hemp is much more likely than outsourced hemp to contain less than the federally legal maximum amount of THC (0.3 percent).

Foreign-grown hemp is also much less likely to follow US pesticide guidelines for hemp production.

Our Superior Broad Spectrum CBD Formula

Broad-spectrum CBD contains several supportive cannabinoids and terpenes so that you can experience the benefits of the entourage effect without having to worry about THC. Since our Superior Broad Spectrum CBD formula is THC-free,* it is often seen as the best all-around choice for CBD gummies.

What to Look for When You Buy CBD Gummies Online

Above all else, as a consumer, you want to make sure you’re purchasing from a reputable company, especially when that purchase is made online. Unfortunately, the more popular CBD products become, the more likely you are to run into scammers and counterfeit products. But not to worry: we’ve got you covered so you can spot fake CBD oil and protect yourself from scammers.

So how can you be sure you’re getting the real thing? Buy directly from a brand’s website, and make sure they can prove their products are tested by independent third parties. In addition, we’ve provided a couple more qualities to look for before you buy CBD gummies online.

A Variety of Options

Without a variety of options to choose from, you may be forced to purchase a CBD product that is stronger or weaker than you want, simply because that’s all a particular company offers. Or maybe a particular CBD company only offers CBD oil tinctures, when what you wanted were CBD gummies.

Of course, those are just two examples of what can go wrong when you’re only given a limited number of products to choose from, which often happens at the grocery store or local gas station. But it can also happen at brick and mortar CBD stores if the product you’re looking for is out of stock.

Unlike physical stores, online CBD stores are more likely to offer a diverse range of CBD products, and they’re rarely out of stock.

Consistent Customer Reviews

By customer reviews, we don’t just mean the ones posted on a company’s website. What we mean are the reviews left on third-party websites. What do they say about a particular company or CBD product? Or more importantly, what do they say about the quality of the company’s customer service?

Depending on how often you order various CBD products or whether you prefer to be fully informed before you order, the quality of a company’s customer service can make or break online companies. Especially since a customer service line is one of the few ways online CBD companies can interact with their customers.

A Lack of Outlandish Claims

And finally, you should take a few minutes and go through some of their product benefits pages, keeping an eye on what they claim their CBD products can do. A reputable CBD company will not make any outlandish medical claims, but will instead focus on CBD’s ability to promote a sense of calm and relaxation, exercise recovery, and other supportive benefits. All of which will be backed up by credible, scientific research.

For more information on finding “where to buy CBD gummies near me” and choosing where to buy CBD gummies online, make sure to check out our frequently updated blog. Interested in staying up to date on the latest news and special offers? Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or chat with our customer service reps today!