Halloween Pet Safety Tips to Keep Your Best Friends Safe

Halloween Pet Safety Tips to Keep Your Best Friends Safe

Halloween can be spooky time for pets. Learn the best tips to keep your pets happy and safe this holiday, no matter how you’re celebrating this year.

Spooky season is upon us! From jack-o-lanterns to giant yard decorations, candy corn, costumes, haunting happenings, and gory decor, Halloween is in full swing. Maybe this year, more than ever, people are going all out to get ready for the scariest day of the year.

While everyone’s favorite fright-fest might look a little different this time around, that doesn’t mean it still can’t be stressful for our pets. While goblins and ghouls of all ages enjoy Halloween, this is one holiday that can be a real horror show for our furry family members.

Let’s look at the top terrors lurking in the night, and some Halloween pet tips on how you can keep your little fur monsters safe and happy this year!

Two children sit on a park bench with a dog who is interested in stealing their candy

Candy Caution

While we may love the sugar rush that is Halloween, all that candy is a nightmare for pets. Stash the treats away from cats and dogs (especially chocolate!) and place those bags and bowls out of reach of curious paws and noses. Candy may be the favorite part of Halloween for kiddos of all ages, but most sweet treats, gum, chocolates, and xylitol (a popular sweetener found in many foods) are hazardous (or even lethal!) to pets.

Keep an eye on kids, too, who might want to share their Halloween haul with their furry friends. Let them know that their treats aren’t for Fluffy or Fido and to keep their goodies to themselves.

Just in case, keep the ASPCA’s 24-hour Animal Poison Control Center number handy (888.426.4435) and call it or your veterinarian immediately if you suspect your pet has gotten into something they shouldn’t.

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A husky with one blue eye and one brown eye looks up against a yellow background

Costume Concerns

Costumes can be scary, from strange, frightful creatures at the door, to downright terrifying when forced onto our best friend (no matter how cute!).

You may rock that superhero costume, but your pet might be a little freaked out if they don’t know it’s you. And all those adorable little trick or treaters can be just as scary for our furry friends. Consider keeping pets closed away in a quiet room with their favorite toys, treats, and cozy blanket or bed. Play music or turn on a TV so the noise won’t startle them. And you can enjoy the evening knowing there’s no risk of a scared doggo or fraidy cat escaping out an open door.

If part of your Halloween fun includes dressing up your pet, take your pet’s temperament into consideration when choosing a costume. Even the most relaxed cat or dog can be stressed out by a confining getup. A mask or hat might be cute for a quick photo, but those bands can pose a danger if they’re too tight or get tangled or twisted. And watch for buckles, buttons, ties, or other loose bits that can be a chewing or choking hazard.

Always keep an eye on your pet while they’re wearing a costume. If they seem uncomfortable, remove it right away. And if you notice rolling eyes or sideways looks, folded or flattened ears, tucked tails, or hunching, it’s time to take that costume off!

An arrangement of jack o lanterns sits on a table surrounded by additional halloween decorations

Decoration Dangers

It's okay to go all out with the devilish decor, but be aware of the stress and even danger that decorations can cause our Halloween pets.

Tuck your pets away in their safe space before you start decorating inside the house. Sudden changes can make pets, especially cats, overly nervous, and even frightened. They don’t understand why their home is suddenly overrun with spiders and bats and ghosts, oh my! They just see new, scary threats that weren’t there before.

As fiendishly fun as all those decorations might be, some can pose serious threats to cats and dogs. The most obvious are lit candles that can easily be tipped over by curious noses or wagging tails, light strands or fake cobwebs that pose choking hazards, or the tempting candy and treats. Other decorations to be wary of include glow sticks and fake blood (can be toxic), any small items that are easily swallowed, and hanging decorations that playful pets can get tangled up in.

A corgi and a grey cat snuggle together beneath a knitted blanket

Nighttime Terrors

Even pets can be afraid of things that go bump in the night, so keeping them safe is especially important on Halloween.

Inside is always the safest place for pets, especially cats. But on Halloween, it’s even more essential to make sure you bring them inside before it gets dark. Even if you have a secure backyard, all the commotion and unfamiliar people and sounds can cause them stress. If they aren’t secured away safely inside, a frightened pet could escape a leash or yard and run away, getting lost or injured or worse.

It’s also important that your pet has a collar with current ID tags and a microchip with your updated contact info, even if they don’t go outdoors. If a fearful pup or scaredy-cat slips out unnoticed, having proper identification is your best chance at being reunited. And always have a current photo of your pet in case you need to post it if they get lost.

paw cbd calming pet tincture and paw cbd calming pet chews from cbdmd sit on a grey table outdoors

Help for Your Pet on Halloween

Now that you know the top Halloween pet safety tips, it’s time to talk about treats, not tricks!

If you want to help make Halloween a little easier on your pet, consider CBD. Adding CBD to your pet’s daily wellness routine can help them feel their best every day of the year.

Many owners turn to CBD for stress support for their furry friends and find it to be beneficial. Even if your cat or dog is usually pretty chill, sometimes they might need a little extra TLC, like during Halloween. During times like that, you can try a wide variety of CBD products made just for your pets.

And if you know your best friend is easily spooked or stressed out, consider a CBD Calming Chew or CBD Calming Oil. Both combine CBD with extra soothing ingredients like chamomile, valerian root, L-tryptophan, or melatonin to help support calm and balance. The chews come in a tempting turkey flavor and the oil in a sweet blueberry flavor, turning them into the perfect tasty treat for your Halloween pet! And if you’re not sure which one your best friend might like best, Paw CBD Calm Canine Bundles for small/medium and medium/large dogs come with both the chews and the oil to offer dogs the comfort they need when they need it most.

Try Out a Fun, Easy CBD Treat For Your Pet

Check out the Frozen Blueberry Recipe in the Video Above

A brown and white dog with ghost ears holds a trick or treat bucket as he sits on a driveway

Happy Howl-o-ween!

Even if our pets don’t love the annual fright night as much as we do, following these Halloween pet safety tips will ensure a howling good time will be had by all. A little planning and precaution – and maybe some Paw CBD treats – will make it a little less “ruff” for our furry little fiends… Er, friends!

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