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What Is National CBD Day and Why Is It Important?

What Is National CBD Day and Why Is It Important?

As we enter the eighth month of one of the strangest years in living memory, one question is on everyone’s lips: what are you doing for National CBD Day?

What’s that? Haven’t you heard of it? Have you been living under a rock?

Just kidding. August 8, 2020 will be only the third annual celebration of National CBD Day, so it’s not surprising if you haven’t heard of it. Three years ago, you probably hadn’t even heard of CBD, right?

So let’s dive into the story of National CBD Day, why we care about it, and why we think you should care too.

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The First National CBD Day

It is the main reason National CBD Day exists. Back in 2018, we at cbdMD wanted to raise CBD awareness among the general public. At the time, CBD was starting to make waves in states that allowed it. But cannabis products were still illegal on the federal level.

The 2018 Farm Bill that would change all that was in the works, though. In anticipation, we applied to the good folks at National Day Calendar to name Aug. 8 the first National CBD Day, and they agreed.

Later that December, the Farm Bill became law, and all hemp products became federally legal. And then things blew up.

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CBD Hits the Big Time

CBD sales boomed 561 percent last year to $4.15 billion, and suddenly the once-obscure cannabinoid seemed to be everywhere. As a result, National CBD Day 2019 turned into a much bigger deal than the inaugural holiday.

Cannabis news sites covered it, and even mainstream publications like Newsweek and Forbes got in on the act. Many of our fellow CBD vendors made use of the attention to promote exclusive sales and discounts.

As CBD sales have kept rising even through pandemic and recession, we expect National CBD Day 2020 to make an even bigger splash.

So it seems safe to say that CBD awareness is raised. But there’s more to it than that.

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There’s Still Work to Do

Most Americans have now heard of CBD, but that doesn’t mean all they’ve heard is true. There are still lots of myths floating around the Internet that need correction with CBD facts. That’s why we’ve made CBD education one of the chief goals of our website.

People still have lots of questions about how to use CBD: when to take it, how much to use, and what are the best products for what purposes. That’s another part of CBD education that we strive to fulfill.

This month, we’re devoting our blog to how to fit CBD into your daily life. This week, we’ve looked at how to make CBD part of your morning routine, how to make CBD coffee, and how to make CBD tea. Keep following us to learn more about how to use CBD throughout your day.

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We also want to keep pressing the CBD’s purpose because we need more clarity about the things we don’t yet know. Though the 2018 Farm Bill made hemp-derived CBD legal, regulations on the making and marketing of CBD are still incredibly confusing. We need to keep pushing federal and state agencies to rationalize the laws for better safety and access.

In the end, though, government bodies like the Food and Drug Administration won’t respond to public pressure alone. They need scientific research to support the safety and benefits of CBD. That’s another reason we keep banging the drum – as exciting as much of the early research is, we need bigger, better studies to maximize CBD benefits for all.

Join Us!

So how can you celebrate National CBD Day? Watch this space for our special promotions on our premium CBD products. But more importantly, you can spread the word. And share your favorite products with your friends, leave reviews on our site, or comment on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.


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