Adopt a Senior Pet: Now is the Perfect Time

Adopt a Senior Pet: Now is the Perfect Time

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month. Discover why now is the best time to adopt a senior dog or cat into your family, what to expect, and how you can help them adjust.

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, and the timing could not be more right for you to add a senior dog or cat member to your family. Senior pets can bring so much love into your life, offering affection and gratitude that is especially touching.

Too often, senior pets are overlooked for adoption as people choose puppies and kittens instead. These older pets face living out the many years they may have left in the shelter, sometimes after being surrendered by a family they loved (and yes, that should break your heart!) While those puppy-breath dreams and playful kitten days are wonderful, don’t overlook the joys of adopting an older pet who’s been waiting for that moment to finally find their fur-ever home.

If you are an animal lover with compassion and the ability to adapt your life a bit, you may find that wrapping your heart around an older pet, bonding with them, and providing for their needs is rewarded with more joy, more tail wags, and more purring than you ever imagined. These pets, no doubt, need people to “take a chance” and choose them!

Why Adopt a Senior Pet?

Senior pets end up in shelters for many reasons. Maybe their pet parent became ill or moved into a care facility. Sometimes their family splits up or relocates and leaves them behind. Regardless of the reason, you can be sure these senior pets are missing someone or feeling abandoned and neglected.

If you are a particularly compassionate person, you may find yourself drawn to their stories and their needs. These senior pets are looking for a fresh start. Most of all, they deserve love, acceptance, and stability.

An older woman sits on her couch petting a fluffy white dog that is sitting in her lap

Benefits of Adopting Senior Pets

  • Adult dogs and cats typically require less training and are already housebroken or litterbox trained.
  • Older pets have already grown into their personality, so it’s easier to know when you “click” with them.
  • Senior pets really need you, and the gratitude and love they give you are obvious and heartwarming.
  • With their baby years behind them, they won’t require as much vigorous exercise or constant supervision.
  • You can develop a relationship differently with an older dog or cat than with a puppy or a kitten. These senior animals have seen a thing or two, and when they choose you – it’s really special.

Giving an Adopted Senior Pet a Loving Home

Senior pets want nothing more than to spend their days loving you. While they may have experienced loss in their lives, they are ready to settle in somewhere and feel right at home, a lasting home. Likely the losses they have experienced will make them all the more grateful for the love and care you give them.

It isn’t their fault they ended up in the shelter, and it’s no surprise if they are confused, shy, or afraid at first. Don’t let that make a bad first impression. All they need is for you to take the time to console them, comfort them, and prove to them you are not going to give up on them.

An older white cat lays on its side and looks directly into the camera

What Are Some Challenges of Adopting a Senior Pet?

Older pets may naturally have a few more health concerns, aches, pains, or disabilities, but this does not deter their hearts from loving you completely. They may need special food or medication or a little quieter house to call home, but mostly they need the chance to be part of a caring family again.

When you choose to adopt a senior pet, be sure to ask a lot of questions. Find out as much as you can about any health issues they may have, behavior and personality quirks, and home history. Most senior pets end up in a shelter through no fault of their own and just need some patience and love to get back on their feet again.

Asking history and health questions upfront and even talking to your veterinarian can help you better meet these senior dogs’ and cats’ needs and provide them the loving home they so desire.

Helping Your Senior Pet Get Settled and Comfortable

Older pets may take a bit longer to adjust to their new life with you. They may be anxious or even fearful. A few things can help to make this adjustment period go more smoothly:

  • Take your time to get to know them and let them get familiar with you and their new home.
  • Give them quiet, comfortable spaces they feel safe in so they can adjust to their new surroundings at their own pace.
  • Schedule a “new pet” veterinary visit to learn more about their overall health and get any follow-up care they may need.
  • Be kind, patient, and consistent with them, so they understand that you love them and aren’t going to leave them.
  • Consider giving your adopted older pet a daily serving of CBD oil. It may help them to relax and ease the physical discomfort that can plague older pets.
An older jack russell terrier sits on a black leather couch next to a bottle of paw cbd pet cbd calming tincture

CBD Oil May Be Helpful for Your Adopted Senior Dog or Cat

When you take your adopted senior pet to the veterinarian, be sure to ask them about the benefits of CBD oil products for your new furry friend. You can discuss any health or behavioral issues or concerns about your adopted pet and ask about getting them started safely on a helpful CBD oil daily wellness routine.

Here are some of the issues you may face with an older pet and how CBD oil products for dogs and cats could be a caring choice for their overall well-being.

When Your New Adopted Pet Has Trouble Adjusting

For anxious older pets, fearful pets, pets that are experiencing separation issues, and those that may have a bit of difficulty adjusting, try a calming CBD oil tincture to help them get settled into their new home. These calming droplets are an easy way to make your new senior dog feel more relaxed and help them to be more comfortable.

If your adopted senior dog is pulling at the blinds or chewing the carpet when you leave, they may be experiencing fear and separation stress that could be relieved with the calming effects of melatonin, valerian root, passionflower, lemon balm, chamomile, and yes, CBD, for a natural way to comfort them.

Don’t give up on them! They’ll love the blueberry-flavored calming oil, and as they settle in, the behavior can improve dramatically. If you prefer an easy-to-give treat, calming chews are another great option and come in a tasty turkey flavor; plus, their soft texture is easy on aging teeth and perfect for smaller dogs.

For cats that hide and are fearful or moody when you bring them to their new home, perhaps a catnip and chicken treat with CBD will do the trick to get them out of the corner and into their new life with you. Cats can benefit from CBD, too. So don’t be afraid to try that CBD soft chew or a CBD oil tincture that can be added to their favorite food.

An older brown and white cat sits next to a bottle of kidney support chews from paw cbd

When Your New Pet Needs a Little Help Feeling Their Best

Some older pets aren’t feeling their best, and on top of the adjustment to their new home, it can all be a bit much for them to handle. Provide a comfortable place to sleep, food that is easy for them to chew and digest, the veterinary care they need, and a thorough wellness plan that is perfect for their individual needs brought on by aging, previous injuries, or disabilities. Try not to press them to do vigorous activities that may be difficult for them, and let them show you how they like to play.

Part of their wellness routine could include some CBD products made with the needs of senior pets in mind. Older cats, for example, can sometimes develop kidney issues. Think ahead with Paw CBD Kidney Support Chews with licorice root, astragalus root, and nettle leaf extract to support kidney health, all combined with broad-spectrum CBD oil packed with a delicious salmon flavor your new senior cat will love.

Your senior dog may have some stiffness in their joints or hips and would appreciate a little extra TLC and comfort. Paw CBD Hip & Joint Chews combine helpful ingredients like glucosamine, chondroitin, and omega-3 with hemp-derived CBD. These convenient chewy treats come in three different strengths for the size of your dog in a bacon flavor that tastes like love to your new pooch.

Adopt a Senior Pet for the Win!

If you’ve been thinking about adopting a pet, consider the compassionate choice of bringing home a senior dog or a senior cat. Sure, they may need a bit more love and patience from you, but that’s OK. They have so much to give you, making any extra effort all the more worth it. With a little time and a lot of snuggles, your senior pet will settle into your life – and your heart – filling both with love.

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