This is How CBD Oil Makes You Feel: 5 Ways Naturally Better is a Good Thing

This is How CBD Oil Makes You Feel: 5 Ways Naturally Better is a Good Thing

One of the major draws in the growth of CBD (cannabidiol) use is that we might become responsible for our health care again.

In terms of how CBD oil makes you feel, it may vary from a case-to-case basis, but the wealth of CBD benefits remain concrete.

It’s a surprising fact that a strong percentage of new CBD users skew to a 45-70 year old demographic versus ‘young people trying.’ Perhaps Big Pharma ads with complicated side effects have bombarded them long enough because older consumers are looking for simple, natural, actually-feel-better solutions.

What are the effects of CBD oil?

While most people know the correlation between hemp and marijuana, the same may not ring true for the thought of how CBD makes you feel.

Although hemp and marijuana both hail from the same plant species Cannabis sativa, they are vastly different.

Hemp is bred to have low THC content and high CBD concentrations. Conversely, marijuana is bred to have high THC and low CBD. In order to be classified as industrial hemp and therefore federally legal, a hemp plant must have less than 0.3% THC.

THC, scientifically known as tetrahydrocannabinol, is the high-inducing cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Hemp-derived products, such as CBD oil, must be sourced from hemp plants that contain less than 0.3% THC to be considered legal – and therefore will not have any associated high feelings.

Aside from a lack of feeling high, CBD can emit a wide range of benefits. Take a look at 5 natural effects of how CBD oil will make you feel:

1. Overall relaxation

As CBD has continued to dominate the health and wellness sector, more studies are being conducted. One such study took a direct look at how CBD affects the nervous systems. Although preliminary in research, this study revealed the CBD has the power to emit overall feelings of relaxation and can return the body to better balance.

woman relaxing on a couch

2. A greater sense of calmness

Much like its effects on overall relaxation, CBD can also generate a better feeling of peace. Although studies still need to be conducted, CBD oil directly correlates with parts of the body and brain that relate to extreme stressors. By using high-quality CBD oil, some sufferers may be able to feel an overall sense of calm in otherwise stressful situations.

3. Diminished anxiety

One of the biggest benefits of CBD is that it has therapeutic potential when it comes to symptoms of anxiety. With continued, in-depth research on its anxiolytic impact, CBD has shown the power to diminish some of the effects.

Anxiety affects some 40 million American adults and CBD oil is quickly presenting a natural alternative to other harsh, side-effect laden prescriptions.

4. Improved immune system

Again, while studies remain ongoing, evidence remains that CBD directly interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a support system of receptors found throughout the body, including the adaptive immune system.

By binding and mimicking some of these receptors, CBD has the therapeutic potential to regulate immune functions, including inflammatory and anti-pathogen responses.

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5. Better sleep

Preliminary studies suggest that CBD may have therapeutic potential when it comes to the lingering effects of sleeplessness. Because it targets some of the same receptors that affect sleep, CBD may possess the power to influence REM sleep and other symptoms of daytime sleepiness positively.

What does CBD feel like?

Now that we’ve explored some of the effects of CBD oil, how exactly does CBD oil make you feel?

Although prescriptions can offer some of the same benefits as CBD, they come with a price. Many prescription medicines have a long list of side effects, both long-term and short-term. Not to mention the often hefty price tag that comes associated with prescription drugs; hence why natural alternatives are quickly becoming go-to options.

When taking CBD oil, the effects will vary from person to person. The feeling one person has may not be the same that someone else experiences.

That’s one of the many benefits of CBD oil; the experience is different for everyone. Because CBD blankets the entire body in relief (think back to the ECS and how we have receptors littered throughout our bodies), individuals can experience different benefits.

For many, CBD oil feels like natural relief. Those who find themselves with anxious tendencies may discover that they are more relaxed in otherwise tense situations.

People who tend to have trouble sleeping may discover that CBD for sleep can help them relax, unwind, and better prepare for bed. By combining the powerful sleep-inducing properties of melatonin with CBD, the user will often experience a more restful night’s sleep while also waking up feeling refreshed.

Chronic pain sufferers, a condition that affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined, are finding potential relief in CBD oil. By suppressing inflammation and working against normal pain responses, CBD represents a natural alternative to those who suffer from daily pain.

man with shoulder pain.

Not to mention the fact that most prescription pain medicines are highly addictive and come with a high rate of dependency.

The Expert Committee on Drug Dependence (ECDD) advised the World Health Organization that CBD oil had no psychoactive properties and presented no potential for abuse or dependency. The ECDD even recommended that pure CBD (derived from hemp) should not be under international drug control.

That level of thumbs up confidence from the white-coat crowd should probably make you feel better in a bigger picture.

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