cbdMD Honored for Best CBD Oil and Best CBD Gummies by Help.org

cbdMD Honored for Best CBD Oil and Best CBD Gummies by Help.org

Help.org, an independent website with a stated mission to provide unbiased, fact-based wellness information, recently added cbdMD to its thoroughly researched Best CBD Oil of 2020 and Best CBD Gummies of 2020 lists.

Launched in 2013, Help.org empowers people to make educated decisions about their health through impartial, science-backed information and consumer advocacy.


In response to the explosion of hemp-derived CBD products for sale online and in stores, the website’s editors have initiated an education campaign to provide clarity for consumers experiencing information overload.


As part of their effort, Help.org created comprehensive lists for Best CBD Oil of 2020 and Best CBD Gummies of 2020 in an effort to provide objective CBD product information for consumers. cbdMD’s superior CBD oil tinctures and CBD gummies were added to the website’s respective lists and, cbdMD is granted permission to use the appropriate seals.

A bottle of Help.org Best CBD Oil Winner 750 mg CBD Oil from cbdMD on a granite table

Help.org relies on expert analysis and editorial review by board-certified psychiatrist and addiction psychiatrist Dr. Claire Wilcox and Jeremy Barnett, a Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor in the state of New York.


“It’s unfortunate that unscrupulous players in the CBD industry cause confusion for consumers with inaccurate information. But Dr. Wilcox and her team provide much-needed clarity,” said Ken Cohn, Chief Marketing Officer of cbdMD. “We’re particularly pleased to receive recognition from a trusted voice like Help.org for our dedication to safe, effective, and accessible CBD wellness products.”

A bottle of Help.org Best CBD Gummies Winner 1500 mg CBD Gummies from cbdMD outdoors on a wooden table

In a statement, Help.org said, “Although the U.S. cannabis industry is fairly new, there are hundreds of CBD oil products on the market. We wanted to understand which companies were the most reputable to help educate consumers to make the best choices.


“Our research evaluated over 70 companies and found cbdMD to be one of the best CBD oils for 2020 – their commitment to superior growing methods and production processes as well as the transparency of their third-party testing made them an obvious choice for our list.”


Help.org is certified by the Health on the Net (HON) Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes transparency and reliability for online health and wellness information. To become certified, websites, mobile applications, and social media accounts are subject to evaluation by third-party medical professionals on a regular basis.


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