CBD Detox Tea: Can It Help?

CBD Detox Tea: Can It Help?

Feeling stressed during these difficult times? Nothing like a steaming hot cup of CBD detox tea to slow down, relax, and unwind.

Every day, we become exposed to toxins that can damage and harm our bodies if our systems can’t detox, and toxic substances continue to build up. Several people refer to eating foods enriched with antioxidants. Such foods include many types of berries.


People will typically put their bodies through a diet detox or some form of cleansing to help flush out many toxins that threaten harm. But recently, and due to its increasing popularity, naturally-sourced CBD products are becoming an alternative, useful aid for detoxing.

What Is CBD?

This is a common question for those new to the hemp-derived compound: what is CBD? Cannabidiol (CBD) is an organic molecule found in Cannabis sativa. It’s a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that works with particular receptors that form the endocannabinoid system (ECS) inside each human body.


CBD and the ECS are essential factors that help the body maintain homeostasis – its natural balance of wellness. They assist with the control and regulation of several bodily systems to sustain overall well-being.


CBD oil and other hemp-based products primarily come from industrial hemp plants. In particular, legal CBD products must derive from industrial hemp. According to federal law, industrial hemp plants contain 0.3 percent Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – another natural cannabinoid from Cannabis sativa.


This one, however, is psychoactive and can cause euphoric effects or a “high.”


Because hemp-derived extracts contain such a negligible amount of THC, legalized CBD products cannot get consumers high. This characteristic allows for several useful applications with CBD and its wholesome benefits.

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What Is Detoxification?

Detoxification is the manual process of getting rid of toxins from the body. Our bodies typically perform a biological version of detoxing automatically. But it may experience difficulties if there are too many toxins, and the body cannot keep up the pace.


There could also be other bodily functions that naturally precede cleansing the body, so toxins continue to build up.


Our bodies accumulate toxins from several different sources – including pesticides from food, cigarette smoke, sunlight, processed foods, and many others. Detoxing allows these toxins to pass through before they become an issue through a build-up.


If accumulation does occur, the body usually goes into systemic inflammation, which can lead to other complications to happen over time. To avoid this outcome, people regularly attempt going through a detox or cleanse to purge these substances and stay at optimum wellness.


Hormonal Detoxing

Detoxification doesn’t only refer to the release of toxins from the body; it could also mean a cleansing of hormones. At times, the body may produce an excess of hormones that may result in changes like weight gain, hot flashes, eczema, and other hormonal symptoms.


The real complication here isn’t necessarily coming from malfunctioning hormones, but how the body is having problems with detoxing them. And as hormones continue to build up, they often cause many of those symptoms mentioned earlier.

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How Does CBD Help to Detox?

The scientific community has shown that CBD contains wholesome benefits that may affect the human body favorably. Some of its useful influences include restoration from toxins, the enhancement of organ function, the maintenance and sustainability of bodily systems, and regulation of oxidative stress.


Other sources have reported research done on CBD and its potential with helping the body detox from severe substances such as alcohol and drugs. Such studies indicate that the cannabinoid may affect the common impulses for addictive behaviors and reduce physical cravings.


Typical detox regimens are diets meant to lower excess toxins so the body can keep up. But sources highlight CBD as a possible antioxidant that may work to eliminate them all.

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How to Detox Using CBD

Before using or adding CBD to any daily wellness regimen, experts recommend speaking with a physician regarding how much CBD you should consume, or if it’s even an option. Many factors, such as weight, height, and health conditions, contribute to the amount of CBD needed. There’s no standard measurement.


Whether you’re new or familiar with CBD oil in your wellness lifestyle, the best approach in discovering how much CBD you need to detox is to start small. Begin with a lower serving amount and then gradually increase the size until reaching desired results or toxins start to flush out.


Once you’ve figured out how much CBD is needed daily, continue following your routine for at least two or three weeks to allow the CBD to work throughout your body regularly.

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How to Make CBD Detox Tea

One of the most common ways of using CBD as a method of detoxing is to brew it along with some tea. CBD tea is primarily useful for helping to soothe minor discomfort and stress, but it may also offer other benefits depending on the type of tea and the individual using it.


Generally, CBD is blended with ingredients that you would typically find in black and green teas – and in herbal teas, such as turmeric, chamomile, and ginger. For a CBD tea, it’s best to use water-soluble CBD.


You might be able to find tea bags that include hemp leaves, or you could use drops from an alcohol-based CBD tincture. The CBD will also vary in strength, which is indicated by milligrams (mg); you can choose how many mg you would like in a single serving of your tea.


Here’s a quick and useful recipe for a CBD detox tea using a CBD tea bag:



  • 1 tea bag of CBD tea
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1 lemon peel
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 1 cup of hot water
  • 1 mug
  • A splash of cream




  1. Add the tablespoon of honey, the cinnamon stick, and a lemon peel twist into the empty mug
  2. Place the tea bag inside the mug and pour in the cup of hot water
  3. Let the tea bag steep for three to five minutes
  4. Remove the tea bag and add the splash of cream
  5. Stir well and enjoy
  6. For added benefits, add a few drops of CBD oil tincture


After observing your body’s response to consistent CBD, you can determine whether to continue taking your set amount, increase it, or decrease it based on your needs. Each person is different, so please remember that results and amounts consumed will vary.


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