CBD-Infused Tea

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Tea is a highly versatile beverage that you can enjoy throughout the day. While the ritual alone is soothing, you can make teatime even more impactful by brewing CBD tea. Learn how to make CBD tea here so you can sip relaxing and flavorful tea while reaping the benefits of CBD oil. Prepare your tea with cream and honey or allow the herbs to stand alone for an aromatic botanical beverage.

Sipping CBD in your tea is a pleasant and easy way to get your daily cup of CBD. You might keep CBD gummies on hand for when you have no time to prep, but if you have a few minutes, simple CBD recipes offer more indulgent experiences. Smile with each sip as you promote your own health and wellness. CBD not only helps provide relief from everyday stresses but also keeps your mood balanced and can support minor discomfort after intense physical activity. Try brewing a cup of CBD tea in the evening to promote relaxation, a sense of calm, and an improved night’s sleep.

CBD-Infused Tea
Ingredients & Cooking Steps


Cooking Steps

  1. Bring the water to a boil and pour it into a mug.
  2. Add your tea bag and follow the steeping instructions.
  3. Once the tea has steeped, remove the teabag.
  4. Add cream or sweetener as you normally would or omit.
  5. Stir in the CBD.
Products you will need
  1. Premium CBD Oil Tinctures 300mg  30ml Natural Flavor
    CBD Oil Tincture
    Natural - 300 mg - 30 mL
  2. Premium CBD Oil Tinctures 750mg  30ml Natural Flavor
    CBD Oil Tincture
    Natural - 750 mg - 30 mL
  3. Premium CBD Oil Tinctures 1500mg  30ml Natural
    CBD Oil Tincture
    Natural - 1500 mg - 30 mL
  4. Premium CBD Oil Tinctures 3000mg 30ml  Natural Flavor
    CBD Oil Tincture
    Natural - 3000 mg - 30 mL


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