Why CBD Softgel Capsules Are Perfect for Busy People

Why CBD Softgel Capsules Are Perfect for Busy People

With a busy lifestyle, finding the right CBD product can be hard. CBD Softgels fit perfectly with any and every routine.

One of the many ways people get their supplements is in softgels. They are an easy and quick way to get all the vitamins and other supplements you take every day.

The ability to pop them in your mouth with a drink and not worry about it further makes them the go-to method of taking CBD for busy people.

Life is hectic. Everything is trying to take up a portion of your time from work, school, and other obligations. Your routines are your “me time” – they help keep you relaxed and motivated for the day.

You’ve considered taking CBD because you heard about the benefits. It can help you relax and stay calm when paired with the other routines of your personal time, like meditation and exercise.

But what are the main pros of taking CBD softgels, and what makes them better for your life than any other CBD products?

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CBD Products

CBD comes in many different products that take many forms. It can be in a liquid tincture, a gummy, capsules, or in a variety of topicals. Each version has its own pros and cons. Also, each product comes in a range of concentrations for those who are just starting with CBD and those with a little more experience.


CBD tinctures can be taken sublingually or mixed into food or drinks. Tinctures have a myriad of uses but don’t really fit into the busy lifestyle.

Sure, you might have coffee every morning, but on those particularly busy days, taking the time to make a good cup of coffee just isn’t there – you’ll order one on an app and rush out the door.

So, you won’t have time to add drops of tincture to your coffee or hold it under your tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing.


CBD gummies can fit into a busy lifestyle, but they may not be for everyone. They are premeasured and are easy to grab and take. But gummies do have sugar, which makes them delicious but might not suit your diet or personal tastes.


A topical is any product applied to the skin, which allows a user to apply CBD in a targeted way. It might contain added ingredients like menthol and lidocaine to reduce pain in the area where the topical is applied, which is great if you pushed yourself a little too hard in the gym the day before.

Unfortunately, the topical isn’t going to provide support for anything past the area of application. So it serves a different purpose than internal products, which support overall wellness.


CBD capsules are where everything really comes together with ease of use and function. They are a premeasured form of delivery. You can quickly swallow them with water or another drink. They dissolve in the digestive system, and the CBD benefits can come through in about an hour or so. These benefits paired with your normal routine keep you running at peak performance.

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The Difference Between CBD Capsules and CBD Softgel Capsules

CBD softgel capsules are an easy-to-swallow version of CBD capsules. The regular capsules have a fairly large two-piece casing, while the softgel capsules are smaller and melded into one translucent tablet.

Softgels are not vegan, though. The outer casing is gelatin, which is an animal byproduct. The regular capsule’s casings don’t contain any animal product, and so would be preferable for vegetarians and vegans.

The CBD formula for both is the same as it is in the tinctures. However, cbdMD’s softgels are also available with our special CBD PM sleep formula, which includes melatonin and a blend of soothing herbs to give you better rest.

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CBD Softgel Capsules for Busy Lifestyles

A lot of people are busy these days. You have a lot of things going on and only so many hours in a day. You know you want CBD in your life; you know about the difference between broad spectrum and full spectrum but are unsure where they would fit in. Would it be best to take it in the morning, afternoon, or night before you go to bed?

The Executive

You are running everything and making all kinds of deals. You barely have time to get all of your supplements taken before you have to run out the door, so you decide to put all your capsuled supplements in a sandwich bag to take them on the go. You can quickly grab the supplements and pop them in your mouth to down them with coffee as you drive along to work. You don’t have time to think about the supplements you are taking. This drive is really your only personal time before the workday starts.

You need to be able to pop a supplement into your mouth and be done with it. Softgels fit right in with your other supplements. They’re quick, they’re easy, and they don’t disrupt anything that you are doing.

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The Gig Economy Worker

Working in a gig economy can dominate your schedule. Switching from app to app from the start to the finish of your workday eliminates a lot of the possibility for time to yourself or trying to work with supplements that you can’t just pop into your mouth and swallow.

You’ve got orders to fulfill and people to pick up. CBD softgels are the best way you found to get your CBD. You can take one or two once you have carved out enough time to eat lunch during the day, and you know about how long it is going to take for CBD to work. You have this time to yourself for meditation with the CBD promoting a sense of calm and relaxation through you.

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The Small Business Owner

Owning a small business comes with a lot of responsibility and many hectic days spent worrying about keeping everything afloat while managing employees. Your time is precious. You know that you can squeeze out a little bit of time to get all your supplements in, but want to try CBD as well to boost your stress-fighting routine.

CBD softgels with melatonin, you decide, are the best choice. They fit perfectly with your lifestyle, and you can take them while you go to bed and repeat your stress-fighting mantras to face the next day.

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CBD Softgel Capsules Fit in Everywhere

CBD softgels fit into every lifestyle. Busy lifestyles are the ones that can really benefit from softgels.

And you are busy. More responsibilities come your way, and you don’t have much personal time. You need a way to take CBD that isn’t going to take a lot of thought or very much effort. Softgels provide that for you. They will integrate into your busy mornings, afternoons, or evenings. They are quick and easy to take, so you can absorb all the CBD benefits without worrying about anything.

When paired with meditation and exercise, CBD softgel capsules can help improve your mood and promote a sense of relaxation and calm. By adding softgels to your normal wellness regimen, you’ll be running at peak performance.